Liquid Kitty is a bar located in Central City.


At some point, Kamilla Hwang started working as a bartender at Liquid Kitty.

Every Thursday, a band named Sickada performs at Liquid Kitty, which a patron named Truck considers assault as the genre does not suit his taste in music.

When Ralph Dibny supposedly found a lead on Cicada and took Cisco Ramon with him, they questioned Truck, but when Cisco vibed the latter's glass, he saw the band Sickada, and later realized that Ralph was just bringing him along for a hangout. Ralph explained his true intentions on wanting to hang back from the action, a thought Cisco relished but immediately rejected as he had to focus on completing the cure. After Ralph shared a story and left Cisco to ponder on what the former said, Cisco met Kamilla, who chatted with and unintentionally gave Cisco the answer to the completing the meta-human cure.[1]

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