"I am a messenger, nothing more, nothing less."
—The unnamed man to Andrea Rojas[src]

An unnamed man is a messenger of the shadow organisation Leviathan.


At some point in 2014, the man approached Andrea Rojas in the Costa Rican jungle, in the name of Leviathan. He made her take the Medallion of Acrata and in return work for Leviathan, in return for them her father's company and his life being saved.[1]

In 2019, the man was tasked with killing Russell Rogers when he and Andrea wanted to escape Leviathan. After killing him, he told Andrea that she couldn't escape Leviathan or her powers, that weren't produced by the Medallion but were activated by it.[1]


  • Stealth/Infiltration: He is extremely secretive, being able to approach other people without being sensed.[1]
  • Skilled marksman: He is skilled with a gun.[1]



Season 5


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