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f:For the eponymous character, see Leslie Willis.

"Gobble, gobble. Miss me?"
"No. Leslie Willis is dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. She died in that CatCopter of yours. This is Leslie 2.0. Livewire. And you and I... we're gonna have words."
Leslie Willis and Cat Grant

"Livewire" is the fourth episode of the first season of Supergirl, and the fourth episode overall. It aired on November 16, 2015. It originally was set to air on November 23, 2015[1] as the fifth episode, but was rescheduled to air as the fourth on November 16, 2015, due to the Paris terror attacks.[2]




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At the D.E.O. headquarters an alien convict escaped its restraints, and went on a rampage throughout the D.E.O. Supergirl arrived, battling the alien alongside several D.E.O. agents, and was eventually able to subdue it. Afterwards she asked Hank Henshaw for the day off, flying back to her apartment to meet with Alex Danvers who she promised she would be there when Alex's mother, Eliza Danvers arrived. Though Kara attempted to reassure Alex, the latter was worried that her mother would blame her for Kara coming out as Supergirl. Greeting Eliza at the door, the three embraced, with Eliza complimenting Kara on her work as Supergirl, and telling Alex that she looked tired.

At the CatCo Plaza, Leslie Willis began her annual Thanksgiving week rant on her radio show, Alive and Wired With Leslie Willis. Announcing that the topic of choice for the rant was Supergirl, Leslie went on with her rant, with James Olsen, Winn Schott, and Cat Grant all listening with outrage due to her vulgarity and her excessive impudence. Later at CatCo Worldwide Media, Winn asked Kara about how Eliza's visit was turning out so far, with Kara telling him it was great. After questioning Winn about his plans for Thanksgiving and finding out he didn't have any, she invited him over for a "Friendsgiving" at her apartment, mentioning that he could act as a buffer between Eliza and Alex, and that they'd watch Orphan Black afterwards.

Soon after, Kara listened in to the conversation Cat was having with Leslie Willis in her office. Cat reminded Leslie that she had warned her not to go after Supergirl, and she crossed the line when she insulted her body, how she dresses and her sexuality. though Leslie brought up that was a part of their dynamic. An argument between the two ensued, where Cat explains that Supergirl has had a positive impact on National City - all Leslie is doing is just spouting uncalled for negativity that people are now sick of. They want optimism, hope and positivity, yet Leslie refuses to listen, with Cat transferring Leslie over to the traffic chopper, instead of buying her out of her contract. At Noonan's, Kara encountered James while picking up her takeout order and took the opportunity to invite him to her "Friendsgiving". While thanking her, James mentioned to Kara that he and Lucy were going to Ojai for the holiday, though it was only a few hours away, so if she needed anything just to give him a call. After James left with Lucy, Alex showed up at Noonan's as Kara was about to leave, revealing to Kara her theory that Eliza was secretly mad that Kara came out as Supergirl, but was hiding it. Though Kara tried to convince her otherwise, Alex pointed out that Eliza had always come down hard on her for not protecting Kara, prompting Kara to suggest that Alex tell Eliza about her real career as a D.E.O. agent.

Outside, the helicopter pilot told Leslie Willis that he was taking the helicopter back in as the lightning was too much, though Leslie rebuffed his statement, intent on covering traffic as Cat wanted her too. Seconds later, lightning hit the helicopter with the pilot losing control of the aircraft. Below, Kara and Alex witnessed the spiraling helicopter, with Kara telling Alex to clear the sidewalk as she changed into her Supergirl costume. Flying up to save the helicopter, the door of the helicopter fell off, with the Pilot falling out. Supergirl however caught him, and after setting him on the sidewalk she caught the helicopter before it crashed into a building. While grabbing ahold of Leslie's hand, lightning struck Supergirl and it deflected onto Leslie, putting her into the hospital.

The next day at the National City General Hospital, Kara and Cat visited Leslie, with Cat asking Kara how much time had to pass before it was appropriate for them to leave. After the two discussed Leslie's lack of family, and gifts from her fans in the room, Kara mentioned that Supergirl must feel awful. However, Cat shot back that she shouldn't as she saved Leslie, and that if anyone should feel bad it was her, as she was the one who had put her into the helicopter. After, Cat decided that they had been there long enough. Though before leaving, Cat attempted to coax Leslie who was still in a coma, awake. At Kara's apartment, Alex watched a news report about Supergirl saving Leslie Willis, while doing so, Eliza told her to turn it off. Eliza soon began to berate Alex for allowing Kara to become Supergirl, as Eliza thought she could count on her to look after Kara. Excusing herself to go handle something at her job, Alex left the apartment.

In the past, Eliza went outside to the porch to get her husband Jeremiah Danvers to keep her company while she did dissertation. On top of the roof, Kara convinced Alex to sneak out and go flying with her, despite the latter's initial protests. While holding onto Kara as she flew, Alex told her that it amazing. Elsewhere in National City, Leslie Willis wandered through an alley, discovering her newly gained powers, using them to subdue a drunken man who attempted to grab a hold of her. At Kara's apartment, Kara heated up the turkey with her heat vision, with Eliza admitting that she was worried the first time Kara did it, due to the potential radiation. Kara announced that before everyone ate, she wanted them to go around saying what they were all grateful for. After going first, Kara asked Alex to go next, though she declined, prompting her to ask Winn next, before excusing herself to answer a call from James.

After the two talked, with James admitting that he was a tad bored in Ojai, they both wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Back at the table, Winn questioned Eliza on her career, with Eliza explaining that she wasn't simply a scientist, rather a "bio-engineer", a career she shared with Alex. Grabbing a hold of the opportunity, Alex revealed her career as a D.E.O. agent to her mother, evoking her mother's anger. Feeling as if she'd never win with her mother, Alex angrily left, who was followed by Winn. Afterwards, Kara confronted Eliza as to why she was harder on Alex than her, and that it was her choice to become Supergirl. She soon left to handle an emergency for Cat Grant. In the past, Kara and Alex were caught sneaking in by Eliza and Jeremiah, and lectured about the rules as such. After someone knocked on the door, the girls were sent up to their room, with Eliza telling Kara not to use her super hearing to listen in on their conversation. Answering the door, Hank Henshaw along with two associates requested to speak with the two.

At CatCo, Cat explained that she had a last minute conference call to London and Beijing, yet nothing was working. Kara brought up that it was a possible sign that Cat shouldn't be working on the holiday, with Cat remarking that liked to do so. After mentioning that she needed Winn's help with the technical problems, the electricity in the building went out, with Leslie appearing on the screens in Cat's office, intent on settling the score with Cat. Appearing before the two, Leslie attacked Kara and Cat. While hiding, Cat sent Kara to go alert the security floors below. Leslie continued to look for Cat, eventually finding her and confronting her, telling Cat that she had transcended. Attempting to electrocute Cat, Supergirl came in through a window, shielding her from the blast, and attempting to plead with Leslie. Supergirl soon told Cat to leave, though Leslie followed her, messing up the elevator after she got in, and then escaping. Later, Kara discussed what had happened with Henshaw, who deduced that Kara was the Element X in Leslie getting her powers. After questioning Kara about Leslie's powers, Henshaw told Kara that she could be fought, as she did have a physical form, despite her powers being energy based.

Henshaw was soon after asked by Cat whether or not the F.B.I. was going to reimburse her for the damages they were doing to her building, though Henshaw told her that if she would allow them to put in a secure location it wouldn't be happening. However, Cat announced that CatCo would be open the next day for Black Friday, as she didn't get to her current position by running. While leaving, Hank told Kara that he had something at the D.E.O. that might be able to help her, a trap they used on one of their prisoners that came from a race consisting of pure energy. Back in Cat's office, though Kara asked if Cat needed anything, she was told that she could go home. The two soon had a conversation about the death of Kara's parents, her current family problems, and Cat's problems with her own mother. Deciding that it was her fault that Leslie turned into a monster, Kara agreed to ask the FBI for a direct line to Supergirl, as well as taking Cat's offer to go home.

At Kara's apartment, Alex arrived to check in on her mother, as black outs were occurring all over the city. Eliza asked Alex to come sit with her, apologizing for what she said about Alex's father earlier. Alex question why wasn't hadn't her actions ever been enough, with Eliza explaining that she wanted Alex to be better than her, and the reason she wasn't as hard on Kara was because she was a child from another planet who had lost everything, so she couldn't do anything else but accept her. As Eliza revealed there was something she needed to tell both Alex and Kara, Alex received a call from the D.E.O. telling them she'd be there in twenty minutes. At CatCo, Supergirl flew to Cat's balcony, with Cat suggesting they work together to capture Livewire, with Supergirl agreed to.

At the D.E.O. Kara was given an industrial capacitor to capture Leslie with, telling them that it was between her, Cat Grant, and Leslie Willis. Later, at CatCo Plaza, Cat called Leslie out on her radio show, telling Leslie to meet her "where it all began", as her grudge wasn't with National City, it was with her. There, Cat attempted to plead with Leslie, though to no avail. Supergirl appeared, and the two fought, with Leslie gaining the upper hand and electrocuting Supergirl. However, Cat was able to distract Leslie long enough for Supergirl to grab a water pipe under the street and short out Leslie with it. The next day at CatCo, Kara brought Winn left overs from Thanksgiving, and he revealed to her that what he was grateful for was her, kissing Kara on the cheek. Kara then greeted both James and Lucy, asking them about their trip. After Lucy left, James asked Kara how she was doing, to which she told him that she was glad to have him back.

In Cat Grant's office, Kara told her that the photo department had been calling. She was then questioned by Cat as to which story she would racy story she would run for the day, though Cat decided against both options, instead going with a photo-essay about people who spent their holiday volunteering at soup kitchens and shelters. Cat then admitted that there was a lot she didn't know about Kara, and that needed to change. Later in the day at Kara's apartment, both Kara and Alex embraced Eliza as she was about to leave. Eliza told Alex and Kara that she was proud of them, though there was room for improvement for Kara as Supergirl. Before leaving, Eliza revealed that Jeremiah died working for the D.E.O., under Hank Henshaw, and it was something that they needed to know if they were going to be working for the organization. At the D.E.O., Hank announced to Kara and Alex that they now had their first non-alien prisoner, and that since the holidays were over they could get back to catching aliens. After Henshaw left the two, they both agreed that they needed to find out what happened to Alex's father.




  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on November 23, 2015, but was switched with "How Does She Do It?" because of the Paris terror attacks on November 13.
  • Both Winn and Kara are revealed to be fans of the television show Orphan Black.
  • Cat mistakes Hank's undercover identity, Agent Monroe, for Agent "Mulder". Fox Mulder is one of the two main characters in the cult hit TV series, The X-Files. He was an FBI agent who investigated the paranormal and unexplained.
  • Kara references the hit 1984 comedy movie Ghostbusters, which features amateur ghost hunters who go into business exorcising ghosts, calling themselves "The Ghostbusters".
  • The statue of the pink panther near Cat's office is the same as the panther statues seen on top of the clock tower in Back to the Future.
  • In a flashback, Jeremiah says he knows everything about Superman. This doubles as an inside joke as his actor, Dean Cain played Superman in the TV show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


  • In Cat's office, Leslie pours herself a drink but when she sets the glass on a table, it is empty. In the next shot when Cat moves the glass onto a coaster, the alcohol is visible again.
  • In the end when Kara and Cat talk, Cat is holding a pencil with the tip clearly broken, which she is seemingly unaware of.