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Liv Aberdine is an employee of Endeavor Car Rental. She is also the daughter of the late Jasper Winters, and an unnamed woman, and the good friend of the late Talia. Liv was targeted by a demon known as Furcifer, which led John Constantine to send him to Hell in order to keep her safe.


Early life

Liv was born to Jasper Winters and an unnamed woman, she grew up believing that her father died before she was born, unaware that he was still alive and that he kept his distance in order to protect her. Jasper had secretly watched Liv as she grew up, even taking pictures of her from afar sometimes.[1]

Hunted by Furcifer

Liv and Max at Endeavor Car Rental.

Liv Aberdine and Max are having a meal at work. The girl asks her friend who has a better future: her or a supermarket tenor. The boy states that the tenor will pay off at least a student loan. After a while, the boy eats a fortune cookie, on which he reads: "Failure is an opportunity to try better next time." Max suggests that her friend should check her fortune now, but she only finds a blank note. The boy gives Liv one cookie for the journey, then leaves work. Finally, he asks her not to forget to close the rental shop. In the car, the girl can't start the engine and she starts to get nervous. The earth begins to shake and a crater is formed in the street, from which the woman can barely escape. Frightened, she intends to run away, but her way is blocked by a taxi from which John Constantine is leaving. The man tries to help her and make her realize that he is not hunting her. A woman thinking that the rapist is scaring him with pepper spray and then runs away, taking a business card from a stranger

Liv met her friend Talia, who gave her a lift home. That night a demon visited her apartment, but could not get in through the symbol on her door. The girl was awakened in the middle of the night by policemen who informed her about the death of her neighbor. The next day, Liv decided to talk to Constantine, so she met up with him. The man introduced Chas Chandler, who had carved a symbol on her door, preventing the demon from attacking her. The girl found out that they were friends of her father, and also found out about his real date of death. John gave Liv a locket that did not belong to Jasper once. Suddenly, an ambulance crashed into the car rental building where the girl was supposed to be. It turned out that Talia, who was possessed by a demon, was sitting behind the wheel of the vehicle. After this event, the woman decided to go to her mother's house, from whom she wanted to learn the truth about her father. During the conversation, the girl touched the medallion through which she saw her grandmother's dead soul, which led to her running away screaming

Jasper Winters' millhouse approached by Liv and John Constantine.

The frightened girl met John again, demanding an explanation. The man walked over to the railroad tracks and told Liv to pull out the locket, then grabbed the woman's hands and held it there. He asked her to look around, then explained that she could see the true nature of the world, just like her father. He notices demons, angels, and imprisoned souls looking for escape. Suddenly she noticed an oncoming train, so she wanted to go down, but John did not let go. Terrified, she tried to pull away, but the man did not give in until the vehicle disappeared. Constantine revealed it was just a ghost train. Liv decided to go with her father's friends to a certain place. On the way, they were attacked by an electric cable possessed by a demon that killed Chas, however the two managed to escape to Jasper's mill, where they hid. There they learned from the books that Furcifer was hunting her, and they also created a bloody map. Constantine had plans to get rid of the demon

Liv and Constantine traps Furcifer

John and Liv went to the parking roof, bribing the guard beforehand. There the man draws a special seal that will stop the demon, however the girl will have to be baited. After some time, Furcifer appears on the roof of the building until it finally enters the seal. Costantine releases a spell, but the monster tries to convince him that he has Astra, a girl the exorcist accidentally sent to Hell. He intends to undo the spell, but Liv warns him that the girl is also a demon. After a while, Ritchie Simpson shoots a beam of light at the demon, sending him back to Hell. John's friend decides to take the girl home, but on the way tells him about Astra and Constantine. Liv decided to move to California to her cousin, unable to bear such a life. Knowing, however, that she must leave some clue for new friends, she marked on the map the places that men must explore to destroy the entities of evil.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Astral vision: Inherited from her father, Jasper Winters, Liv is able to see the true nature of supernatural events; for example, she can see the spirits of the deceased and see the true forms of demons, such as when a demon made himself look like Astra Logue.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • Lucy Griffiths/Liv Aberdine is one of the few main cast members along with Falk Hentschel/Carter Hall featured as part of the main cast only in the pilot episode of their respective series. Unlike Lucy, Falk has made several appearances afterwards as a guest star, depicting different incarnations of Hawkman.
  • Crystal Hooks was a stunt double for Lucy Griffiths in the role of Liv Aberdine.