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Lois Lane was a reporter of the Daily Planet, the wife of John Henry Irons, and the mother of Natalie Lane Irons.


Early life

At some point, Lois married John Henry Irons and had a daughter, Natalie. She also began working for the Daily Planet.[1]

When Irons left for a military mission, she asked him to come back to her before kissing him.[2]


Lois, along with John and Natalie, witnessed from their bedroom how Superman attacked their city along with allies with Kryptonian powers. Lois Lane revealed in a newsreel that Kryptonite was the weapon to be used against the alien invaders. Superman then killed her on live TV, while her husband and daughter were watching.[1]


According to Irons, she was exactly the same as her Earth-Prime doppelgänger, except that they married different people.[2]


Lois' death caused John and Natalie to build weapons and steal technology to combat Superman. John promised Natalie that he would return as quickly as possible from battle, to keep her from losing another parent.[1]

Because of her appearance to Lois, Lois Lane of Earth-Prime, who earlier was stunned emotionally when she learned of Lois' existence, was able to keep John from killing Superman when John had the opportunity to stab him with a Kryptonite spear.[3]


Superman & Lois

Season 1


  • This is the only known version of Lois Lane in the multiverse who didn't marry a version of Superman.