Lindgren Banking Securities is a bank in Zürich; Switzerland as of 2025.


After losing the Askaran Amulet to the Legends, Eobard Thawne tasked Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn to retrieve the information from Phil Gasmer. They discovered a chip on Phil's tooth that pointed to a bank in Switzerland. Damien and Malcolm forced Phil to help them access Rip Hunter's safety deposit box at Lindgren Banking Securities that they believed would hold the Spear of Destiny. Malcolm led the first attempt but it failed when they didn't account for a voice code that was required to open Rip's box. Later, Damien led the second attempt by storming in and killing everyone and Malcolm tortured the bank manager for the override code. Even though it wasn't the spear, they retrieved a device from the box. Eobard then arrived and identified it as a futuristic device used to store memories and that this was Rip/Phil's lost memories. Malcolm and Damien used this opportunity to trap Eobard in the bank vault and force him to confess why he was always running off and to renegotiate their partnership. Afterwards, the Legion of Doom waited at the bank to confront a demonic speedster that was chasing Eobard. After trapping the demonic speedster in one of the vaults, the Legion of Doom left the bank.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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