"What's happening with Ray - to Ray - is my fault!"
Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen on Ray Palmer's capture
"Lost Souls" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the seventy-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 11, 2015.


Felicity is frantic when she learns that Ray is alive and being held by Damien Darhk. Felicity's guilt over not finding Ray sooner causes tension between her and Oliver. Meanwhile, Sara joins Laurel, Thea and the team on a rescue mission for Ray. However, the effects of the Lazarus Pit take over and threaten to jeopardize the entire operation. Donna Smoak returns to Star City.[src]


The scene opens with Ray Palmer playing out a shrinking test on his A.T.O.M. covering. It comes up short, and when he attempted to change it, it detonates, throwing him out of the structure as the highest levels of Palmer Tech are annihilated...but Ray resembles he's unblemished.

At the battle office, Oliver meets with Alex and Thea. In the wake of doing some crusade stuff, Oliver leaves...and then Alex asks Thea out on the town. She's hesitant, however says it was a decent offer.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity is tuning in to Ray's message on a circle, attempting to make sense of what she can do to support him. Curtis comes into the lab and, perceiving how disappointed she is, advises her to take a break so he can dominate. Oliver appears, and in the wake of concluding that Ollie can't be the Green Arrow - obviously this is a hypothesis that is going near - he pardons himself.

Oliver asks her what's happening, and Felicity discloses to him that Ray sent the message six days prior, and he's out there some place.

On Lian Yu, Reiter and his cohort Conklin head down to the chamber where Constantine found the antique last time. Reiter finds a message on the divider in symbolic representations, and he sends Oliver to an inlet to bring workers and begin burrowing for something. He advises Conklin to proceed to watch Oliver.

In Starling in the present, Sara is conversing with her mom on the telephone, telling her she's alive. She jokes it was simpler than the last time. Arrow is stressed over her, and Sara has lost a portion of her recollections.

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At home, Oliver discloses to Felicity that she needs a shower and a snooze before she can help Ray. She's angry with him, yet prepared to agree...until her PDA goes off. Something she had been aggregating has completed the process of stacking. She can see a low quality video of Ray. He says he's being held without wanting to by individuals who need his suit - and uncovers that he's been contracted little enough to fit inside a little box on a work area.

At the Lair later, they discover that he has schematics for a machine at Palmer Tech that ought to have the option to discover him. Felicity is baffled when Oliver attempts to welcome himself along.

On Lian Yu, Oliver is pushing the laborers to complete all the more quicker, when one of them stands up and says they need rest. Oliver advises them to take fifteen minutes to eat, and afterward pardons himself to do likewise in harmony. Conklin, overseeing the laborers, offers the man - named Vlad - an opportunity to improve his station.

At Palmer Tech, so as to fabricate the machine to recover Ray, Curtis says they need a section from Kord Industries, their greatest rival. While they're discussing it, Donna Smoak comes in and says Oliver welcomed her. Felicity sends her to Oliver's.

That night, Team Arrow is invading Kord Industries. Felicity is irate with Oliver for welcoming her mom, yet helps the group (in addition to Sara) break in. In a store room, Sara and Thea discover the part they need, however are confronted by security. Sara beats one of the men almost to death before Laurel stops her and the group runs.

Back at the Lair, Ray sends Felicity another message. As he's mentioning to her what he needs, Damien Darhk comes up behind him, and the get removes.

At the sanctuary, Oliver says they need to send Lance to get an area for Ray. Oliver uncovers he's made supper arrangements with Felicity's mom and expectations a pleasant supper will allow Felicity to rest and unwind while they hang tight for more data from Lance as well as the machine from Curtis. Felicity is disturbed that he needs to continue carrying on with his life when beam is at serious risk.

On Lian Yu, Oliver goes to beware of Taiana, the lady whose demise he assisted with faking. He inquires as to whether she's seen Reiter do anything odd, and she says he's commonly peculiar, and has said to a portion of the workers that he has "mended their spirits." Oliver thinks drugs are only a front for whatever Reiter is doing on the island.

At his office, Darhk reveals to Palmer that he will slaughter Felicity if Ray doesn't support him.

At Oliver's, Felicity's mother has demolished the chicken. At the point when Oliver appears, he's going to begin cooking, yet Felicity is so furious with him that her mother pardons herself. At the point when Oliver plunks down to converse with her, she says she reprimands herself for what happened to Ray since she permitted as long as she can remember to get gobbled up in her relationship with Oliver, which isn't care for her. Oliver inquires as to whether there's some kind of problem with their relationship and when she can't offer him a response, he says he'll give her some space.

At the Lair, Diggle and Oliver share a bourbon while Oliver discloses to Diggle what occurred. After a motivational speech, Diggle pardons himself following a content from Lance that he's gathering with Darhk.

On Lian Yu, Vlad assaults Oliver when he comes out where he can be seen. He attempts to slaughter him by holding his head submerged.

In Starling, Lance meets with Darhk, who is troubled about being "brought," apparently for an inquiry concerning Sara.

At her loft, an agitated Felicity gets a visit from her mom, who uncovers that when Felicity was a child, perhaps the greatest disillusionment was something that happened in light of the fact that Donna couldn't bear the cost of something - and she says Oliver adores him and is not at all like Felicity's dad.

Felicity says that is the issue: that it's too simple to even think about losing herself in Oliver. Her mom says that is the way it should be - that he's doing likewise, however they'll end up in one another. As the two interface, Oliver writings to state Diggle has Ray's area.

Oliver concludes that he needs to carry Curtis into the field, since the machine he's making may have the option to get them section into the VERY SECURE structure by resizing Ray all things considered. Sara welcomes herself along, saying she has to realize she can control herself.

Outside the structure, Oliver is taken out by the knob of a veiled man's weapon.

Inside, he's tied up and Damien Darhk enters. He sends his flunky away...but when the toady leaves, it turns out it's Diggle in camouflage. This is the arrangement.

Diggle kills the security frameworks and Curtis and Felicity base-hop into the structure. The Canaries assault from the entryway, drawing in the consideration of security with Speedy.

Upstairs, Darhk is going to expel Oliver's veil when Ollie kicks him to the ground, at that point attempts and neglects to shoot him with a bolt reserved close by. Darhk controls a chain to choke Oliver.

In Darhk's office, Felicity and Curtis can't make sense of how to liberate Ray from the solid shape he's in.

Somewhere else, Oliver figures out how to evaporate like a phantom - and out of the chains - by diverting Darhk with a blast.

In the workplace, Ray has enough squeeze in his suit to debilitate the block and Curtis fires the beam to re-develop him. At the point when security begins to dive, Oliver appears at tranq them. Ground floor, Sara executes a gatekeeper.

At the Lair, Felicity is taking Ray home - yet he's going to keep playing dead for some time. It's as yet her organization.

In the flashbacks, Oliver killls Vlad, attracting Conklin to the banks to state he "would be wise to have a story" to oblige the body.

At Laurel's condo, Sara says she needs to deal with her Lazarus Pit-related issues in an unexpected manner in comparison to Thea. She says it's an ideal opportunity to truly begin once again. She will go visit their mother in Central City and possibly do an excursion while she makes sense of things. Tree and Thea are pitiful, however they comprehend.

Oliver is perusing when Felicity returns home. She expresses gratitude toward him for being understanding and assisting with sparing Ray. She reveals to Oliver they will be fine, despite the fact that this is all new to them two, utilizing her mom's words to sell it. The two kiss. Parcels.

At a café, Lance takes a seat at the bar for a club pop and is drawn closer by a lady who inquires as to whether he's inclination forlorn. It's Donna Smoak.

At the crusade office, Alex carries a few records to Thea for Oliver to sign. She's noticeably vexed, saying she's somewhat worried. She approaches Alex to take her out for a beverage later.

At Darhk's office, he has an overlay out guide looking thing, which he advises a flunky to test power from the Dwarf Star Alloy on.



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Preparation ran from August 28 until September 8, 2015. Shooting ran from September 9 until September 21, 2015.[1]


  • When Oliver explains about H.I.V.E., the organization that captured him, Ray compares it with S.P.E.C.T.R.E., a criminal and terrorist organization in the James Bond franchise.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of Sara on Arrow until "Invasion!". It is also her last appearance as The Canary, as she later adopts the identity White Canary.
  • So far, this is the only episode of Arrow that both Sara and Ray appear in before they joined the Legends. They wouldn't do so again until "Invasion!", which was after joining the Legends.
  • John Diggle comments, "Vodka is for wimps anyway. Tennessee whiskey - put some hair on your chest". However, he and Oliver start drinking a bottle with a black Johnny Walker label, which is a Scottish blended whisky, not Tennessee.
  • The pass code "4587" is used when Team Arrow break into Kord Industries to steal the quantum manifold. This is the same docket number of the case The People vs Moira Queen and Oliver's prison inmate serial number in Season 7.
  • Felicity refers to Diggle as "Spartan" to protect his identity. In the comics, Spartan is the leader of superhero team Wild C.A.T.S.. The character is known for his strength and durability, much like the character of John Diggle.


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