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For the Arrow episode of the same name, see "The Longbow Hunters".

"Three assassins that even the League is afraid of. Or they were because the last one died out in the 1950s."
"Or that's what they wanted people to think.
Oliver Queen and John Diggle[src]

The Longbow Hunters are a group comprised of three deadly assassins.


Despite the Longbow Hunters been comprised only of three assassins, they are quite terrifying, as they are feared, even by the League of Assassins. They are a famous group of highly skilled and deadly mercenaries who are heavily feared in the criminal world.[1]


Early activities

According to Anatoly Knyazev, the Longbow Hunters were perceived as a myth. They consisted of only three assassins, but still stoked fear into all who went up against them including the League of Assassins, and were believed to have died out by the 1950s.[1]

At some point, Silencer, Bear and Red joined the team. Later, Dante indirectly gave Bear instruction that involve killing Kazumi Adachi to make Emiko stronger.[2]

Sometime in 2018, after becoming the leader of the Quadrant, Ricardo Diaz got in contact with Dante who put him in league with the Longbow Hunters and they allied themselves with him.[1]

Attack on Star City

Five months after Ricardo Diaz was forced into hiding, the Longbow Hunters broke in an off-site facility of A.R.G.U.S. where they stole prototype B-24, a high densitable renewable battery able to power an entire town.[3]

The group later attempted to raid a train to steal an energy weapon that could be used combined with the B-24. John Diggle and a team of A.R.G.U.S. agents tried to stop them but they ambushed them and took out the agents. John was able to get to the weapon and escape, causing the longbow hunters to fail.[4]

The group later attempted a break in on CDC, a secure government facility to steal a biocompound. The Longbow Hunters encountered Samanda Watson, Dinah Drake and Rene Ramirez who tried to stop them. After a fight the group got the biocompound and escaped the facility, however, Silencer ended up captured. Silencer will be finally liberated by her comrades and soon after, Ricardo Diaz will be incarcerated after his fail revenge against Green Arrow.[5]

Mysterious project

With Diaz incarcerated, the Longbow Hunters did not try to free him and continued their personal project with Dante.

Later, Bear was apprehended and interrogated by Oliver Queen and John Diggle. He revealed his involvement in the murder of Kazumi Adachi and the fact that Dante was the one that paid him.[5]

Known members

Current members

Former members

  • Bear (incarcerated)

Known allies

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  • Based on Oliver Queen's comment about the Longbow Hunters, there are either only three members at any given time or the three known members are immortal.
    • Given that they work for Dante of the Ninth Circle, it is likely that whatever has maintained that organization powerful throughout history has also kept the Longbow Hunters ever-present as well.
  • The members use codenames in Latin for money transactions.[6]

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