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"The world is coming apart, just like Star City. I mean, it is worse than it has ever been."
"That's because Darhk's been spending the past year trying to kill it."
"Then why is he giving these people more hope than we ever could?
Oliver Queen and John Diggle on the goal of Genesis

"Lost in the Flood" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the ninety-first episode overall. It aired on May 18, 2016.



The scene opens the latest point of interest: Oliver and Diggle are attempting to execute an apparently powerful Darhk, who leaves to go assume responsibility for Rubicon, leaving the two crippled. They advance out of his office of detestations in the nick of time for it to crumple.

In the Ark, Thea awakens and attempts to make a call, yet Merlyn and various Ghosts appear. Alex is dead, Machin is gone, and Merlyn has Thea arrested.

At Felicity's condo, The Calculator kills a news report about the atomic assault. Curtis comes to see them, and is dazzled by Kuttler. Felicity gets a message and leaves the pair responsible for attempting to make sense of the Rubicon issue.

At H.I.V.E. command post, they've gotten Felicity's ex to attempt to wrest control of Rubicon from Noah and Felicity.

In the Lair, Lance is viewing the news reports and freezing. Oliver can't connect with Thea, however Felicity's in contact with her: she gets a GPS tag from the Glades on Thea's area, and Oliver and Diggle head out to discover her.

On the island, Oliver and Taiana are advancing toward their break when a couple of Reiter's warriors appear and shoot them two. Oliver tumbles down, yet Taiana is apparently safe — which offers Oliver the chance to shoot the men, and their spirits fill Taiana.

At the Ark, Merlyn addresses Thea, disclosing to her that he wouldn't like to sedate her to guarantee her consistence, however he will. She instructs him to get it over with.

In the Glades Oliver and Diggle can't see anything. Oliver rapidly makes sense of that there's sewer get to that shouldn't be there, and makes a plunge.

In the Ark, Ruve is discontent with the way that Machin and Team Arrow are still issues. She advises Merlyn to dispose of Oliver.

At the Lair, Curtis messages Felicity that there's a crisis. She runs home to discover Donna and Noah battling while Curtis drinks at her work area.

Donna is disturbed about Felicity being with Kuttler. The contention at long last heightens to where Felicity needs to admit to Donna that she works with the Green Arrow. Donna is disturbed about this, however at last lets Felicity return to work sparing the world.

Kuttler and Felicity get the opportunity to work.

On the Ark, Oliver and Diggle scope out the town, searching for Thea. Oliver discovers Alex's body and understands this must be the spot, so he enters, taking out two or three Ghosts, yet Thea chooses to battle him as opposed to avoiding, holding a weapon on him and calling Merlyn.

Oliver attempts to dissuade her, however Merlyn and a gathering of Ghosts come to get him and boast that Oliver won't execute him. Diggle takes out the Ghosts, and both Oliver and Merlyn advance out in the scuffle that follows while Thea begins shooting. Outside, Oliver and Diggle are being terminated on by a bunch of Ghosts, whom they figure out how to gradually take out as they make their getaway into a cellar.

At H.I.V.E. Central station, Darhk is eager with the absence of progress getting Rubicon back.

In the structure Oliver and Diggle have entered, they discover a family who's terrified to see them. As they tell the family that they intend no mischief, Ruve jumps on TV to report that the residents of the Ark must discover and slaughter Oliver and Diggle.

On Lian Yu, Taiana merrily takes up the symbol. She needs to take on Kovar, a tyrant in Russia who has ground her town under his heel. Oliver reveals to her that they'l do that, yet first they need to help the remainder of the individuals on the island.

Curtis proposes they should over-burden Rubicon with get to solicitations and cause it to fall.

While they attempt to do it, Felicity's folks squabble. Eventually Cooper oversees Felicity's framework.

While Cooper begins sending power floods to Felicity, Curtis makes sense of an approach to invert the assault, exploding his PC and thumping him away from it. Darhk isn't satisfied. Rubicon is thumped disconnected.

Felicity calls Noah "Father" and Donna leaves.

On the Ark, Diggle is becoming upset with the family, who lecture about how they're there in light of the fact that they accept the world is past salvation.

On Lian Yu, Oliver and Taiana join the battle against Reiter's men, Taiana's enchantment bringing her capacity. At the point when they locate a perishing man, Oliver needs her to support him yet rather she needs to shoot him to make herself more grounded.

At Felicity's condo, Donna is getting sorted out Felicity's clothing. Felicity moves toward her and Donna concedes the she took Felicity and left Noah, and let her accept he deserted them. Donna is stressed that there untruths will cause her to lose Felicity, and she is sorry, yet Felicity says she'll never lose her.

On the Ark, Oliver and Diggle ziptie the family, however Oliver is beginning to trust Darhk's purposeful publicity. Phantoms come to execute them, and Oliver advances out an indirect access, just to be assaulted by Thea. Diggle remains in the house to ward off Ghosts.

Oliver figures out how to persuade Thea to ward off the programming, and the pair run inside to discover John having quite recently taken out a couple of Ghosts and going to be executed by Merlyn. They stop Merlyn and Thea says she's going to murder him on the off chance that he medicates her once more.

Before he can react, Machin jumps on the TV, live from the Ark's order fortification. He has Darhk's significant other and girl tied up and discloses to Darhk that he's going to kill one of them in a short time and afterward a moment after rather he's going to explode the Ark.

Oliver advises the family to relinquish the Ark, and reveals to Team Arrow that Merlyn is correct: they're going to take out Machin. he advises Merlyn to remain behind and help individuals clear.

On Lian Yu, Oliver discloses to Taiana that he can't let her simply slaughter individuals to get all the more impressive, yet she throws him to the side and executes the withering man.

In the H.I.V.E. shelter, Ruve addresses Machin about how he's intending to take out the keep going spare spot on the planet.

Group Arrow appears at stop Machin, who says he's fiddled with the force wellspring of the fortification, so a wanderer shot could send the entire spot up. At the point when Oliver says they're not releasing him, Machin sets off a blast, at that point wounds Ruve with a bolt that Oliver had terminated into him minutes prior.

In the Ark, Merlyn begins clearing individuals as blasts begin to shake the boulevards.

In the dugout, Team Arrow battles Machin as the structure begins to crumple around them. Oliver spares Darhk's little girl. Sachin withdraws, as does Diggle, and Oliver stops to attempt to spare Ruve, however she's caught under rocks and lets him know there's no time, and to spare her little girl. He guarantees her that he will, and Team Arrow surges out with the young lady close by.

Cooper awakens, however before Darhk can make him take a shot at hacking ventures, a H.I.V.E. usable reveals to him that they have issues. Outside, portions of the city are beginning to crumple in blasts.

In the lanes over the Ark, Team Arrow is taking a gander at a gigantic pit where the Glades used to be.

Felicity reveals to Oliver that Rubicon is secure, and Oliver says that the city is sheltered, yet there are still individuals who need sparing.

On Lian Yu, while Oliver and Taiana quarrel, Reiter comes and takes steps to slaughter them.

At the H.I.V.E. war room, Merlyn conveys the news that Ruve is dead. Darhk plans to obliterate the world despite the fact that there's no spot left to be sheltered, in counter for what happened to Ruve.

At Felicity's condo, Donna advises Noah to leave and remain gone, that he's risky to Felicity. He fights that it will hurt her, however Donna continues, inquiring as to whether he truly accepts that leaving isn't the best thing for her.

Curtis and Felicity talk about her folks' relationship, as well; Curtis draws matches between her separation with Oliver and her folks' separation. Donna comes in to reveal to Felicity that her dad is disappearing for some time. Darhk enters, revealing to her that he needs some help. At the point when she advises him to take a hike, he says he will carry it to them.


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Preparation ran from March 18 until March 29, 2016, with a break on March 25, 2016 for Good Friday. Shooting ran from March 30 until April 8, 2016.[1]


  • This episode follows the pattern of the penultimate episode of a season being named after a Bruce Springsteen song, in this case after the 1973 song "Lost in the Flood".
  • Damien Darhk refers to the world going "Dr. Strangelove", referencing the 1964 film which ends with the world entering a nuclear apocalypse.
  • Felicity warns Curtis and Noah that the world will have a "sequel to WarGames" if they don't hack Rubicon and stop Genesis. This is a reference to 1983 film WarGames, where a young hacker, David Lightman, tries to stop supercomputer WOPR from launching nuclear missiles.
    • Curtis also mentions its 2008 sequel, WarGames: The Dead Code, which was released on DVD and, in contrast to the original, panned by critics.
  • When Oliver and John enter Tevat Noah, John compares it to Mount Weather, a governmental facility which was built by FEMA during the Cold War.
  • During the hacking battle over Rubicon, Cooper Seldon taunts Felicity that they are going to "once more unto the breach." This is from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, which Curtis recognizes.
  • Curtis mentions that after doing some research, he figured out that despite all the crime that has plagued Star City, they live in the second most dangerous place in America. This is a very subtle Batman reference, as it's often joked in both DC comics and media that The Dark Knight's home, Gotham City, has the highest crime rate in America.


  • In one of the flashbacks, Taiana’s actress has a small script error; she tells Oliver, "He will only slow us down, help us from keeping the others." What Taiana should have said was “—keep us from helping the others".



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