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Lopez is a corrupt former police officer of the Star City Police Department.


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After Isaac Stanzler left the abandoned nightclub where he had lead Ted Grant, the police then arrived. Lopez arrested Ted on multiple counts of homicide. Ted denied this, stating that he nothing to do with it, however, she revealed that they had found a body in his locker.[1]

When Captain Quentin Lance arrived at the police department, Lopez told him that someone had hacked into the emergency broadcast system, and they'd taken over all the networks. She then listened to Oliver Queen's announcement (under the persona of Green Arrow) that he is the successor of the late Arrow and aspired to be the symbol of hope that his predecessor never was.[2]

Lopez was assigned to the police escort protecting district attorney Adrian Chase. When the Solntsevskaya Bratva attacked in an attempt to kill him, Lopez fought back while protecting him.

Lopez later became corrupt and joined Ricardo Diaz's criminal organization.[3]

After Oliver used a device that Felicity Smoak made on his wrist to copy all of Diaz's files (containing a list of every person under his payroll) and gave it to Samanda Watson, Lopez was arrested along with all the people under Diaz's payroll by the FBI.[4]



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