Dr. Lewis Melfin, PhD was a scientist at Simcron Labs.


Early life

Melfin studied for his PhD at MIT, completing a thesis entitled "Cloning, the Future of Childbirth".[1]

For three years Melfin worked as a professor of biology at Harvard University, before working in the bionic parts division of Comp Vision, and then at Histronics Inc. for five years.[1]

Working for Simcron Labs

Melfin eventually began working for Simcron Labs. He was tasked by Harleen Quinzel to create a baby with a three-day life cycle, intended to be used as personal mercenaries. After doing so, the baby was stolen by a lab assistant, who he sent men after to kill. Because of the child going missing, Dr. Quinzel had Melfin visit, claiming his uselessness, telling him she was replacing him with professionals to find the child. A short time later, Melfin received a call from Barbara Gordon and Dinah Redmond, who gave him news of the baby, asking they bring him in urgently. They visited Simcron Labs, but quickly realized it was a trap as Melfin's men drew guns on them. They were joined by Helena Kyle, who helped fend off the attackers. Guy shortly followed, using his biologically programmed skills to knock Dr. Melfin down and into a sign, electrocuting him to death.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert scientist: Dr. Melfin had a high level of scientific knowledge in the field of biology, helping to pioneer a cloning process that resulted in a baby that purposefully followed the human life cycle in three days.[1]


Birds of Prey


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