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"I have to hand it to you. This suit is such an exquisite instrument of death. This creation could really move humans into a new phase of physical excellence."
Mercy Graves[src]

The Lexosuits are a series of protective exosuits designed by Lex Luthor.


Original multiverse

Lex Luthor built the Lexosuits in order to battle on par with his nemesis, Superman.[1] However, in their final and presumably prolonged duel, Lex suffered defeat and was captured, leaving the fate of the Lexosuit he used against his ex-best friend uncertain. However, during mid 2019, while in Kaznia to instruct Red Daughter, Lex donned a portable version of the Lexosuit to kill a group of US Navy and cover her attack at an American aircraft carrier.[2]

The biometrically-locked vault of Lex Luthor's mountain vault contains a model of the Lexosuit.[3]

Lillian Luthor used the Lexosuit to try and kill Morgan Edge. However, it was destroyed by drones controlled by Winn Schott;[4] this suit's remains were taken by Lena Luthor, and parts of it were used in a duel between her and Mercy Graves.[5]

Lex had once again started using the suit once out of jail when battling Supergirl.

While in Washington, D.C. to stage Supergirl's attack at the White House, Eve Teschmacher enclose the real Supergirl in a Lexosuit to hold her against a wall while Red Daughter posed as her.[6]

New multiverse

Since a sun-eater had devoured most of her absorbed solar energy, Kara donned the outfit in order to enter outer space with J'onn J'onzz and M'gann M'orzz to stop the creature from destroying the sun.[7]

Alternate reality

In a alternate timeline created by Mr. Mxyzptlk, the Lexosuits are autonomous robotic dubbed the H.O.P.E. robots by Lena.[8]



  • Suit materialization: As seen when Red Daughter attacked Lex Luthor's warship, the suit can materialize and dematerialize around the wearer.
  • Flight: The suit contains high powered propulsion jets on the back and the bottom of the feet, allowing the wearer to fly with great speed.
  • Energy projection: The suit can create focused blasts of green energy. Due to it being the same color as Kryptonite, it is most likely powered by the substance, hence able to harm Kryptonians. After saving Red Daughter, Lex upgraded the arm canons with miniaturized Claymore satellite tech, which was powerful enough to kill Kryptonians or melt a human.
  • Kryptonite blades: The suit's arms carry retractable Kryptonite blades that are able to hurt Supergirl and give her radiation poisoning. It unknown if Lex ever used this.
  • Enhanced strength: The suit grants its wearer superhuman strength on par with Kryptonians.
  • Enhanced durability: The suit grants its wearer superhuman durability on par with Kryptonians.
  • Heads-up display (HUD) : The suit is controlled by a heads up display, enabling the user to control all of its functions.
  • Energy shields: The suit's gauntlets are equipped with energy shields that can be activated even while separate from the rest of it.
  • Kryptonian imprisonment: The Lexosuit can be remote controlled to imprison a target inside of it, and release Green Kryptonite into the suit. It managed to contain Supergirl long enough for Red Daughter to frame her.
  • Autonomous operation: The Lexosuits can operate with no pilot so that if one is destroyed there will be no one inside to be hurt.[9] It is presumably controlled remotely by a program, like a drone.
  • Advance power supplement: Lex further improved his suit by equipping it with a self-created compact version of the Claymore satellite, which converts aliens powers into kinetic energy, which can power the suit's core.

Known users




Behind the Scenes

  • In the comics, Lex Luthor's exoskeleton was known as the Warsuit, and was created by the Apokoliptian New God Darkseid. Lex also made his own adjustments and additions to the suit, allowing him to be on the same power levels as Superman.
  • In the pre-crisis reality in the comics, Lex Luthor obtained a sophisticated alien battle suit on his adopted home planet of Lexor while he was living there shortly before its total destruction. Subsequently, Luthor used the Lexorian armor in many battles with his archenemy, Superman.
  • In post-crisis reality in the comics, the original warsuit was a LexCorp prototype that Superman was forced to fight. However, Due to the fact that the untested weapon drove its user insane, Superman was unable to pin anything on Luthor and was forced to pull back.