"Oh, great. Ley lines. Yeah, we had some experience with those with Damien Darhk."
Felicity Smoak[src]

Ley lines are a worldwide source of magic woven around Earth-1. Wherever all Ley lines intersect, they provide magical properties to certain artifacts, including empowering Lazarus Pits.


Ley lines enable the use of magic all over the Earth on Earth-1. Wherever all of them intersect together, they provide sources for the power of Lazarus Pits.[1] Additionally, intersections of Ley lines can be used as specific sources of power allowing to fuel one's strength.[2]


During his war on Star City, Damien Darhk located a Ley line access nexus chamber underneath the city and fueled his dark magic with the many casualties of the destruction of Havenrock.[2]

The League of Assassins believed the unique intersection that allowed for the existence of a Lazarus Pit existed only on Nanda Parbat. However, Malcolm Merlyn's research into the matter showed evidence of the existence of three other intersections of the kind around the globe. This prompted him to organize his loyalists among the League into the Thanatos Guild, which would locate the Lazarus Pits and allow him to conquer death.[1]


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  • Ley lines are apparent alignments of land forms, places of ancient religious significance or culture, which are often speculated to be of magical significance in the occult and pseudoscience.


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