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"Lowest Common Demoninator" is the ninth episode of the seventh season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the one-hundred-sixth episode overall. It aired on January 19, 2022.



The Legends are shaken up as Gideon time jumps them into John Constantine's manor. Realizing they've forgotten Bishop, Gwyn requests that they return to the factory to save him, but Sara shuts him down, saying that he sacrificed himself and if they were to return, his sacrifice would be for nothing as more of them would die. Wondering if the manor still opens to the pocket dimension, Nate opens the front doors to a huge fire and screams of terror. Until the Legends decide where and when they want to time jump, they are stuck in John's manor, not wanting to risk another mistake. The Legends are not pleased with their current situation, just wanting to go home and seemingly blame Gideon. Gideon tries to defend herself, and Zari feels her forehead, discovering she has come down with a fever. The Legends decide to plan for the future and brush off Gideon's attempts to explain herself.

Gwyn enters a different room in the house before hearing a cry for help coming from somewhere. He hears someone calling his name for help, and recognizes the voice as Alun's. When he opens the doors to find Alun, he unknowingly opens the door to hell.

Meanwhile, Ava has created an intricate murder board style plan in the dining room. While the rest of the Legends admire Ava's work and think of a plan, Gary goes to the kitchen, noticing Gideon is absent. He finds her sitting alone, feeling badly because of the disappointment she has caused. Gideon wonders how they could rely on her the next time they time jump. Gary comforts her, assuring her that she did the right thing getting them all to safety and kisses her on the cheek. Gary offers Gideon an apple, and after she takes a bite, he and Gideon run upstairs to 'fool around'.

Feeling more like himself because of his sobriety, Behrad tells Zari and Nate about his desire to ask Astra out. They give him advice to be his cool and chill self, and then congratulate themselves, with Nate calling Behrad his 'future little brother-in-law' and Zari Tarazi his 'time bro-ette.'

Spooner and Astra come downstairs, wondering why it has gotten so hot in the mansion, only to find Gwyn passed out on the floor, the doors to Hell still open. Astra shuts the doors, but not before an unknown citizen of Hell enters the mansion, turning the lights off. After deciding to split up and search the house for whatever has invited itself into the manor, Nate asks Zari if she ever feels like someone is watching her. A bucket of red paint is tipped by an invisible force and spills all over the two, making them take their shirts off to change. When Nate and Zari look at each other, they have a difficult time speaking but try to find something to wear.

Ava and Sara hear a series of thuds coming from somewhere in the manor, as does Astra. Behrad sneaks up on her, scaring her, but they are both smiling and holding each other closely. When Nate and Zari change, they have chosen a white button down and a flannel respectively, noticing that Nate now looks like John, and Zari looks like Zari 1.0. Both Nate and Zari and Astra and Behrad kiss but Sara's discovery and scream stops the two couples who quickly run up to find out what is happening. They walk in on Gary and Gideon in bed and are very confused and horrified. Gideon tells them about her and Gary's relationship, and the Legends blame Gideon's unfocused behavior on her relationship with Gary. Zari says that the whole thing feels like 'a bad reality show' prompting Astra to realize that the thing infesting the house is the 'Cursed Crew,' revealing them with a spell. The Legends then see the Cursed Crew, a group of 90's television crew members cursed by a demon called Harris Ledes after selling their souls for a hit television show. They cannot leave his employment unless they film something authentic. Astra warns the Legends to not let themselves be manipulated by Ledes' powers or succumb to any emotions while she goes back into Hell to confront Ledes. Before she leaves, she begs them not to turn on each other. Zari remarks that this experience will be like KUWTT (Keeping Up With The Tarazis) a reality television show starring her and her family, in which Behrad was recast.

Gwyn, being from 1925, asks Spooner what reality TV is, and she informs him that she's an expert because of the 40 seasons of "Survivor" she has seen. Spooner asks him to form an alliance with him, but he says his love for his last ally (Alun) may be doomed because of his predicament. She then retracts her offer of an alliance, saying he's too weird.

A glass of wine is magically conjured by the Cursed Crew, along with large earrings which Sara picks up and puts on. During her conversation with Ava, she comes to the conclusion that the best plan is to run away from Evil Gideon and the robots and go to the beach for a vacation. Ava is confused and exasperated, not knowing both she and Sara are being manipulated for television.

Nate and Zari agree that they'll be the friends that never fight, but they immediately get into a fight because Zari believes Nate should have feelings for her due to her being an exact copy of Nate's girlfriend, and she is angrily amused when Nate tells her that he would never sleep with her in a million years.

Gwyn interrupts Sara's vacation planning, asking her when she will hold up her end of the deal (the deal being the one she made in which Gwyn would help her get Ava back if she helped Gwyn save Alun) She tells Gwyn she doesn't have time for this, and gives him a note saying that he has permission from her to save one person, signing it. Gwyn then runs into Spooner, who is fully naked, believing that her strategy of showing that she has no secrets will help her win.

In Hell, Astra arrives at LCD (Lowest Common Demoninator) Productions. She beats up the man working at the front desk, which Behrad sees, having snuck out with Astra to make sure she is okay. Astra has negotiated with Harris Ledes, who agrees to leave the Legends' souls alone, and she is about to return to the manor when Behrad is dragged in, having been found by one of the workers. Behrad argues for her, saying that Astra has a soul now, but this fact means that Astra can now be controlled by a Demon, although she fights and wins back control of her soul. Harris Ledes realizes that Behrad is just simply a nice guy who isn't hiding anything, and sends them back to the manor. Behrad, traumatized by his past with cameras, begins to panic, and Astra is offended, believing that Behrad thinks she is too weak to return to Hell or is too volatile and will become evil again. Behrad wants to talk to Astra, but says he can't, due to the cameras.

Harris Ledes gets Gideon to talk about her feelings, convincing her to do a confessional. She exits the confessional emotionless, wearing black eyeshadow and a bodysuit. She dumps Gary, deciding she needs to devote all of her energy to her work. She leaves to start up trouble and Gary cries.

Gideon then talks to Zari, suggesting that the sight of her makes Nate nervous, and lets Zari come to the conclusion that Nate doesn't want to move into the totem with Zari 1.0. Next, Gideon goes to Nate, telling him that Zari 2.0 believes she utilizes her genes better than his Zari, Zari 1.0. She convinces Gwyn to not only save Alun, but stop the events of World War I from happening, saving millions of lives.

Astra and Behrad argue, with Astra asking Behrad why he's hiding from the cameras. Behrad says he's just B, chill. He tells her he doesn't have trauma, but that she's projecting. Astra then leaves and Behrad is frustrated. Nate, now with a new accent and larger muscles, tells Gary that he can't trust dames, he can only trust gains. Tensions are rising, Gary tries to go to Spooner for help, but she is still naked and believes Gary is not playing the game right. Zari goes to Sara for help, but Sara is only focused on a vacation to Cabo.

In her confessional, Ava laments about Sara and her vacation plans before realizing she sounds like 'the implanted memories of [her] mother.' Ava makes dinner for all of the Legends, and Astra arrives to them having ignored all of her warnings and very much under the effects of Ledes's curse. Gwyn says a prayer before dinner, but it is bleeped out due to them being in Hell, and it is interrupted by Zari, who thanks Ava for dinner. Gwyn then reveals his desire to save Archduke Franz Ferdinand from being assassinated along with the note Sara had given him. Sara, astonished, yells at Gwyn, calling him a liar and saying that she believed he only wanted to save on inconsequential life. Ava decides that she has had enough, yelling at the Legends for their treatment of her, and yelling at Spooner to put clothes on. Zari 2.0 summons Zari 1.0, who immediately understands the situation and throws wine at both Nate and Zari 2.0.

Astra can't take the chaos any longer, and decided that Gideon needs to time jump them out of the pocket dimension, but Gary takes the device, realizing that Gideon will take them all to the middle of a tornado, killing them. He eats the device and they chase him around the manor, seeking revenge for destroying their only way of getting out.

Over the speakers, Harris Ledes tries to get Behrad to cave in and take the edibles that were conjured, telling him that what his team needs is chill Behrad. But Behrad resists, running downstairs and smashing the bowl on the ground, causing everyone to stop and look at him. He then tells them how he's truly been feeling. He knows how it feels to have cameras shoved in his face, having grown up a star of KUWTT. All of his life being filmed for TV had caused him to bury his feelings so no one could see things get to him. But the things did get to him, including his deaths and the fact that he was crying in front of a camera again, along with the fear that if he tells anyone his true feelings, they won't like him. This speech caused Harris Ledes's curse to be broken, as the Cursed Crew had filmed something genuine, and they were released from his employment.

Sara goes to help Ava clean up the table, but Ava declines her help. Sara then apologizes for treating her like the mother of the team, instead of her co-captain. Gwyn then enters and apologizes, knowing that he cannot save the Archduke's life. Sara promises him that they will save Alun as safely as possible. Nate and Zari apologize to each other, and Astra and Behrad almost kiss, before Behrad pulls away. When Astra asks him why, he says that he's just gotten sober and he needs to figure everything out before he becomes the best boyfriend ever. Spooner then enters, still naked.

Gideon and Gary call a house meeting where Gary demands they apologize to Gideon. She tells the rest of the Legends that she has seen all of them find love, so she should be able to do the same thing with Gary. They agree and apologize, and she makes a joke, causing them all to laugh. Sara then asks her what she thinks the next plan should be. Gideon responds that their next destination should be Sarajevo in 1914 to save the Archduke from being assassinated. The Legends all laugh again before realizing she is serious, and all ask 'what?'



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  • The episode's title is a play on the mathematic concept of the "Lowest common denominator".
    • In mathematics, the lowest common denominator or least common denominator (abbreviated LCD) is the lowest common multiple of the denominators of a set of fractions. It simplifies adding, subtracting, and comparing fractions.
      • The expression "lowest common denominator" is used to describe (usually in a disapproving manner) a rule, proposal, opinion, or media that is deliberately simplified so as to appeal to the largest possible number of people.
        • This would reflect the episode in a reality show type manner.
  • Spooner mentions that she has seen 40 seasons of Survivor, to which she has missed the 41st season of Survivor, as Spooner has been on the the Waverider for a year or so.
  • This is the first episode in the Arrowverse since "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four" to not feature Earth-Prime; instead. it's set entirely in Hell.