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"Fates be praised."
Humanity cherishing the Fates[src]

Loomworld is an alternate reality created by the Fates after they finally re-obtained the Loom of Fate and used it to rewrite reality.


In "Loomworld", people no longer possess free will. Anyone who refers to the Fates must recite the benediction "Fates be praised". People are only able to eat mush, different colors are allowed, and after work can only watch any of four different TV shows. While the Legends do exist in this world, they are only permitted to do so as TV characters, existing in shows on Fate+ made by Clotho Productions. These include: Ultimate Buds, Highcastle Abbey, Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac, and Star Trip.[1]


The Loom of Fate

The Fates were reunited when Clotho entered the Waverider that Atropos and Lachesis had already hijacked; since Clotho had obtained the rings, they had all they needed to re-create the world. Clotho noticed that all of the Legends were killed in various ways, such as the England Zombie Apocalypse or by the hands of Atropos herself.

Remembering the conversation she had with the Legends about what they wanted if they could change the world,[2] Clotho made a deal with her older sisters that her friends could exist if she found a way to keep them from rebelling against the new world they were creating; thus, Clotho Productions was created.[1]

Lachesis felt that the world was in chaos,[3] so the Fates removed it by eliminating free will; she would govern what a person's path in life was, as she did in ancient times.[4] Atropos hated rebellion; she was in charge of the "Historical Sanitation Department", where its employees were tasked with removing from historical records all signs of people rebelling against the status quo, for good or bad. Choice was removed down to food and clothing; people were only allowed to eat mush and dress in robes. The Fates did have some leeway, allowing people to have choice in the colors of their mush and for the characters on television, as it was viewed as fictional outfits, to wear different clothing.

Lachesis governing the meeting.

The Fates would have regular meetings with the common folk to demonstrate their power as gods; as their gods, if someone said their names, a benediction was invoked to keep their wrath from occurring. Atropos had no problem with cutting someone's life at the exact time she viewed it finished.

When Loomworld was created, people's memories of the past were erased; however, they still retained their lifestyles, except for Gary Green. Somehow, he retained knowledge that Loomworld was not correct, but had no evidence to support his claims, so he was viewed by the populace as a "crazy guy." Much to their surprise, he has yet to have his thread cut by Atropos despite his behavior. Meanwhile, since Mona Wu was not an active Legend, she worked as a history writer, reflective of her being a writer in Earth-Prime. Ali and Lita had a fondness of watching "Star Trip", with Ali being attracted to Dahn and Lita being disgusted by her mother's desires.

When the Legends escaped their fictional lives,[1] they lead a two-pronged attack against the establishment. They succeeded in destroying the Loom and killing Atropos, but, to save themselves, they were forced to time-jump to four months later.


In those four months, Lachesis shamed Clotho into further submission and she became a living exhibit of the evil of free will in a museum. Meanwhile, Gideon was transformed into the new Loom and her programming was used to addict people to the Fatewatch, a device everyone wore that told them what to do, down to emotional responses. Lachesis ranked in museums the worst of offenders of history with the Legends and Clotho ranked two and one, respectively. With the original Loom destroyed though, Lachesis had lost her immortality; she was forced to influence the young and naturally rebellious by giving tours in the museum. Since humans were still disoriented from the brainwashing of the Loom fading; Lachesis was easily able to advantage of their confusion.

Ultimately, Lachesis was confronted by the Legends. Loomworld was destroyed when Zari Tarazi unplugged Gideon, causing humanity to be able to think for itself.[3]


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  • Loomworld is indirectly an after-effect of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, due to the Loom of Fate only falling into the Fates' hands because Crisis brought its parts into close metaphysical proximity.
  • Loomworld shares many similarities with Doomworld.
    • Both worlds are alternate realities that were created when the season's big bads acquired the reality-changing item both them and the team were seeking.
    • Both first appeared in the penultimate episodes of the respective seasons in which they appeared.
    • Both had alternate villainous takes on the title card.