Detective Lucas Hilton (died December 11, 2013) was a police detective of the Star City Police Department. He was partners with Quentin Lance before Quentin was demoted, as well as Quentin's good friend. He also helped Quentin in his attempts to catch The Hood. He was the husband of Jeannie Hilton.


At the Queen Mansion, he and Quentin questioned Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn about their kidnapping. At first, they were hesitant to believe the story of a vigilante saving them, but they later got a call from Adam Hunt, who described the incident of a vigilante killing his men the same way Oliver did. Lucas and Quentin agreed to assist in capturing the vigilante; however, they failed to achieve this task.[1]

Lucas was eventually killed by Cyrus Gold after he tried to capture Cyrus, who made Lucas shoot himself in the head.

Alternate reality

In the alternate reality created by the Dominators, Lucas was still alive. Just like in the real world, he was an SCPD detective and Quentin's partner. After Robert and Oliver were saved by The Hood from a mugging, Lucas was mentioned to have reported this to Quentin.[2]


Lucas received justice for his death when Cyrus Gold was killed by the Arrow.



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