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"I've been trying to hang on to hope, but it's really hard, because I'm really scared. But what I know or what I believe is that the only way to take back control is to fight."
—Lois Lane[src]

Lois Lane (born c. 1981[1]) is a former reporter of the Daily Planet, a reporter of the Smallville Gazette, the daughter of Sam Lane and Ella, the older sister of Lucy Lane, the wife of Clark Kent, and the mother of Jonathan and Jordan Kent.

When Lois was young, her mother abandoned her and Lucy, making their father focus on work and distance himself from them. In her adulthood, Lois joined the Daily Planet and became a strong and assertive investigative reporter who would rush headlong into dangerous situation to uncover the truth. Eventually, she was in love with both Superman and Clark Kent for a very long time, unaware at the time, that the two were one-and-the same. Eventually, Clark revealed his alter-ego to her and they got married and started their own family. Years later, Lucy got involved; with Ally Allston's cult and nearly took her own life, but was saved; by Lois, causing them to grow further apart.

After finding out that; Jordan has powers and the death of Martha Kent, Lois and her family moved to Smallville. When Morgan Edge bought the Daily Planet and changed her article, Lois resigned and joined the Smallville Gazette; with her new editor-in-chief being Chrissy Beppo. When Morgan Edge reveals himself as Tal-Rho, Clark's maternal half-brother and forces him to submit to the Eradicator, Lois enlists the help of John Henry Irons to stop him, who eventually manages to free Clark and together they defeat him.

After Tal's defeat, a ship crash landed close to the Kent Farm and from it emerged Natalie Lane Irons, the daughter of Lois and John Irons from another Earth. The two moved to Metropolis; but Natalie couldn't adapt, so Lois offered them to stay at Kent Farm and they accepted. Later, Lucy tries to deny Lois' article about Ally and a counterpart of Superman from the Inverse World; who was imprisoned in the Shuster Mines was released.

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What is Lois Lane's occupation? toggle section
Lois Lane is a reporter, formerly working for the Daily Planet and currently working for the Smallville Gazette.
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Who is Lois Lane's family? toggle section
Lois Lane's family includes her father Sam Lane, her mother Ella, her sister Lucy Lane, her husband Clark Kent, and her sons Jonathan and Jordan Kent.
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What caused Lois Lane to distance herself from her sister Lucy? toggle section
Lois and Lucy grew further apart after Lucy got involved with Ally Allston's cult and nearly took her own life, but was saved by Lois.
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Why did Lois Lane leave the Daily Planet? toggle section
Lois Lane left the Daily Planet after Morgan Edge bought the company and changed her article.
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Where did Lois Lane move to after leaving the Daily Planet? toggle section
Lois Lane and her family moved to Smallville.
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Early life[]

At a young age, Lois' mother left her and her sister, Lucy.[2] Throughout her life, Lois realized that her father's job was his number one priority. Accepting that wasn't easy, but she learned to live with it and somehow even came to respect him because she believed he was trying to do the right thing and thought that once she had a family, he could change and start to put them first.[3]

When they were young, Sam liked to tell Lois and Lucy that he set two state records in his senior year. At some point, Lois and Lucy snuck out with Sam's rum. Later, they took a sketchy bus back to base only to find him waiting for them and he got pissed.[4]

When Lois was 15, she only dated guys who would piss off her dad. At some point, she started dating a guy named Dave, who played in a Primus cover band. She found dating him awful and hasn't told any other guys she dated about it.[5]

Working at the Daily Planet and meeting Clark[]

Lois and Clark know each other

Lois meets Clark.

In the 2000s, Lois began working at the Daily Planet, where she was partnered with the newbie reporter, Clark Kent. Jokingly, Lois asked Clark if Lombard had told him to wear a tie. The two introduced themselves, to which Lois stated she had never met a Clark before, though Clark said he only knew one Lois. Just than Ron Troupe arrived to excitedly remark that Superman's arrival was his path to a Pulitzer, showing Jimmy Olsen's pictures of the hero. Lois wasn't as excited, which led Clark to ask her if she thought heroes were a good thing; and she said Metropolis has many systemic issues beyond simple rescues.

At some point, Lois began investigating a case of an arsonist attacking and defacing minority-owned businesses with Nazi SS symbols. Clark was surprised not to know this and Lois pointedly said that Superman's arrival had drowned out her coverage of the situation; so Clark offered to help.

Clark and Lois investigate the Atom-Man on the Daily Planet

Lois and Clark investigate the Atom-Man.

As days passed, Lois and Clark worked around the clock to hunt down the neo-Nazi arsonist, calling and questioning many of his victims, until Lois discovered that one of their suspects was recently arrested. Sitting in the office of the Daily Planet, Clark complimented Lois' journalism before telling her that he had to get going. Lois jokingly asked if he had a big date, though Clark dismissed the idea. Before Clark moved to leave, Lois offered to ask Perry to give him his own beat in something such as local politics, but Clark declined and wished to stay alongside her.

The next day, Lois left to confront one of their suspects, Henry Miller. Miller revealed himself as the arsonist and was going to attack her, until she was saved by Superman, who froze the flamethrower and Lois could knock Miller down with a tazer. As Lois approached Superman, she asked for his name, suggesting "Mister Metropolis" or "Red and Blue Man". Superman said she'll come up with something and left, leaving Lois to decide upon dubbing the hero as "Superman".

Lois and Superman in their first broadcast interview

Lois and Superman in their first broadcast interview.

Lois and Clark began falling in love and started dating. Eventually, Superman allowed himself to be interviewed by Lois on the Daily Planet. Lois questioned Superman about his childhood on Earth and the location in which he was raised. Superman dodged the identifiable questions and told her that he learned many languages ​​during his time on Earth as an attempt to connect with everyone. The interview then took a break and Lois left for a mic check and started talking to Janet, who said that Superman liked her and Lois said she was in love with Clark. Lois returned to Superman and apologized for being unprofessional, although reminded him that she won't go easy on him with the questions.

Sometime later, Lois went with Clark to Smallville to meet his mother, Martha Kent, at the Kent Farm. Clark then led Lois outside into the field, where he revealed that he is Superman.[6] When Lois caught Clark spying on her with his superhearing, she almost broke up with him, but Clark spent two weeks sending her flowers so she decided to get back in touch with him and rekindle the relationship since she was still in love.[7] Clark proposed to Lois at the Fortress of Solitude and the they were married in Smallville.[8]

First wedding anniversary[]

"Clark, we knew going into this was never going to be easy. But us wanting to make this night work so badly... that's more proof of our love to me than any fancy dinner. So as long we continue trying this hard for each other... then I have no doubt we'll be okay."
—Lois Lane to Clark Kent[src]

On their first wedding anniversary, Clark presented Lois with flowers. They were getting ready to go to work and she reminded him of the dinner she arranged for them that night. However, Clark was forced to fight rampaging robots in Tokyo and ended up missing the date. Lois understood the situation the two of them reschuled the date. However, Lois ended up getting stuck at work while helping Perry White. Lois then brought chocolates for Clark and apologized for missing the date and once again she and Clark rescheduled the date. They were determined to finally celebrate together, but Clark had to fend off Nuclear Man's attack in Sin City and again could not make it. They once again rescheduled the date, but Lois went off to investigate Toyman and missed the date once again.

The next day, Clark asked Lois if they should cancel their reservation and celebrate their anniversary later when both of them were available. Lois insisted on having their date that night and canceled her meetings. While at work, Lois received a call about Bruno Mannheim, who was on his way to meet with corrupt politicians. Lois snuck into the restaurant and eavesdropped on Bruno's conversation. Lois quickly left and went to meet Clark at a restaurant for their date. Clark as well rushed to the restaurant after being kidnapped by Lobo and defeating him. However, once they both arrive, they discover that the restaurant was closed. Lois then said that she was really hoping to try some of the Hawaiian pork, which inspired Clark to take her to Hawaii for their date.[9]


Lois and Clark discover they are going to have twins

Lois and Clark discover they are going to have twins.

In 2006, Lois became pregnant. An ultrasound later revealed that she and Clark were going to have twin boys. They surprised Martha Kent with the news via the sonogram picture. Lois and Clark would later have twin boys, Jonathan and Jordan Kent.[8][6]

When the boys were about eighteen months old, Lois got pregnant again. An ultrasound revealed that the baby was a girl, and Lois intended to name her Natalie, after her grandmother, but she had a miscarriage.[10]

Lois and Clark tell Martha they are having twins

Lois and Clark tell Martha they are having twins.

Jonathan was a happy, athletic kid, while Jordan had destructive outbursts and tantrums that were eventually diagnosed as social anxiety disorder.[8]

By 2009, Lois became a world-renowned journalist, being short-listed twice for the Pulitzer.[11] At some point, she also met John Diggle.[12]

Exposing the Inverse Society[]

After Lucy lost her job and her fiancé left her, she moved in with Lois and her family in Metropolis, and eventually became involved with the Ally Allston's cult. Lois didn't agree with this, which made Lucy move and argue with her. Lois believed Ally was a "parasite" and responsible for the death of one of her followers, and swore to do whatever was necessary to bring Ally down. Eventually, Lois ended up saving Lucy when her took pills trying to see the Inverse World. Believing Lucy had tried to kill herself, Lois wrote an article of the Daily Planet exposing Ally and calling the group a cult, and it caused her and her sister to be speechless for years.[13][14]

Losses abound[]

Lois and Clark at Daily Planet

Lois and Clark at the Daily Planet.

In 2020, Lois ate dinner with her children alone while Clark was on a mission. When Clark returned to their house in Metropolis, Lois told him that he has missed Jordan's doctor's appointment and that Jonathan is about to become a starter in varsity football though he is a freshman.

The next morning, she ate breakfast with her family. After the twins went to school, she questioned Clark if it's not time to tell them the truth. She then went with Clark to the Daily Planet, where they discovered that Morgan Edge had been firing many employees, including Whit. Samuel Foswell called Clark and informed him that he too was fired.

The Kent family at Martha's funeral

Lois at Martha's funeral.

While Lois was talking to Clark, his phone rang and he received the devastating news that his adoptive mother, Martha, had suffered a stroke and died. Lois went to the funeral in Smallville with her family. There, she consoled Clark and talked to Cobb Branden and later Lana Lang Cushing and her family. After an awkward moment, they then went to talk while the kids went to the barn. They discussed Morgan Edge, whom Lois said was bad, which angered Kyle Cushing. When the twins get into an accident in the barn, Sarah Cushing ran to warn the Kents. They quickly got over there and Clark saved the boys. After the doctor arrives and examined them, discovering that they were not injured, Lois questioned Clark again about telling them the truth.

Lois and Clark at Smallville bank

Lois and Clark at Smallville bank.

The next morning, Lois and Clark go to the local bank to meet with Lana, who worked there and informed them that, due to Martha's helpfulness to the poorer people of Smallville, the bank had the right to possess the farm unless Clark and Lois buy it themselves. When they return home, the twins said they have found a spaceship and then the parents decide to tell the truth. Lois held Clark's glasses while he lifted the truck with his hands and levitated it in the air. Lois told her children that she was also surprised when she found out, but they were angry that they didn't know the truth before and left.

At night, Lois took a call when she saw Clark battling on TV. When Clark returned home with the children, they revealed to her that Jordan had powers. When Jon made a mean comment, Lois asked him to go to his room. The next day, Lois and Clark told Lana that they have decided to keep the farm. Lois questioned Lana if she knew that Morgan Edge is one of the bank's associates and she said that she didn't know.[8]

Moving to Smallville[]

Leaving the Daily Planet[]

"You do your Superman stuff, and I'll do my Lois Lane stuff."
—Lois Lane to Clark Kent[src]
Lois and Clark at Kent Farm

Lois and Clark move to Smallville.

Lois and Clark were getting ready to go out to celebrate their wedding anniversary when Jordan commented on why they were celebrating just four days after their actual wedding day date. Lois and Clark then told the boys the story of their first anniversary and Clark flew Lois to Hawaii.[9]

Lois and the Kent family moved to Smallville to the Kent Farm; Lois thought that this was an opportunity for new family memories and to fall in love with Clark all over again. After a long day, the Kents ate take-out for dinner, while the boys discussed their problems with going to Smallville High School; namely, Jonathan had not gotten the football playbook from Coach Gaines and Jordan did not like his selection of classes. Clark and Lois then told Jordan that one reason they moved to Smallville was to have a safe place to train him in his power usage and going to regular school is not a good idea. Dinner then ended, as Jordan runs from the table, upset, and Jonathan left to talk to with his girlfriend Eliza.

The next morning, Lois drove Jonathan to school as Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude to investigate his newfound powers. As Lois sat in a diner researching Morgan Edge's past dealings with New Carthage, she noticed that a woman is watching her. Lana Lang and Kyle Cushing enter the diner, greeted Lois, and invited her to the Cushing family barbecue. Kyle noticed Lois' work, but when Mayor George Dean walked past, Kyle was distracted from arguing. Lois then learned of the city council meeting.

Lois received a call from her father that he was coming to the farm. As the sun set, Clark hugged Lois happily; Clark and Jordan were closer as father and son. As Lois told Clark about the council meeting, Clark heard the approach of Sam. Lois volunteered to take their sons to the meeting so the men could be alone.

At the meeting, Lois told the boys to behave and that they would not be there for long. Lois confronts the woman from the diner; she is Chrissy Beppo of the Smallville Gazette and she has admired Lois for awhile but was too scared to introduce herself. As the meeting starts and George Dean introduces Morgan Edge, Chrissy told Lois that she could write for her paper anytime. Morgan promised over 600 jobs, but Lois wanted to know if that number is an estimate or not, because Morgan failed New Carthage when he went there with promises of opportunity. Morgan let the citizens of Smallville know with an backhanded compliment that he is Lois' boss, before he had the people see him as a provider who has the option to change his mind if Lois pursues her questions. The meeting concluded, with Lois sitting quietly.

The next day, Lois listened as Clark tells of his battle in Mongolia. Lois begins her article on Edge and the research that she did. Clark reminds her that she is writing negatively about her boss; she tells him politely to do his thing as Superman, while she does hers.

Lois resigns from the Daily Planet

Lois resigns from the Daily Planet.

The Kents go to the Cushing barbecue; Kyle lectured Lois about how Smallville needs Edge's money and the jobs he promised, before the town lost more people and opportunities. Lois told Clark to leave when Clark is distracted because he is needed elsewhere. At the barbecue, Lois met the firefighter Tom Mitchell.

When Morgan Edge edited and rewrote her article, Lois resigned and joined the Smallville Gazette, with her new editor-in-chief being Chrissy Beppo.[15]

Working for the Smallville Gazette[]

"We have been here a week, and somebody's already tried to blow up my car."
—Lois Lane[src]

The Kent family painted the house. However, Clark was needed to stop a bridge collapse in China; the family then discussed how Superman can hear distress far away. The boys wanted to know what was the most embarrassing thing Clark heard, but Lois insisted that the conversation stayed age-appropriate. Switching the subject, Lois and Clark talked to the boys about not drawing attention to their father's secret identity or even Jordan's sporadic powers.

The next evening over dinner, Clark and Lois talked about the twins' reaction to Clark's eavesdropping; she reminded him that he almost lost her because of it when he eavesdropped on her when they were first dating. Back then, Clark spent two-weeks' pay on flowers to win her back; Lois said that the promise to stop was more important and asked him to do the same with the twins.

Lois and Chrissy watch the car catch fire

Lois and Chrissy watch Lois' car as it burns.

The next morning, Lois interviewed Sharon Powell and her son's connection to Morgan Edge. Afterwards, Chrissy felt that Lois should slow down on trying to pursue such a big story. Suddenly, a explosion occurs; the two ran outside to Victoria May's to see Lois' car on fire. When Lois arrived home, Clark consoled her; she notices the flowers he bought.

The next night, Lois listened as Clark confronted Jordan about joining the Smallville Crows. The conversation became heated and the twins were sent to their rooms. As Lois prepared to see Sharon Powell in New Carthage, she told Clark not to think so much about Jordan's anger. She borrowed Clark's truck to travel to New Carthage, joking about her burned car.

Lois arrived to a motel in New Carthage to meet with Sharon. She noticed the door ajar, but entered anyways; there is evidence of a struggle. Lois then saw a tall man and immediately ran but he stopped her. Lois stabbed him in the ear with an ink pen but he was not deterred. Lois uses the ELT; Superman was there in seconds. Lois ran to where the man was and found Sharon unconscious. Lois untied the rope around Sharon's neck and called for Superman; he allowed the man to escape while he took Sharon to a hospital.

The next morning, Lois accompanied Clark as he asks Coach Gaines for a job as his assistant; Lois convinced Gaines by saying that Clark will work for free. Later, she returned to work where she and Chrissy wonder about the hulking man.[7]

Sitting with Chrissy during the rain, Lois watched as her sons played the home-opener football game; they noticed that Morgan Edge and Mayor George Dean were both there. Lois felt that Edge was there, pretending to care about the citizens. Sam approached the women and became upset when he realized that Jordan was demonstrating super powers.

Lois and Sam went to the farm to discuss the possibility that Jordan had powers when Clark arrived and defended his wife against her father. Sam realized that the Kent family moved to Smallville to develop Jordan's powers. Sam explained his situation about Intergang and Thaddeus Killgrave to the Kents but Clark retorted that his sons were his top priority. Sam decided to send the weekend to understand the family's choices better.

Lois and Chrissy

Chrissy will not publish Lois' article against Edge.

Lois went to the Gazette to talk to Chrissy about her article against Edge when Leslie Larr arrived and reminded Lois that she has a contract with the Daily Planet that Lois cannot defame Morgan under penalty. Chrissy told Lois that the article could not be published because the Gazette did not have any lawyers.

The next morning, Lois, after asking Clark to attend the town meeting, went to the Shuster Mine and confronted Morgan and Leslie. Morgan and Lois asked each other for the real reason that the other was in Smallville, given that both have been exposed to greater.

Lois went to the town meeting with Chrissy, but Clark did not show. As Lois was leaving, she was asked by Lana to have drinks with her and to talk. As Lois got ready, Clark apologized for not attending the meeting; Lois did not want to discuss it, but she said she understood that her husband is Superman and is busy.

Lois and Lana at a bar

Lois and Lana at a bar.

At the bar, Lana told Lois that Lois changed Clark and made him a better man.

When Lois got home, she learned that Jonathan and Jordan had an encounter with Tag Harris that Superman had to diffuse. Later, Clark tried to have a romantic dinner with his wife in the barn, but Sam called with an emergency; Lois allowed Superman to leave, blowing him a kiss as he sped away.[11]

Rise of Morgan Edge[]

Lois and Clark at Smallville Harvest Festival

Lois and Clark at Smallville Harvest Festival.

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As Lois made breakfast the next morning, the news reported that Superman has increased his activity around the world.[16] Eventually, Lois discovered that the man she encountered was not Marcus Bridgewater.She then asked for Chrissy's help and they found out he was actually the Stranger; John Henry Irons. Lois managed to arrive in time and stop Clark from killing him.[17]

Lois and Sam arrive as John is about to stab Superman

Lois and Sam arrive as John is about to stab Superman.

Then he was arrested by the DOD, but released after saving Superman from Reno Rosetti in Project 7734. Lois asked Lana to infiltrate Edge EnerCorp to spy on Morgan Edge[18] and eventually, he sent Emily Phan and Jasper Townes to kill her, but Sam stopped them.[19] When Morgan Edge revealed himself as Tal-Rho, Clark's half-Kryptonian brother,[20] he threatened Lois and the kids if Clark didn't go with him, so Clark went and Lois called asking for John Irons' help.[21]

Lois and Diggle confront Sam Lane

Lois and Diggle confront Sam Lane.

Irons and Sam wanted to kill him, but Lois didn't agree. In the meantime, Lois found John Diggle at the DOD and revealed to John Irons that her husband was Superman, but for him that didn't change anything. Superman was possessed by Zod but thanks to Irons' distraction, Clark heard Lois' voice and returned to normal. He and Irons captured Edge and returned home.[12]

Clark and Lois talk about a fail safe

Clark and Lois talk about a fail safe.

Eventually, Edge escaped[22] and went to Metropolis, where Lois went to report the event and was nearly killed by Leslie Larr. Edge ended up kidnapping Jordan and implanting Zeta-Rho's consciousness in him,[23] but thanks to Lois he was able to resist and banish Zeta from his mind.[24]

A new beginning[]

Meeting Natalie[]

The Kent family sees John Henry reunite with his daughter

The Kent family sees Natalie's arrival.

After Morgan Edge was defeated, Lois went to a party at the Cushings' house, where she met Chrissy and they decided build a newspaper owned and operated by themselves. For reporters who put the story first no matter the consequences. Lois later attended the "funeral" of Jor-El's A.I. along with her family, when a ship crashed and left Natalie Lane Irons, daughter of John Irons, which confused Lois with her mother, surprising everyone.[24]

Natalie attempted to hug Lois but John stopped her and explained that she was not her mother. Lois stood in silent shock until the two departed in John's trailer. The next three months, Lois repeatedly tried to reach out to Natalie over, but she refused to speak to her. Over this three months, Chrissy attempted to hire new reporters for the Smallville Gazette, like Micahel, but could not find anyone who was both affordable and met Lois' standards.

Upon returning home, Lois caught Jon and his girlfriend about to have sex and got mad at Clark for leaving him unsupervised. When Jordan got home, she asked where he was, and he said he was just on a date with Sarah at the lake.

John called Lois and set up a meeting between her and Natalie at Victoria May's. He took Natalie to Smallville and met with Lois and seeing her, Natalie angrily stormed out, and Lois followed her. She told Natalie that although she was not her mother she still wanted to get to know and be friends with her, and offered them to stay at the Kent Farm for the time being, which she accepted.[2]

Return of the Inverse Society[]

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The next morning, Lois made a breakfast for everyone, but Natalie said she was vegan and Clark started having painful visions.

Eventually, Lucy tried to debunk Lois' story about Ally Allston on a podcast and Lois invited her to Smallville so they could talk, but at Lucy's request, Lois met Ally instead,[25] and Ally went with several men to intimidate her.

After the earthquakes that were happening in the city, Lois went to interview Kit Faulkner, the chief of operations of the AmerTek mining operation in Smallville, but found nothing. So Lois asked for help from John Irons, who initially refused to help but eventually accepted. He found it wasn't earthquakes, but something trying to get out of the mines, which might have something to do with Clark's painful visions. Eventually, an armored monster escaped the mines.[13]

Lois and Lucy argue

Lois and Lucy argue.

Lois and Chrissy found out that Ally was going to give a lecture in New Carthage, so Chrissy infiltrated the meeting and Lois went looking for Lucy. She found her in a hotel and Lucy confronted her, recording Lois admitting that she hated Ally and had left Lucy's vision out of the story. Chrissy saw the video and got mad at Lois for always telling half-truths.[14]

Lois was watching a video of Ally when she recognized Dr Kit Faulkner and went to talk to her at AmerTek, but when she arrived, she saw that the monster that escaped from the mines (a Superman doppelganger) had killed Kit and upon seeing Lois, he ran away. She then called Superman and they went to Ally's apartment to warn that she was also in danger. There, she found Chrissy and the monster attacked again, but this time he was stopped and arrested by Superman. At night, Lois went to Sarah's quinceañera with her family and found Chrissy, who said that Ally drugged her and made her enter an Inverse World that Ally dominated. She said Ally was dangerous and they needed to stop her together.[26]

The Lane family at the Smallville Crows game

The Lane family at the Smallville Crows game.

Eventually, Sam convinced Lucy to go to the Kent Farm and make amends with Lois. They were initially hostile, but Lucy was happy to be reunited with her nephews again and ended up staying all day. In the evening, Lois went with her and Sam to watch Jonathan's football game. Lucy believed that Lois had already accepted Ally's teachings, but Lois told her that Ally was still dangerous and poisoned Chrissy without her consent and they argued again until Lucy left.[4]

Investigating Intergang and cancer[]

Jordan and Jonathan hug their mother

Jordan and Jonathan hug Lois after discovering she has cancer.

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27 days after the defeat of Ally Allston, Lois sought out Dr. Darlene Irons while investigating her brother's John death, making an appointment at her clinic in Metropolis under the alias "Ginger Metcalfe". Irons initially refused to talk with Lois about his death, but eventually she opened up about her brother's dark past, and called Lois to address her abnormality that appeared to be a pregnancy. On Jordan and Jonathan's birthday, Lois and Clark made party, which Clark had to briefly leave in order to fight Henry Miller in Metropolis. Lois later find out that she was not pregnant, but she did have cancer.[27]

When Lois and Clark went to question Judge Tara Reagan in Metropolis, the Intergang appeared in her office and stopped her before she could say anything. While Lois was trying to save Judge Reagan, which was about to commit suicide, Superman followed one of the Intergang members to Bruno Mannheim's house. Clark overheard Lois telling the judge that she had cancer, and after the cops take the judge away, he hugs Lois. After the Kent brothers returned home, Lois and Clark reveal that she had stage-three inflammatory breast cancer, leading the boys to embrace her.[28]

Lois Lane and Chrissy Beppo in Intergang's hideout

Lois and Chrissy in Intergang's hideout.

After discovering Emmitt Pergande, Candice's dad punched Jon in the face, Lois went with hers sons to confront Emmitt, who pulled a gun on her. Following this, Lois almost fainted. After Jordan told Clark what haplened, Clark went to confront him, which resulted in Emmitt leaving town and Candice temporarly staying at the Kent Farm. Natalie later offered to give Lois a watch made of kinetic energy that belonged to her doppelgänger as a gift to get her through chemo.[1]


Lois has a good relationship; with her father, Sam Lane; due to the fact that; he is open-minded and does not have an anti-view towards all aliens in general.

Lois is a loving wife and mother, as she cares about her husband, Clark Kent, and her sons, Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent, she supports Clark's vigilante activities; despite the fact that; it takes an emotional toll on her; due to his absence, she also respects Clark's decisions; even if she does not agree; with some of them; such as keeping his identity as Superman a secret from their sons, Jonathan and Jordan; until they reach adulthood; even though she believed that; they should have just told them the truth from the beginning.

Lois has a good relationship; with both of her sons, Jonathan and Jordan, but she is far more concern for her son, Jordan; due to his social anxiety disorder. But this does not necessarily mean that; she does not care about Jonathan.

Lois has a sense of justice, honor and good morals; for example; when Morgan Edge had started an new business in Smallville; due to it's financial downfall, she attempted to expose his attempt to destroy the town, just like he had done; with other previous small towns. But the article that; she wrote; regarding Morgan's misdeeds was prevented; due to the fact that; he is the new owner of Daily Planet.

After realizing that; as long as the Daily Planet is still owned by Morgan, the latter will always twist the truth to prevent anything from affecting his reputation, Lois ultimately resigns from the Daily Planet and joins the Smallville Gazette; in order to expose Morgan as the corrupt businessman he truly is.


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Lois is a highly intelligent individual and is quite an exceptional tactician. She is always full of good advice and has proven to be a capable leader.
    • Expert investigator: As one of the best reporters of the Daily Planet, Lois is an exceptional investigator; as she follows every lead and rumor to discover the truth behind any story. Her skills as an investigative journalist have earned her recognition from many prestigious awards having been shortlisted for the pulitzer twice aswell as being nominated for a mettie. Her skills are also recognised worldwide; with her being known as the "world's most famous reporter".
    • Expert driver: Lois is a highly skilled driver. She is capable of driving several different types of vehicles; such as cars and trucks.[17]
  • Network: As one of the top reporters of the Daily Planet, Lois has a wide array of contacts.


Former weaknesses[]

"I'm facing something uncontrollable, too. I just found out i have cancer. And it's aggressive. And all day, i've been trying to hang on to hope, but it's really hard, because i'm really scared. But what i know or what i believe is that the only way to take back control is to fight. If i can do it, you can do it, too. You're much stronger than you think you are."
—Lois Lane to Tara Reagan[src]
  • Cancer: Lois was diagnosed with stage-three inflammatory breast cancer. After completing her chemotherapy and successfully undergoing her breast surgery, her cancer is no longer a problem.



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  • This is the fifth live-action Lois Lane to be a mother, and the third one to have more than one child the first two being Lois Lane of Earth-38 and Lois Lane of Earth-167 respectively.
  • Although this is the first time Lois and Clark Kent being parents have been the focus of a show.
  • This Lois is quite unique; due to the fact that unlike other versions she never has romantic feelings towards Superman; but insted she only has romantic feelings towards Clark. She also was not that interested in Superman when he first made his debut this is different compared to other versions of Lois; who became obsessed with the kryptonian superhero.
  • Lois is the one who gave Clark the superhero moniker of "superman".
  • Lois being labour for twenty-seven hours was inspired; by the actress; who plays her Elizabeth Tulloch real life experience giving birth.
  • Lois getting cancer in the show is not the first time the character has dealt; with the illness as she was giving cancer in the comic Superman & Batman: Generations.
  • Unlike Lois' Earth-Prime counterpart; she has a good relationship; with her father, Sam Lane.
  • When Lois had found out that; she was pregnant, she wanted to have a girl.
  • Lois has been shortlisted for the pulitzer prize twice.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Lois Lane first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June, 1938) and was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. She is an investigative reporter at the Daily Planet and Superman's main love interest.
  • Elizabeth Tulloch is the fifth actress to portray Lois Lane who's older than the actor portraying Superman; she is 6 years older than Tyler Hoechlin while Amy Adams is 9 years older than Henry Cavill, Teri Hatcher is 2 years older than Dean Cain, Lesley Ann Warren is 3 years older than David Wilson, and Margot Kidder was 4 years older than Christopher Reeve.
  • Lois' wardrobe emulates the comic book character's outfits on Elizabeth Tulloch's request. When she got the role, Tulloch personally emailed the wardrobe designer, asking for Lois' outfit to be purple after seeing pictures of the character depicted in her trademark color in other media on Twitter. She reportedly said, "We have to have her in purple! It's her color!"[29]