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"The first time my father came after me, I was seven. The second time, I was eight. That's when I learned a bottle hurts more than a fist. He used to say he was teaching us lessons. I must have been a slow learner because... the lessons never stopped."
—Lisa Snart to Cisco Ramon[src]

Lisa Snart, nicknamed Golden Glider and Sister Cold by Cisco Ramon,[1][2] is the younger sister of the late Leonard Snart and the daughter of the late Lewis Snart. After Leonard encountered with Barry Allen/The Flash, he teamed up with Mick Rory/Heat Wave and Lisa, who received a gold gun. After Leonard became an occasional ally of Team Flash, and the death of her father, Lisa left on her own.


Early life

Lisa Snart was born sometime after 1980. Her father, Lewis Snart, was a corrupt police officer who took his anger out on her and her older brother, Leonard, until he was sent to prison. When Lisa was a child, her grandfather would take her and her brother to a diner named the Motorcar, which was located right across from Central City Precinct.[3] After her father was imprisoned, Lisa was raised by her brother.

Family reunion

When Leonard and his partner Mick Rory were captured after an encounter against the Flash, they were sent to Iron Heights. On the way to the prison, Lisa intercepted the transfer vehicle to break them out, just as he had planned.[4]

Lisa walked in a bar using a blond wig, and started flirting with Cisco. After taking him to her safe house he found Leonard and she revealed herself as Leonard's sister, and they threatened him to build new guns of cold and heat for the Rogues. In addition, Lisa also had Cisco build her a gold gun.

Afterwards, she and her brother attacked the Santini crime family Casino, using her gun to encase a bodyguard in gold. A gun fight started until the Flash showed up and grabbed Lisa, using her as a way to stop Mick and Leonard. In turn, Leonard revealed he captured Cisco and threatened his life, allowing Lisa and Leonard to make a clean getaway.

Back at their safe house, she and her brother found Mick Rory beating in Cisco and his brother and Lisa got him to stop going to get something to eat. Later she helped Rory and Leonard steal money from the Santini casino and was nearly mocked off the road after The Flash took her brother.[5]

Moving the meta-humans

After Barry was able to steal all the evidence the police had on Leonard, Lisa destroyed the evidence with her gold gun. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry still wore his mask despite the fact that Leonard already knew his identity which revealed that her brother never told her who the Flash was. Lisa greeted Cisco who was still angry with her.

Lisa drove the truck full of meta-humans to the Ferris Airfield as she was the only one who could legally drive it. Lisa later asked why Cisco had never given her a code name and asked him to give her one and she was pleased with Cisco's choice of "Golden Glider". When she and Leonard released the meta-humans, Lisa politely said goodbye to Cisco before she departed.[1]

Family of Rogues

Lisa kisses Cisco.

After the singularity event, Barry was approached by Lisa. She had concerns that Leonard had been kidnapped. However, they learned that he was secretly working with his father, Lewis Snart. As Cisco analyzed Lisa, he detected that Thermite had been implanted into her neck. They realized it was a bomb and that any contact with air, or tampering, could potentially set it off. Barry theorized that Leonard was being forced to work with his father to save his sister's life. Barry approached Leonard as an undercover bomb technician to assist them in their next heist. At the same time, Cisco was on standby to pull the bomb if things went south. When Lewis turned and fired a gun at Barry, Barry pretended to be shot. He called into Cisco to remove the bomb from Lisa's neck as he cornered Lewis and Leonard as the Flash. When Cisco pulled the bomb from Lisa, Barry announced that Lisa was safe to Leonard. Leonard quickly turned and killed their father. Lisa took comfort in her brother acting to save her even though the Flash had placed him in Iron Heights. As she said her goodbyes, she kissed Cisco before taking off on her motorcycle.[2]

Kidnapped by the Pilgrim

In 2016, her brother Leonard was recruited to Rip Hunter's team. After Chronos and The Hunters failed, the Time Masters sent the Pilgrim after Rip's team. Along with other loved ones of the team, The Pilgrim kidnapped Lisa from an unknown point in time and held them hostage until Leonard and the other members of Rip's team turned themselves in to her. However, Rip's team was able to defeat her so Lisa and the other loved ones were presumably returned to their original timelines.[6]


"Smart is sexy, Cisco."
—Lisa Snart to Cisco Ramon[src]

Unlike Leonard, Lisa is sly, charming, a little sadistic and not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants. Lisa has a very close relationship with her older brother, Leonard Snart, who she says practically raised her once their father was sent to jail and is anxious to prove to Leonard that she has what it takes to be in his criminal gang.

However, despite Lisa having used her sexuality against Cisco Ramon to manipulate him in the past, she does have a genuine romantic attraction to him, admires his intellect and honesty, and displays genuine remorse for manipulating him. Although Cisco was mad at her for kidnapping him and his brother, and then using him, he became more sympathetic towards her after learning her tragic background.


  • Skilled markswoman: Lisa is proficient in using firearms, and is even extremely accurate when using her Gold gun to turn people and things to gold.


  • Gold gun: Can generate a beam of a gold-like substance, that can turn anything into that substance. When it hits inanimate objects like walls or tables, it instead leaves a layer of the gold-like substance on top of the surface, however when it hits people, they turn completely to that substance.
  • Motorcycle: Lisa rode a motorcycle.[2]

Former equipment

  • Guns: Lisa is very proficient in using guns.
  • Blond wig: Lisa briefly used a blonde wig while seducing Cisco.


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Chronicles of Cisco

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  • Lisa owns a Class A commercial driver's license.[1]
  • She has an Instagram account.[7]
  • Despite Cisco's dislike of using colors in codenames, he calls her Golden Glider; possibly an exception as gold is a material.
  • Lisa has not been seen since Leonard and Mick joined the Legends. This indicates she has either retired from a life of crime or simply relocated to avoid vigilantes and meta-humans.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Lisa Snart is the sister of Captain Cold and a member of the Rogues, known as Golden Glider.
    • While seducing Cisco Ramon in "Rogue Time", Lisa wore a blonde wig, a reference to how her comics counterpart was a blonde.
    • Unlike her DC comics counterpart who is a mature and serious individual, this version of Lisa is an immature wild child.
    • In the Prime Earth continuity, Lisa became a meta-human with astral powers.
  • Peyton List previously portrayed Lucy Lane in two episodes of Smallville beside Michael Ironside, who played Sam Lane. In The Flash, the two actors play a father and daughter once again. She also played Ivy Pepper, a version of Poison Ivy in the Batman prequel series Gotham