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"Seems Mr. Queen survived the Gambit and has spent the last 12 years on an island called Lian Yu."
"That means 'purgatory' if I'm not mistaken.
Laurel Lance and Adrian Chase[src]

Lian Yu was an island on Earth-2. It was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Earth-2 by antimatter.[1]


In 2007, during a voyage at sea with his son, Oliver, Robert was presumably shipwrecked on Lian Yu, while Oliver perished. Robert was originally believed dead until unknown circumstances lead to his return to civilization.[2]

In 2019, Oliver Queen from Earth-1 was sent on Lian Yu by the Monitor and manage to use his Earth's experience of returning to civilization from his Lian Yu the same way.[1]


The Flash

Season 2


Season 8


A cowl similar to that of Batman's.

  • A cowl similar to that of Batman of Earth-1's is seen hanging on an upright log with an arrow pierced in the right eye part of the mask, in an identical manner to Deathstroke's mask on Earth-1.[1]


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