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For powers used by meta-humans or similar means, see List of powers.
For powers used by aliens see List of alien powers.
"What? You've never seen magic before? Well, go on then Alice. Down the rabbit hole you go."
John Constantine to Oliver Queen[src]

Magic-users can achieve a large variety of abilities that would seem to be meta-human or alien powers, through mystical means. Sorcerers may achieve these powers through spellcasting or empowerment from a mystical object.

Known magic powers[]

Similar known magical powers[]

Supernatural creatures like as demons and angels can use various powers inherent to their nature, similar to magical powers used by sorcerers. Likewise, some individuals are born with gifts that allow them insight into the supernatural world. Most heal faster than the human level can allow.


  • Magic cannot cure cancer. At least for mortals, as they have limited access to magic unlike deities and demons.