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For the Arrow episode, see "Lost Souls".
"I know you believe the best in people. But don't you understand? Your father is beyond saving. He's been holding you back ever since you got here. Even today, you saw just how quickly he was ready to give up."
"But he pushed through that. He got us here."
"He also stuck you in a pod when you were just a child and sent you to a foreign planet alone. He banished you, Kara, just like my father banished me.
Nyxlygsptlnz and Supergirl on their parents' choices

"Lost Souls" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-tenth episode overall. It aired on April 20, 2021.



Supergirl, Nyxly and Zor-El come out of one of her portals in another part of the Phantom Zone. Zor-El is worried about the effect the frequent encounters with Phantoms is having on his daughter. Nyxly cuts the conversation short by pointing to a gleaming structure in the distance: They've found the Anchor.

Back at the Tower, M'gann is still recovering and has a nightmare about the Phantoms. Alex, John and Brainiac discuss the number of Phantoms they've encountered lately while Dreamer gives Lena a tour. M'gann joins them and tells them about the nightmare. Brainiac notes that part of her soul is still in the Phantom Hive Mind and they realise being part-Phantom will allow her to track Supergirl. Lena reveals a modified ProtoGun she's been working on which she dubs the ProtoTrap: It will transport the target straight into containment. They detect a cold front at Grand Central Station and J'onn, M'gann, Dreamer and Brainy go to check it out, with Brainy taking the ProtoTrap.

At the station, they find the Phantom attacking a barrista. Brainiac uses the ProtoTrap to capture it but the barrista has already been infected and her life force leaves her body. M'gann follows it, with J'onn going after her. Dreamer has another flash of Kara and Alex at Midvale. The barrista turns into a Phantom and the Prime Phantom arrives through a portal. Brainy hits him with the ProtoTrap but he's grown too strong for it. He and the other Phantom portal out. M'gann collapses during her pursuit and J'onn captures her.

Supergirl manages to force open the door to the Anchor even without super-strength. They search for the exit: a mirror that activates only for the righteous and will show them an image of their home that they can walk through it to. They find it but it's been smashed. Zor-El is set to give up but Supergirl helps him realises that Alura wouldn't have risked trapping the guards there: There would be a second mirror in the supply room at the barracks.

M'gann says she felt weak and started to turn back into a Progeny. Brainiac notes that as the two parts of her soul got closer they cancelled each other out. Destroying the chrysalis where the life forces are imprisoned would return everyone to normal, but Brainiac suddenly realises that if M'gann gets her original soul back, she won't be able to track Supergirl anymore. J'onn insists that stopping the Phantoms spreading has to be their priority: If the chrysalis becomes too strong, they'll never be able to break it and Earth will become a new Phantom Zone. Alex wants to do both and Lena suggests a way of replicating M'gann's sensory powers.

Alex and Lena work on a way of using Q-waves to replicate M'gann's powers, like Lena once did with Malefic. Lena notes they need a sample of Kara's DNA. Nia and Brainy discuss her visions of Midvale and his comfort eating.

Supergirl and the others are searching for the second mirror. Zor-El calls out that he's found it and then cries out in pain. Supergirl finds him with an injured leg: He says Scar attacked him and Nyxly says she drove him off. Zor-El is unable to walk with a broken ankle and it will take two to carry the mirror, so he convinces the others to go and install it and then come back for him.

Alex shows Lena Supergirl's crystal message, explaining the crystal contains her digital life force. Lena points out extracting it will erase the message but Alex is willing to risk it. Dreamer and M'gann combine their powers. Dreamer is briefly distracted by a flash of Kara, Alex and Kenny, but manages to see the chrysalis, not quite solid. However, she is driven off by Phantoms before she can work out where it is. Brainiac notes from what she saw they have an hour before the chrysalis becomes unbreakable. M'gann is willing to track it even if it means becoming a Phantom but Alex says there's another way. She tells Lena they need to recalibrate her device to track the Phantoms, but that will mean erasing Kara's DNA. Lena is desperate to get Kara back, blaming her actions for Lex trapping Kara. Alex says Kara already forgave Lena for working against her and they need to follow up her example and put other people first. When Lena still hesitates, Alex takes the device off her.

Supergirl and Nyxly install the mirror, which shows an image of the Fortress. Kara prepares to go back for Zor-El but Nyxly tries to convince her to leave him, saying he's been holding her back and comparing him to her own father. She also reveals she attacked him disguised as Scar and Supergirl realises Nyxly needed her to activate the portal. Nyxly points out she will have to go through the portal to Earth in order to reach the Fifth Dimension and intends to have "fun" while she's there.

Sentinel, J'onn, Dreamer and Brainy track the Phantoms' lair to the sewers. J'onn and Brainiac are both attacked by Phantoms and infected. Sentinel and Dreamer find the chrysalis, guarded by Phantoms. Dreamer uses her powers to clear a path to it and Sentinel smashes it, releasing the life forces. All the Phantoms, including the barrista, Silas and the others in containment, return to normal, diminishing the Prime Phantom. Dreamer and J'onn hit him with their powers and Brainiac captures him with the ProtoTrap.

Supergirl and Nyxly fight in the control room, causing enough damage to trigger the self-destruct countdown. Nyxly refuses to leave by any way except the exit mirror. Supergirl grabs a mace and smashes it. Nyxly sinks to her knees in despair, refusing to leave. Supergirl flees the control room as it explodes.

Lena apologises to Alex for defying her and questions whether she really fits in with the Super-Friends, saying she's not a hero like them. Alex says they're all different from each other and they couldn't have succeeded without Lena. Brainy and Nia ponder the fact they're at square one with regards finding Supergirl and what Nia's flashes mean. J'onn and M'gann monitor the Prime Phantom in containment. Lena and Brainiac realise the Prime would track Supergirl if given a sample of her DNA, which could only be gathered if she was weakened by a solar flare or kryptonite. M'gann asks Alex how many times Kara has blown out her powers and she says the only times were when fighting Red Tornado and once in high school. Brainiac and Nia realise that's what the dreams meant: They have to go back in time to Midvale High.

Back in the Phantom Zone, Supergirl takes cover as the Anchor explodes completely.



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  • The title refers to the life forces of all the humans who were turned into Phantoms and were returned.
  • When Lena Luthor made the Prototrap, Brainy mentions that it is like the Ghost Trap in the movie franchise Ghostbusters.
  • When Brainy and Nia are fighting the Phantoms, Brainy mentions that they are "...going to need a bigger gun", a reference to the 1975 film Jaws.
  • J'onn mentions the Phantoms may become a global pandemic. This is a reference to the current global COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This is the shortest episode of Supergirl in terms of duration.