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"Lexi LaRoche! Childhood bully. Lot of repressed anger in there."
Cisco Ramon on Caitlin Snow and Lexi LaRoche[src]

Lexi LaRoche was a classmate and childhood bully of Caitlin Snow.


Lexi LaRoche would bully Caitlin Snow during their childhood, which included sticking chewed bubble gum into her hair.[1]

Years later, Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells once shouted Lexi's name at Caitlin in order to trigger the anger within her that was needed to bring out Killer Frost.[2]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • While there are no known characters named Lexi LaRoche in the DC comics, a character with an identical surname, Carter Sinclair LaRoche, was a recurring villain in the 1992 DC comics-based TV series Swamp Thing, who appeared twice.
  • The character might be named after director Lexi Alexander and/or writer/director Alexandra La Roche.