"I'm the product of complete and utter chaos."

Lita (born 2004)[1] is the daughter of Mick Rory and Ali.


Early life

In 2004 Lita was born to Ali. She was named after Lita Ford, of the punk band the Runaways.[1]

Meeting her father

Lita was told a couple of stories about her father, who wasn't present in her life. After this, she pieced together that Mick Rory AKA Rebecca Silver was her father.[1]

Because she was angry at her father for not being there, Lita wrote a negative review about the Rebecca Silver book, Heatwaves, which brought her into the attention of her father and Zari Tarazi. They firstly sent her a signed copy of the book. However, when she received the book, she recorded a video of her burning it.[1]

Memory flasher (Earth-Prime)


Zari tracked the metadata of the video and located Lita in a house in Central City. She was then confronted by Mick, who expected a boy, and Zari. Mick delivered a speech to Lita, during which Ali confronted him. She told Mick that Lita was his daughter and that Lita hated him since he was not around. Ali encouraged them to get to know each other, but Mick wiped both Ali and Lita's memories of them being there and stormed off.[1]

Mick's rewrite

Per Ava's suggestion, Mick tried to be part of Lita's life. He decided to "photo reel" himself into her important moments to build a bond with her. However, she never could accept the excuse that his visits were due to limited parole time (as the Mick in her present day hadn't conceived her) and just ended up angry with him all the same. She remained unaware Mick had tried his best and had only made him just as angry.[2]

Visiting the Waverider

Mick talked with Ali and got the weekend with Lita, and at first wanted to take her to a roller derby but instead they spend the day on the ship. She needed to study for a history test about the French Revolution, so Mick got Nate Heywood to help. Lita, who hates guns and protested against them in her past, wasn't impressed with her dad's Heat Gun when he showed her that it was his special skill, especially when compared to the powers the other Legends wield. When Nate suggested that Mick should show her his souvenir from Marie Antoinette, he showed her where he had all of the souvenirs he stole, including all his money, and she suggested he should invest it. He blew up at her over the idea causing the rift between them to get worse. After the attack of Marchosias, and with the sacrifice Mick did to save her, she decided to spend the rest of the weekend with him and called him "Dad". Seeing that he cares for her, Lita accepts him as her father.[3]

While visiting a university as the Legends looked for the Chalice of Dionysus, Lita felt a little out of place. She wound up helping Nate scout for the cup's location. She also opened up to her dad about her true feelings about the university. She ended up helping him destroy Dion's keg supply in an attempt for the Legends to gain the chalice.[4]

"Star Trip"

When the Fates changed the world so that free will was a punishable offense and they were praised as gods, Lita ate mush as she watched "Star Trip", a television show that had "Dhan" as its main antagonist, with her mother. She got nauseated when her mom said that Dhan was hot unaware it was really Mick. She became delighted and hugged Ali as the show was canceled because it meant that the actors demonstrated free will.[5]

After reuniting with her dad, Mona and Gary Green, the four returned to the Waverider after it returned from a four-month absence. She found Charlie feeling depressed and tried to cheer her up. She pointed out how amazing free will is by using the fact that she knows that present day Mick was her father and how he traveled back in time to his high school reunion, hooked up with her mom, and conceived her. Doing this revealed that she knew that the 2004 Mick wasn't really her dad. But she also pointed out how grateful she was for it because she has a dad who loves her very much. Encouraged by her words, Charlie got her to help her bring the Hellfire Weapons that the Legends had collected to help Mick and the others fight Lachesis at the History Museum.

Later, Mick took Lita to see her favorite band, The Smell, in concert; she was delighted to learn that Charlie was a member. She laughed and hugged her father as they discussed that the next morning was a school day.[6]


Similar to her dad, she likes burning things. Initially she hated Mick for not being around while she grew up. The same for when he tried to be in key moments in her life. But eventually she came to care for Mick and see him as her dad after he risked his life to save her from a hellhound proving he cared about her. She also has ideas and beliefs that are similar to Mick like pissing off rich kids because of their hatred towards them. She also expressed how grateful she was that 2020 Mick traveled back in time in order to hook up with her mom showing she understood why Mick wasn't around a lot in her life and why free will is amazing.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


  • When Mick altered the timeline to be in Lita's life, he read his novel Heatwaves to her as a child.
    • He also went trick-or-treating with her, and she dressed up as his best friend, Captain Cold.
    • He even helped her make a volcano that emitted real flames thanks to his heat gun.
  • Lita inherited her father's dislike of high society people, and his love of money.
    • She suggested pranking a college to "piss off rich kids", with which Mick was quite happy to help.
    • She advised him to invest his money for compound interest, and that he could use time travel to use the stock market to his advantage.
      • Her advice echoes back to Snart's ideas in the Pilot about stealing valuables before they become valuable and use them to become wealthy.
  • Lita revealed to Charlie that she knew that present day Mick was her dad and not the one in prison at the time she was conceived. But she didn't care because she was grateful for him traveling back in time, hooking up with her mom & conceiving her. She said that doing that allowed her to gain a dad she loves very much. She used this as the biggest example of how awesome free will is. And all thanks to Charlie destroying the Loom of Fate in the first place.
  • She considers Ava Sharpe to be her aunt.[4]


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