An unnamed woman is the mother of Liv Aberdine and the ex-lover of the late Jasper Winters.


Early life

In her teenage years, she met a teenage boy named Jasper Winters at a concert, and they had a one-night stand, when she discovered that she was pregnant with his child, she revealed this to Jasper, however, she became heartbroken and disappointed, as the latter told her that he was not interested in having anything to do with their child, even after she is born (unaware that Jasper was a sorcerer and he only said those things to protect her and their child from supernatural forces) sometime after their daughter Liv Aberdine was born, she told Liv that her father die before she was born, which was a lie, unknown to her Jasper had (secretly) keep an eye on their daughter, watching Liv grow up from a distance, even taking photos of his daughter; without her knowing.[1]

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