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For the meta-human of Earth-Prime who operated under the alias "Dr. Light", see Kimiyo Hoshi.

"Zoom sent me here to kill you, but I didn't want to."
"But you were fine with killing Linda Park."
"It was the best bad idea I could come up with. Leave her body for Zoom to find, he'd think I was dead, and I'd be free.
—Linda Park and The Flash[src]

Linda Park is a former small-time thief in Central City on Earth-2. After exposure to the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, she became a meta-human with the power of photokinesis and started acting as a supervillain known as Dr. Light.

Linda was forcibly brought to Earth-1 by Zoom and extorted into killing Barry Allen/The Flash. She instead tried to fake her death by killing her Earth-1 doppelgänger, then fled the city when this failed.


Early life[]

Little is known of Linda Park's early life, other than that she was a small-time thief in Central City.


Dr. Light's criminal activities in media on Earth-2.

Around December 2013 when Harrison Wells' particle accelerator exploded underground, Linda was one of the many individuals in the city exposed to the dark matter, which transformed her into a meta-human with the power to generate beams of starlight. She used these powers to further her own thievery and became a criminal under the name "Dr. Light". During her crime spree, Linda had at least one encounter with "Jay Garrick/The Flash", but never killed anyone during her activities.[1]

Forced mission on Earth-1[]

In November 2015, Linda was brought over to Earth-1 by Zoom to kill The Flash of Earth-1. Linda was uninterested in carrying out this order, but nonetheless terrified of Zoom, so she began robbing banks to get enough money to flee into hiding. While Linda was robbing Central City National Bank, Cisco Ramon got a vibe and alerted the Flash immediately. The Flash arrived, but Linda used her powers to create a sound wave, sending civilians flying through the bank and forcing the Flash to save them, allowing her to escape.

Linda proceeded to rob another bank, but the Flash arrived moments later and confronted her about Zoom. The Flash knew Zoom brought Linda to Earth-1 to kill him, and assured her she didn't need to as they can help her. Linda scoffed at the idea and almost attacked the Flash, but the hero managed to talk her out of it and tried to negotiate with her. Linda removed her mask and revealed herself. The Flash was shocked and addressed her by her name, startling her. In response, Linda shot out a large blast of light energy, temporarily blinding the Flash.

Linda Park and Linda Park

Linda tries to kill her Earth-1 counterpart.

Linda found out about her Earth-1 counterpart and stormed into Central City Picture News, blasting a van in which Caitlin Snow and "Jay Garrick" were staking out the place. Inside, Linda confronted Earth-1 Linda and tried to strike her with a light blast, but Eric Larkin intervened and Linda accidentally killed him instead. Iris West shot off Linda's mask, revealing her identity. When "Jay" attempted to intervene, she fled.


Dr. Light using her powers.

Desperate, Linda attempted to flee the city at the South Plaza train station on Platform 15. The Flash arrived and Linda begged him to let her leave. The Flash refused because of Larkin's murder, but Linda professed it was an accident and killing her Earth-1 counterpart is the only way she can escape Zoom, unless she kills and fights The Flash. The Flash eventually began using speed mirages to distract Linda, though she initially she used her powers to foil him and destroy the illusions. Eventually however, the Flash managed to sneak up on Linda and knocked her out with a punch. She was promptly detained in the Pipeline, to be used by Team Flash as bait to lure Zoom to S.T.A.R. Labs.[1]


Linda Park in the Pipeline

Linda in the pipeline.

When The Flash came to speak with her, Linda admitted that she didn't want to kill anyone under Zoom's orders and was only trying to kill her Earth-1 counterpart to fool Zoom into thinking she was dead so she could escape from the evil speedster. Upon persuasion from The Flash, Linda seemingly agreed to help Team Flash lure out and capture Zoom.

Later however, when Cisco came by to deliver some food to her, Linda turned herself invisible and managed to trick him into thinking she had escaped, prompting Cisco to open her cell door. Linda then used her powers to hack into S.T.A.R. Labs' computers and override the security system. She quickly fled the facility, with only her helmet and suit remaining in her cell.[2]

Linda's whereabouts remained unknown after Zoom and his army's defeat. Given how she wasn't known to be participating in any criminal activities though, it can be assumed Linda was living a new, low-profile life on Earth-1.

Linda's current status is unknown after the Anti-Monitor Crisis and the destruction of the rest of the multiverse, seeing as she wasn't present on Earth-2 when it was destroyed by antimatter.[3] She was likely 'replaced' by her Earth-1 counterpart, seeing as she still reported on the particle accelerator's operation at S.T.A.R. Labs.[4]


Possible future[]

Linda was among the Flash's foes whose villainous alter-ego was archived into the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains,[5] though the curator, Dexter Myles, scrubbed her real name for legal purposes.[6]


In stark contrast to her Earth-1 counterpart who is a strong-willed, hardworking, levelheaded, and kindhearted reporter, Linda is an extremely paranoid and easily startled lowlife thief. She exploits her gifts for personal gain, such as robbing banks. However, Linda does have a moral stance as she never killed anyone during her thievery before her abduction and arrival to Earth-1, and didn't even want to kill The Flash when told to do so. At the same time though, she had no qualms putting civilians at risk as leverage against the Flash in their first battle.

However, Linda's fear of Zoom eventually made her snap and try to kill her Earth-1 doppelgänger in a desperate attempt to fake her death, which accidentally caused her to kill Eric Larkin. When the Flash tracked her down, Linda even resorted to her original orders to kill the speedster. Upon being arrested and calming down though, Linda still expressed regret over killing Larkin.

Above her greed and moral complex, Linda's first priority was self-preservation, as shown by her repeated attempts to escape Zoom's wrath; Linda even turned her back on Team Flash to flee the villainous speedster's line of fire at the first opportunity, despite the Flash offering her a second chance.

Linda seems to have a slight ego as upon meeting her Earth-1 doppelgänger, she referred to the latter as "gorgeous", meant as a compliment to herself.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Meta-human physiology: After Linda was struck by the energy of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion on Earth-2, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, augmenting her physiology into beyond peak human condition.
    • Photokinesis: Linda has the power to shoot out extremely bright, high-energized blasts of light at 3,500 K, just as hot and luminous as a star. These blasts of light are able to blind someone temporarily, and possibly permanently, as well as cut through metal. Due to her light-based powers, it is possible Linda can hit something moving as fast as the Flash if she aims properly as her blasts would move at the speed of light.[1]
      • Hacking: Due to her powers, Linda can tap into any computer system with fiber-optic cables. This power seems fairly advanced since she was able to override the security systems at S.T.A.R. Labs, which is no small feat.[2]
      • Invisibility: Linda has the ability of turning herself invisible, probably by bending the visible light around herself and leaving her own body unseen. However, she can't turn any of her clothes invisible, forcing her to remove them to utilize this power effectively.[2]


  • Expert thief: Linda was a successful small-time thief, even before she became a meta-human.



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Doctor Light is a Japanese scientist named Kimiyo Hoshi that The Monitor gave light powers to during Crisis on Infinite Earths. She realizes her selfishness and changes her ways once she sees Supergirl sacrifice herself to save Superman from the Anti-Monitor. She is crucial during the final battle with the Anti-Monitor, using her powers to absorb an entire star he was using for power, which she forms into an energy blast that severely damages the Anti-Monitor.
  • Linda Park is one of the first cases of a composite character on The Flash, being an unrelated character taking up an alter-ego to that of the comics.