Liv Aberdine is an employee of Endeavor Car Rental. Liv is also the daughter of the late Jasper Winters, and an unnamed woman, and the good friend of the late Talia. Liv was targeted by a demon known as Furcifer, until the demon was sent back to Hell by John Constantine.


Early life

Liv was born to Jasper Winters and an unnamed woman. She grew up believing that her father died before she was born, unaware that he was still alive and that he kept his distance in order to protect her. Jasper secretly watched Liv as she grew up, even taking pictures of her from afar.[1]

Hunted by Furcifer

Unbeknownst to Liv, her father was killed sometime during 2013. Prior to his death, Jasper made his friend John Constantine promise to watch after Liv and to give her the keys to his house should she ever be threatened by supernatural forces. Sometime prior to the fall of 2014, Liv become employed with Endeavor Car Rental.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Astral vision: Just like her father, Jasper Winters, Liv is able to see the true nature of supernatural events. For example, she can see the spirits of the deceased and see the true forms of demons, such as when a demon made himself look like Astra Logue.




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