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Los Angeles is a city in California.


Rip working as "Phil" in Los Angeles, 1967.

After Rip Hunter dispersed the JSA throughout history to protect the Spear of Destiny, he wound up in Los Angeles, 1967 with a piece of the spear. He then worked under the name Phil Gasmer as a film director.[1][2]

Later, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk arrived in Los Angeles and hijacked some motorcycles from Cal DeVito and his friend, killing them. They then cornered Phil while talking to George Lucas outside of their Legends movie set. However, the actual Legends arrived and a fight broke out. The police then arrived and arrested Phil while the Legends and the Legion retreated.[2]

The Legends and the Legion of Doom pursued each other throughout Los Angeles to get to Phil, battling at a LAPD precinct, and later a junk yard. The Legion managed to capture Phil forcing the Legends to leave him behind in 1967 Los Angeles.[2]

After defeating the Legion of Doom, the Legends chart a course to Aruba 2017, however, as a result of interacting with their "Doomworld" selves in 1916, they create a time storm from all the paradoxes. The time storm later disrupts the Waverider once more and ejects it out of the temporal zone and into Los Angeles 2017, though the city is no longer the one from the normal timeline and contains monuments and creatures of different eras, having "broken time".[3]

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  • In the city, Frank Sinatra has a star on the Walk of Fame which Malcolm Merlyn had wanted to go see.