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For the Supergirl episode, see "Lost Souls".
"What's happening with Ray - to Ray - is my fault!"
Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen on Ray Palmer's capture

"Lost Souls" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the seventy-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 11, 2015.



In flashback to six months ago, Ray prepares to test his A.T.O.M. suit's miniaturization capabilities. The first test seemingly fails. When Ray attempts to alter the settings, an explosion occurs, destroying his lab and the surrounding floors of Palmer Tech... but Ray is alive and flung with the wreckage.

At the campaign office, Oliver, Alex, and Thea are supposed to meet with Felicity to discuss their budget. When Felicity doesn't show up, Oliver leaves to check on her. Alex asks Thea out on a date, though she's hesitant.

At Palmer Tech in Curtis' lab, Felicity is playing Ray's distress signal on a loop, attempting to trace its origin. When Curtis arrives, he urges Felicity to take a break upon seeing her current state. Oliver appears and meets Curtis. After concluding that Oliver can't be the Green Arrow - on account of his jawline - Curtis leaves. Oliver reveals Felicity forgot about meeting with his campaign team and asks what's happening. Felicity plays Ray's message, which was sent six days prior, and reveals he's still alive.

On Lian Yu, Oliver, Reiter, and Conklin head down to the chamber where John Constantine found the orb. Reiter uses it to light up a message in symbolic representations. He sends Oliver to bring workers and begin digging for something. Reiter then advises Conklin to to watch Oliver.

In the present, Sara is conversing with her mother on the phone, informing Dinah that she's alive and loves her. After they end their conversation, Sara jokes to Lance and Laurel how telling her mother was simpler this time but admits she's missing some of her memories. Lance is worried about Sara but nonetheless overjoyed that his daughters are together again.

At home, Oliver urges Felicity to take a shower and nap before continuing to help Ray. An upset Felicity feels that Oliver doesn't understand the seriousness of the situation, yet prepares to agree. Just then, she gets an alert that her program traced Ray's message. Felicity is able to video call Ray, who tells them that he's being held captive by people who want his suit. When Oliver wonders why he can't use it to break out, Ray reveals the miniaturizing technology shrunk him down to a few inches tall.

At the Bunker, the team learns that Ray has schematics for a machine to resize him. Felicity prepares to take the blueprints to Curtis and is annoyed when Oliver tries to come along despite not being able to help build the device.

On Lian Yu, Oliver is pushing the laborers to complete their work when a man speaks up that they need a break. Oliver agrees to allow them 15 minutes to eat and prepares to do so himself in privacy. Conklin, overseeing the laborers, offers the man - Vlad - an opportunity to improve his station.

At Palmer Tech, Curtis confirms he can design the machine to resize Ray, but says they need a quantum manifold from Kord Industries, their greatest rival. During their discussion, Donna Smoak arrives, having been invited to town by Oliver. After Curtis meets Donna, an overwhelmed Felicity tells him to begin working on the machine while she sends her mother home and meets with Team Arrow.

That night, Team Arrow prepares to break into Kord Industries. Felicity is irate with Oliver for talking to her mother behind her back, much to the rest of the team's amusement. In a store room, Sara and Thea discover the manifold, but are confronted by security. Sara nearly beats one of the men to death before Laurel stops her and the group flees.

Back at the Bunker, Ray sends Felicity another message. As he's telling her what he needs, Damien Darhk comes up behind Ray and signal is cut off. Afterwards, Oliver decides to use Lance to find where Darhk is keeping Ray and in the meantime, they have to wait on the machine from Curtis. Felicity is unwilling to sit still and becomes angry when Oliver reveals he's made dinner plans for them with Donna. Diggle, who is watching their argument, agrees that Felicity needs some time to relax, but she's too upset over Ray being in danger.

On Lian Yu, Oliver goes check on Taiana. He inquires as to whether she's seen Reiter do anything odd. Taiana reveals that Reiter claimed to a portion of the workers that he has "mended their spirits". Oliver believes the drug harvesting is only a front for whatever Reiter is doing on the island.

At his office, Darhk threatens to Ray that he will kill Felicity if Ray doesn't give him the A.T.O.M. suit.

At the loft, Donna ruined the chicken by turning on the oven too high, leaving its insides raw. Oliver assures he can cook something else, though Felicity is unenthusiastic. Sensing their thinly veiled emotions, Donna excuses herself to get takeout. Oliver finally sits down to talk with Felicity, admitting that inviting her mother without her permission wasn't the best idea but asks why she seems to be blaming him for Ray's fate. However, Felicity reveals she blames herself for getting so caught up in her relationship with Oliver that she uprooted her life from Star City and consequently missed Ray's distress signals for months. Oliver inquires as to whether she has a problem with their relationship and when Felicity can't offer him a response, he decides to give her some space.

At the Bunker, Diggle and Oliver share a whiskey while Oliver talks with Diggle about his communication problems with Felicity. He wonders if she is better suited to someone like Ray, who can keep up with her intelligence. Diggle assures Oliver that his love for Felicity is beyond commonality and knows she is a strong woman who will pull through this. Diggle is then contacted by Lance that he's meeting with Darhk.

On Lian Yu, Vlad ambushes Oliver when he comes to check on the laborers and attempts to drown him by holding his head underwater.

In Star City, Lance meets with Darhk, who is troubled about being summoned by him, apparently for an inquiry concerning Sara's resurrection.

At the loft, Felicity is pondering her thoughts in bed when Donna brings her hot milk. She remembers a time when Felicity wanted to go to space camp as a child and was left upset when her mother refused. Donna admits she lied to her daughter back then and actually couldn't afford it, much to Felicity's surprise. Donna assures Felicity that Oliver is not like her father. Felicity admits that's the problem: it's too easy to even think about losing herself in him. Donna explains that Oliver is going through the same but they're in love, and will end up finding themselves in one another. Oliver then texts Felicity that Diggle has Ray's location.

In the bunker, the team learns Ray is being held in the abandoned Latin Building. Oliver concludes that he needs to bring Curtis into the field, since the machine he made can get Team Arrow into the structure by resizing Ray. Sara insists she accompany the team, wanting to know she can control herself.

Outside the building, Oliver is taken out by the knob of a Ghost's weapon, who brings him inside and ties him up in front of Darhk. Darhk sends the Ghost away, who but turns out to be Diggle in disguise, as part of the plan to get the team inside. Diggle disables the security frameworks so Curtis and Felicity can parachute into the building. The Canaries assault from the entryway, drawing in the Ghosts with Speedy. Darhk decides to unmask Green Arrow when Oliver kicks him to the ground and tries to shoot him with an arrow reserved close by. Darhk controls the chains to choke Green Arrow. In Darhk's office, Felicity and Curtis can't make sense of how to free Ray from the solid prison he's held in. Meanwhile, Oliver diverts Darhk with an explosive arrow, allowing him to escape his confines. Ray is able to use his suit to debilitate the block prison and Curtis fires the machine to re-size him. When some Ghosts arrive, Oliver appears and tranqs them. As Laurel, Thea, and Sara prepare to leave, Sara gets caught up in her bloodlust and kills a Ghost.

At the Bunker, the team briefs Ray about the situation with H.I.V.E.. Felicity takes him home and offers to help Ray reintegrate into the world and Palmer Tech. However, Ray decides to continue playing dead for a while, leaving Palmer Tech to Felicity.

In the flashbacks, Oliver manages to overpower and kill Vlad, attracting Conklin and some other workers to the banks. Conklin states Oliver should have a story to explain Vlad's body.

At Laurel's apartment, she and Thea talk with Sara about what happened. Sara decides she needs to deal with her Lazarus Pit-related issues in a different manner from Thea. She believes it's a good opportunity to truly begin again and thanks Laurel for reviving her. Sara plans to visit her mother in Central City and possibly do some traveling while she makes sense of things. Laurel and Thea are saddened but understand her decision, and Laurel hugs Sara goodbye.

Oliver is writing in bed when Felicity returns home after getting Ray settled. She expresses gratitude toward Oliver for helping save Ray and being so understanding with her frustration. Oliver also apologizes for not being attentive in the way she needed him to be. Felicity tells Oliver they will be fine, despite the fact that this is all new to them, using her mother's words of finding themselves in each other. The two kiss and make love.

At a café, Lance is drinking a club soda and meets a woman who asks about his forlorn disposition. Lance and the woman, Donna, begin to commiserate over their daughters and introduce themselves to each other.

At the campaign office, Alex brings a few documents to Thea for Oliver to sign. Thea asks Alex out for drinks later, admitting she's still nervous but willing to give them a chance.

At Darhk's office, a minion confirms they created a power source using residual Dwarf star alloy from Ray's suit. Darhk asks him to test it out on a structure, unrolling some blueprints.


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Preparation ran from August 28 until September 8, 2015. Shooting ran from September 9 until September 21, 2015.[1]


  • This episode marks the last appearance of Sara on Arrow until "Invasion!", due to her joining the main cast on Legends of Tomorrow. It is also her last appearance as The Canary, as she later adopts the identity White Canary.
  • This is the only episode of Arrow that both Sara and Ray appear in before they joined the Legends, until the episode "Invasion!", which was after joining the Legends.
  • The pass code "4587" is used when Team Arrow break into Kord Industries to steal the quantum manifold. This is the same docket number of the case The People vs Moira Queen and Oliver's prison inmate serial number in Season 7.
  • Felicity refers to Diggle as "Spartan" to protect his identity. In the comics, Spartan is the leader of superhero team Wild C.A.T.S.. The character is known for his strength and durability, much like the character of John Diggle.
  • When Oliver explains to Ray about H.I.V.E., the organization that captured him, Ray compares it with S.P.E.C.T.R.E., a criminal and terrorist organization in the James Bond franchise.


  • John comments, "Vodka is for wimps anyway. Tennessee whiskey - put some hair on your chest". However, he and Oliver start drinking a bottle with a black Johnny Walker label, which is a Scottish blended whisky, not Tennessee.