Lia Nelson[1] was a forensic scientist of the Central City Police Department and the best friend of Nora West-Allen. In the previous timeline, Lia was killed by August Heart while attempting to stop him from stabilizing his Velocity-9 formula.[2] Due to Nora being erased from existence, Lia's status, as she likely never would've come into direct contact with Godspeed without Nora, is unknown.


Original multiverse

Working at CCPD

Lia Nelson and Nora West-Allen worked together in the forensic science department of the Central City Police Department and were best friends, to the point that Nora considered her the only person she could really trust. They worked together on a case of stolen chemicals, which Lia had analyzed by a former professor of hers. However, August Heart appeared, stole some more chemicals, and blasted Nora with lightning before escaping.

Nora and Lia in the hospital.

Lia brought Nora to the hospital and called her best friend's mother, Iris West-Allen, to tell her what happened. She played Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" as Nora came to, and then she told her that the doctors found a piece of metal in her shoulder but were unsure if it had been there before. Suddenly, Nora discovered she had super speed and she trusted Lia with her secret.


At CCPD, Lia came up with a variety of nicknames for Nora such as "Flash Woman", "Lady Flash" and "Hot Flash", but Nora told her to focus on finding Heart, whom Lia nicknamed "Godspeed". They deduced his next target, Stagg Industries and headed out to steal his goal before he could.

Lia is killed by Godspeed.

At Stagg Industries, they obtained the target, but were intercepted by Godspeed, who defeated Nora in speed combat and then impaled Lia with his vibrating hand for the technology he needed before running away, leaving her to die in Nora's arms.[2]

Current timeline

Due to Nora being erased from existence,[3] Lia would have likely never came into contact with Godspeed without her, thus; leaving her status unknown.


Original multiverse

Lia was mourned by Nora and Frankie. Due to grief over Lia's death and rage at her mother upon finding out she had lied to her for her entire life, Nora turned in desperation to Eobard Thawne to help her take down Godspeed, which led to her continued work with Eobard to go back and alter the timeline.

In 2019, Iris would let Nora free from confinement for working with Eobard upon Team Flash learning about Lia and her fate.[2]


Lia had a very bubbly and cheerful personality and, like Cisco Ramon, geeked out and came up with nicknames for the meta-humans of her time, though she found it difficult to name Nora. One of these names, "Hot Flash", could imply that she found Nora attractive (though Lia immediately retracted the name as she realized that it would be associated with menopause).[2]


The Flash

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Lia Nelson is a celebrity, actress, and the Flash of Earth-9.


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