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"She wasn't leaving me, man. You see, Linda caught her first record by my brother, but she didn't want to do her second album with Elliott."
Wayne Cotrell to the Flash about Linda's "death"[src]

Linda Lake is a singer and the wife of Wayne Cotrell.


Early life

At some point in 1989, Linda had an argument with her husband Wayne. The same night, she decided to change producers and prepare to go to LA since Elliott was too "manipulative" which angered him to the point that he beat her up. At this time, Elliott arranged to make her take medicine so that she can lose her memory forgetting what is going on while he frames his brother for her murder.[1]

Saved by the Flash

In 1990, after singing a song to try to regain her memory, she met a masked man known as the Flash. Not knowing the masked man, she feared him until Whisper pushed him out of the window. Whisper brings her downstairs, but he is confronted by Julio Mendez. During their fight, Linda goes inside the Take Five and start singing a song and everyone recognized her. After that, the Flash knocked out Whisper, takes her to Wayne's execution room where people realized that she is alive, and she remembers everything after seeing Wayne. Elliott takes a gun but the Flash stops him. Days later, she celebrates her husbands release by singing with him at the Take Five, she later sat at Barry and Julio's table with Wayne where they announce the upcoming changes to the bar they then start to eat the new added food to the menu the "Flash-wings".[1]

In 2018, The Monitor invaded Earth-90 and seemingly killed all of its residents. Because of that, her fate remains unknown.[2]


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