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For the eponymous character, see Laurel Lance (Earth-2).
"I was being a hero. I was the D.A., I got Oliver out of prison, and I was the only one who figured out that his little sister was basically the devil, and they still turned on me."
"So, what, you think you deserve a medal for trying to be good for five seconds? Redemption isn't a destination. It's a journey. I wasted years running away from all the bad things that I had done because I didn't want to face the pain that I had caused because I didn't want to be that person. And then I realized the only way to stop being that person was to come home and own up to the things that I had done, and, yeah, it was painful, and it took a really long time. But it was the only way to become someone else, someone better than who I was.
Laurel Lance and Sara Lance

"Lost Canary" is the eighteenth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fifty-sixth episode overall. It aired on April 15, 2019.



Felicity's attempting to find Laurel after the breaking of the embarrassment, yet the last won't answer her telephone. It's before long uncovered that a warrant has been given for the capture of Laurel as she's needed for addressing in a homicide. Felicity takes a stab at talking Dinah down off the choice, yet the police boss won't move.

Somewhere else, Laurel's apparently chipping away at shaping her very own group, first moving toward Shadow Thief about a potential heist opportunity in Star City. Felicity accomplishes her own work and acknowledges Emiko was the one to slaughter the criminal Laurel is blamed for executing, yet it's past the point of no return, she and Shadow Thief have just taken in any event $100,000 in the heist.

On another heist, the two are going to take $10 million worth of precious stones, yet they're halted by Dinah. In a little while, Dinah is joined by Sara Lance and the gathering begins battling but criminals in the end escape. Utilizing PCs at the area, Dinah's ready to follow the pair to a nearby distribution center. When Dinah and Felicity merge on the area, they reveal a bomb that Laurel's fixed to detonate, and the two barely get away from hurt.

Sara's ready to follow Laurel down to the grave their dad, but she can't talk sense into her Earth-2 sister. Shrub leaves to go on another heist with Shadow Thief. Shrub understands that Shadow Thief is hoping to take a weapon that will execute a lot of Star City occupants, and Laurel is discovered to be really covert. She works with Sara, Dinah, and Felicity in their battle, yet Shadow Thief can get away.

Later in the night, Laurel uncovers to Dinah and Felicity that she anticipates returning to Earth-2 and also says goodbye to Sara Lance.

In the flashforwards, Galaxy One unleashes Zeta, a new force hunting down the Canary Network with a tech helmet powered by the Archer program. While the others want to hide, Mia wants to fight back and ambushes one of the Zetas. Mia is overpowered, but is saved by Laurel, who tells her to give the Zeta's helmet to Felicity.


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  • After Felicity, Sara, Dinah, and Laurel escape the explosion, Felicity refers to the four of them as the "Birds of Justice" to which Sara replies "something like that". This is a reference to the Birds of Prey which is a mostly female group of heroes usually comprised of Black Canary, Huntress, and Oracle.
    • When Oliver first gave Felicity the code name "Overwatch" he joked that "[he] was gonna go with 'Oracle', but it's taken".[1]
  • Laurel mentions having a sister who was pregnant at some point previously.
  • This episode includes some references to Season 2.
    • Sara said that Felicity came a long way from "the IT girl who was secretly crushing on Oliver Queen", referring to her description in that season.
    • Felicity mentions the times Sara said she's "cute", which were in the episodes "League of Assassins" and "Time of Death".
  • This is the first time since DC's Legends of Tomorrow's "Necromancing the Stone" where Sara is seen wearing the White Canary suit.
  • Felicity described Sara's actions on the Waverider as "Timey Wimey shenanigans", referring to the famous quote from Doctor Who.
  • This is the final episode where Earth-2 Laurel uses the moniker Black Siren and the first where she finally starts using her Earth-1 counterpart's moniker, Black Canary.
  • The title of this episode refers to Laurel being the lost Canary.
  • Quentin Lance's grave lists his date of death as May 17, 2018. This is the airdate of "Life Sentence", the episode in which he dies.

Behind the scenes

  • Katie Cassidy was rumored to be leaving Arrow once again after this episode, but she ultimately returned in "You Have Saved This City"[2].