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"Neither one of you are ever gonna stop growing. I mean, marriage is like a tree. I mean, bear with me. Look, the branches, they grow from the center. They grow farther and farther away from the center, but what you have to remember is underneath, the roots? They're mirroring the branches. They're growing just as much. So you're growing your foundation. Now of course, you gotta tend to the soil, communicate with each other, take care of each other, look out for each other, but as the branches grow, so does your foundation. So you grow together."
Joe West on Barry's marriage to Iris.

"Love Is A Battlefield" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on February 11, 2020.



Iris escapes the mirror she was quickly caught in. The following morning, she makes hotcakes for Barry as an approach to observe Valentine's Day early, which overwhelms him. Barry and Iris recall that they had a reservation gotten ready for Valentine's Day, and choose to book another reservation early so they can commend the occasion without interferences.

Allegra and Frost meet at CCPN. Allegra whines about Valentine's Day, to some extent on account of an ex who had recently made her extremely upset. Frost chooses to help Allegra and the person reunite. They discover the person at Jitters - where he's unmistakably involved with the barista. Allegra gets agitated and leaves.

Barry and Iris go to dinner, where Barry is amazed that Iris communicates in Italian. Amunet Black crashes the restaurant, stealing a piece of tech. Barry attempts to capture her as a CCPD official, however she says she's going to tell everybody that Barry is The Flash if he doesn't release her. Iris goes to a bar that they know Amunet frequents, and grabs everybody's eye when she requests Amunet. A bouncer faces her, however she breaks a container over his head. The barkeep discovers this great and gives Iris data on Amunet's area.

They discover Amunet, who is stood up to by Goldface, who she used to date. Barry and Iris realise that Amunet and Goldface are starting a gang war. Amunet and Goldface start to argue about relationship problems, yet are walked in on by a security guard. Later, Iris researches the two gadgets, and acknowledges they're associated with an uncommon plant that has been delivered to the Central City arboretum. Barry asks Iris about why she's acting strange, and she reveals she was preparing for a life without Barry while he was preparing for Crisis, and doesn't have the right to simply be sidelined any longer. She begins crying and leaves.

Nash visits Frost, and inquires as to why she's dismal on Valentine's Day. Frost stresses that she cannot become a decent person, however Nash comforts her. He recommends attempting to break through to Allegra once more.

Iris visits Amunet, and offers her assistance in the battle against Goldface. Iris clarifies that the plant has dust with the capacity to understand brains, and Amunet affirms it. Iris says she needs to utilize the dust for herself to guess what Barry might be thinking, and Amunet imagines that is a good thought.

Barry meets with Joe, and requests guidance about what's new with Iris. Joe says that being in a relationship requires coming together, communicating and growing together.

Frost visits Allegra, and apologizes. Allegra reveals her story, and says that she ghosted her ex since she was hesitant to disclose to him she's a meta. Frost proposes that they attempt to reconnect. Allegra does that, and reveals to Frost that it worked out in a good way, and that she and her ex will be companions. Nash later shows up and reveals that the Allegra of his Earth was his little girl, and Frost offers to talk with him whenever he needs it. Nash looks over the room and sees a doppelganger of Wells, who evaporates quickly.

Amunet tells Iris that she and Goldface needed the orchid to be their greatest score. They discover the orchid, and Amunet puts the stolen tech together to make a weapon, which Goldface rapidly catches. A battle results, and Barry shows up to save Iris. He at that point attempts to get Amunet and Goldface to accept their feelings for one another, yet it doesn't work. In the battle, the dust from the orchid jumps on them two, and they're ready to reveal that they despite everything have affections for one another, and start to kiss.

Afterward, Iris and Barry grasp and observe Valentine's Day - as the genuine Iris peers on from inside a mirror, in vain trying to scream to Barry, that the Iris he is holding isn't the real Iris.



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  • This is the lowest rated episode of Season 6 with a rating of 4.9 on IMDb.
  • The episode shares its title with the Pat Benatar song of the same name.
  • As of this episode, the "Previously on The Flash" sequence has been removed from the show.
  • Mirror Iris claims to have consulted Ryan Choi about the tech stolen by Amunet.
  • This episode had a rerun on March 3.
  • This is the second episode to be centered around Valentine's Day, with the first being Season 3's "Attack on Central City".
  • According to Keith, Amunet skipped out with his Straight Outta Compton soundtrack once, in which Amunet comments that he wasn't aware of N.W.A before he met her.
  • Mirror Iris breaks the fourth wall when she says that she wants to make Barry breakfast before they are attacked by "some meta of the week".
  • The name of the sought-after orchid, Rappaccini's Daughter, is named after a 19th century short story of the same name.


  • When Amunet Black opens a safe you can clearly see that there is a sticker to represent the keypad