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"Everything you're doing is gonna stop."
"That's exactly what your friend Lois Lane keeps saying to me. You can't make it happen any more than she can."
Tal-Rho to Superman

"Loyal Subjekts" is the ninth episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the ninth episode overall. It aired on June 8, 2021.



Clark protects Jordan in the Fortress of Solitude

Clark protects Jordan in the Fortress of Solitude.

Leslie Larr and Morgan Edge took Emily Phan to the X-Kryptonite machine, managed by Dabney Donovan. Leslie lies and tells Emily that it will be a painless process. After Dabney says that Emily has had full acceptance, Emily feels like a brand new woman.

Days later, Leslie escorts Kyle Cushing into Morgan's office; he wants to join the program. Kyle has decided that he will no longer drink and will be a better husband and father.

Clark Kent hears a bank robbery in Mexico and goes to stop it. The robbers uses their guns, regular bullet-casting, automatic weapons, and succeed in knocking Superman down. Superman musters the strength to stop them, but he is covered in bruises.

Sarah Cushing and Jordan Kent grow closer as they practice for the talent show. Jordan covers his mouth when he sneezes and his hand gets covered in ice. Jordan hurries home.

Chrissy Beppo and Lois Lane do not see the connection as to why Morgan is so invested in Smallville when he left the other towns, like New Carthage, behind. Chrissy shows Lois that Morgan plans for more recruits so Lois confronts the Edge EnerCorp CEO and wants the real reasons; Morgan eventually has Lois escorted from the building.

Emily Phan and Jasper Townes attacks Jon and Lois

Emily Phan and Jasper Townes attacks Jon and Lois.

Lana Lang Cushing wants to help Lois' investigation so she asks Emily what is happening. Emily explains that the program gets people to learn life-altering lessons in friendship, camaraderie, and business acumen. Lana confronts Morgan and he tells her that he wants her to join the program, but she declines.

Jordan gets sick and can barely breathe. Clark, Lois, and Sam Lane conclude that Project 7734 is still affecting Superman and now is affecting Jordan second-hand. Clark takes Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude to save his life from the synthetic Kryptonite poisoning.

Since Jordan is at the Fortress, he cannot play the piano at the talent show for Sarah, but Kyle takes over and plays the guitar, to Sarah's delight. Kyle suddenly leaves the show.

Morgan sends Emily, Jasper Townes, and Kyle to assault Lois. Jonathan Kent uses a weapon he stole from John Henry Irons' RV to defend his mother; Sam uses synthetic Kryptonite to defend his daughter. Superman arrives and the three super-powered attackers flee.

Tal-Rho in his suit

Morgan calls "his brother".

Chrissy calls Lois and reveals that everyone with stable Kryptonian powers were born in Smallville; they absorbed enough Kryptonite radiation from when Kal-El arrived on Earth to be able to absorb X-Kryptonite radiation to gain super powers.

Kyle returns to the Cushing house and tells Lana that he has no memory of anything since the talent show.

The ELT Emily stole from Lois activates; Superman arrives and meets with Morgan Edge who is wearing a body suit that looks Kryptonian and he has the ability to fly. Morgan laughs that he would not grant powers to others without having them also. Morgan slaps Superman and he falls hard. Morgan tells "his brother" that it is time for him to learn about his history and true identity.



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