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Detective Lucas Hilton (died December 11, 2013) was a police detective of the Star City Police Department and a good friend/former partner of Quentin Lance. Lucas was also the husband of Jeannie Hilton.


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Hunting the vigilante[]

At the Queen Mansion, Lucas Hilton and Quentin Lance questioned Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn about their recent kidnapping. Oliver claimed "a man in a green hood" saved them, which Lucas and Quentin were initially skeptical of. Lucas informed the Queen family that they were unable to identify the kidnappers, as the group's identities were scrubbed and they used untraceable weapons.

Hunt Multinational

Lucas at Hunt Multinational

The next morning, Lucas and Quentin learned that a man matching Oliver's description attacked Adam Hunt and his bodyguards. Realizing Oliver was telling the truth, the two agreed to coordinate with Adam's security detail to capture the vigilante and stood guard outside Hunt Multinational.

At 10:00 pm, the police were alerted to the vigilante's presence. Lucas, Quentin, and their team stormed inside Hunt Multinational but the vigilante escaped on a grappling line, much to Lucas' disbelief. He and Quentin tracked the vigilante to a neighboring building where Oliver's homecoming party was being held, but were unable to find him. Lucas calmed Quentin down when he became angry at Oliver over old wounds, stating that Sara wouldn't want this, and they left.[1]

Lucas and Quentin investigated the scene of James Holder's murder. Lucas wondered if The Hood had simply changed his modus operandi since they recovered some of his arrows, but Quentin was unsure. Later that day after receiving the ballistics report, Lucas informed Quentin that Holder had been killed by curare-laced bullets. Accepting that The Hood was probably innocent, Lucas nonetheless believed the vigilante was still involved somehow. Later one night after Carl Rasmussen was killed, Lucas and Quentin interviewed the other potential buyers of Unidac Industries, including Moira Queen and Walter Steele. During the Unidac auction, Lucas took Warren Patel into police custody for ordering the hit on Holder and Rasmussen.[2]

After Quentin uncovered footage of Oliver possessing the Hood's costume, Lucas aided the SCPD in arresting Oliver on suspicion of being the vigilante.[3]


Lucas was eventually killed by Cyrus Gold after he tried to capture Cyrus, who made Lucas shoot himself in the head.[4]

Alternate reality[]

In the alternate reality created by the Dominators, Lucas was still alive. Just like in the real world, he was an SCPD detective. After Robert and Oliver were saved by The Hood from a mugging, Lucas was mentioned to have reported this to Quentin, the captain.[5]


Lucas received justice for his death when Cyrus Gold was killed by the Arrow.


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  • High-level intellect/Expert detective: As a police detective of the Star City Police Department, Lucas had proven himself to be a highly skilled detective.
  • Expert marksman: As a police detective, Lucas was highly skilled in the use of firearms.



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Lucas Hilton is a police officer in Star City who is an ally of Green Arrow and Black Canary. After a battle against Big Game, Lucas sustained severe brain damage, causing him to suffer from personality disorders and become dangerously violent, forcing Green Arrow to arrest him.