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"F... Flash"
—Lily's second word[src]

Lilian "Lily" Doubek is the daughter of Philip Moses and Stacy Doubek.[1]


Early life

At some point, Lily was born in Chicago and shortly afterward, when her mother found out about her father's criminal activity, she ran away with her.

Tracked by her father

In 1990, her mother carried her to escape the men her father sent after them. She would be rescued by the Flash, and they went to Barry Allen's apartment where Barry fed her. Later, at Nora Allen's house, they were accepted to spend the night there but when she noticed that Philip has tracked her there, she placed her in front of Barry's door in order to lure them out. Lily would be taken care off with Barry and Tina McGee despite initially crying. The next morning, she made them panic since she walked out of her bed and used the remote to turn on the TV. Some time later, at the precinct, she was held by Julio Mendez while Barry search her birth certificate in order to discover who was the father. Back at Barry's apartment, she was almost taken by Philip who broke in and took her but the Flash saved her at the last minute. When the police organized a trap for her father, she was held in the precinct with Julio and Nora but her father showed up and knock them out including the Flash and Bodey Nuff carried her away to their car. At the airport, she was carried by Bodey, but he was knocked out by the Flash minutes later, her father was stopped by the Flash and the Flash put her back on her seat in the car so that her mother would find her. Days later, at Nora's house, she said her first word "mama" before being taken and said her second word "Flash" which surprised Nora since the Baby was looking at Barry.[1]


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