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"In Lucha libre, every match tells a story. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose so you can rise again. But there are rules, there is a plan."
El Cura

"Lucha De Apuestas" is the ninth and midseason premiere episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixtieth episode overall. It aired on April 1, 2019.




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The scene begins with the Time Bureau in mayhem after Mona let out Konane, with surveillance footage appearing to show that she released him. Mona is in the clinic after being accidentally assaulted by Konane, and Gary shows up to fire her. Mona refuses to have her memory wiped and steals his memory cancellation gadget and flashes him several times, leaving him in a very confused and dazed state. She convinces him to give her his Jacket and Time Courier.

As she get away, Mona sees Konane hanging out by the dumpsters in human attire when the Legends show up. She diverts them so that he can escape using the Time Courier and they arrest her. Mona keeps insisting that the "Men dressed in Black" are framing her for releasing Konane when Gideon alerts them to an erroneous date in Mexico City 1961 .

While Sara, Mick, Constantine, and Mona head to Mexico to recover Konane, Zari heads to the Time Bureau to search for any proof of a coverup of Konane's getaway. Upon arriving, they discover that Konane is a luchador known as "El Lobo". Constantine discovers a famous luchador known "El Cura", but in this timeline he has become an alcoholic and not made any of the movies which would become pivotal to Mexican culture, due to his losses to Konane. After a couple of matches, Mona manages to attract Konane's attention, while El Cura challenges Konane to a final match the next night. As the crowd leaves, Mona is almost trampled when, to the Legend's surprise, Konane jumps down from the ring to rescue her gently. Meanwhile, Zari is discovered by Nate at the Time Bureau. She shows him evidence that someone has altered the footage of Konane's escape using a wireless device: which Nate recognizes as belonging to his father. Nate asks for Zari's help to look into the matter further, believing that there is a reason for his father's actions. They attempt to retrieve his father's phone at the benefit that he will be holding to view the un-erased footage.

Konane brings Mona to his hideout in the jungle, but are interrupted by Sara, Mick, and John who tracked them down. Mona insists that Konane would never hurt anyone just before he attacks the legends. Mona pleads for him to stop and he listens, which Sara uses as an opportunity to tranquilize him. Back on the Wave rider, Sara meets with Zari who is preparing for the fundraiser. Zari tells her that the footage has been altered by Hank Heywood, convincing Sara that Mona was telling the truth. At the Time Bureau, Ava is about to leave for the benefit when Gary stumbles out of the elevator with no memories. She calls Sara and discovers that the Legends have both Mona and Konane, but have not handed them into the Bureau. Sara refuses to hand them in and heads to the benefit to explain the situation in person to Ava.

After collecting the signatures of everyone on the ship for a petition, Ray becomes the interim captain for the Wave Rider, and attempts to teach Charlie and Constantine about the rules of their time travel missions when Gideon interrupts them to report a disturbance in the timeline. Due to El Lobo's sudden disappearance from the Lucha Libre scene, the people assumed his disappearance was due to government censorship and formed riots in protest, leading to dozens of death. Constantine and Charlie convince Ray to fix this disturbance as opposed to Sara's orders to remain on the ship.

Sara arrives at the benefit that the Heywoods are facilitating, and explains the situation to Ava who does not believe that such a conspiracy exists, insisting that Sara hand over Konane first, something that Sara refuses to. Due to the legends activities in Mexico City, Ava is able to locate Konane and leaves the benefit to organize extraction teams. As Hank acknowledges an honor at the pledge drive, Zari figures out how to pickpocket his phone, retrieving the full of footage of Konane's abduction by the men in black.

In Mexico City, the legends attempt to coordinate Konane's match with El Cura so that El Cura will be the winner, but Konane continuously defeats El Cura as he dislikes losing. Mona convinces Konane that sometimes losing can make him a hero, comparing their situation to characters in Mick's novel, where the protagonist loses a duel on purpose as he refuses to hurt his opponent, who was his lover's sister. Sara returns to the Wave Rider and pleads with Ava not to interfere, insisting that this match is pivotal to Mexico's history, but Ava insists that Konane's presence in the past will instead endanger all of history.

In Mexico City the match begins, as Konane loses to El Cura as planned. Time Bureau agents arrive and attempt to evacuate the building, but the Legends are told by Sara to stop them. As Charlie uses a microphone to rile the crowd up, El Cura and Konane defeat the Time Bureau agents with help from the Legends, with Charlie telling the crowd not to forget that El Cura and his fellow Luchadors are champions of the people. Ava calls Sara to coldly congratulate her on managing to preserve history, noting that their situation is very clear to her, before hanging up. Sara meets Ava in person at the Time Bureau to apologize for the day's events. Sara tells Ava about Hank torturing the magical creatures, but Ava is indifferent to the information, claiming that there is no need to care for creatures that the Legends were initially sending to hell anyway. Ava insists that her priority is to protect history - Human history, experiments that Hank wants to conduct on magical creatures are a small price to pay. Ava asks Sara why she would risk everything for magical creatures, to which Sara asks Ava to do it for her. Ava refuses, and breaks up with Sara.

Nate confronts Hank on the real footage and his role in erasing it. Hank asks for Nate's trust, insisting that there is a purpose to what Nate saw. Nate tells him that he trusts his father, and asks to be brought into the fold, something which Hank agrees to, in due time. Hank receives a phone call that the attempt to capture Konane has failed due to the Legends involvement. As he leaves, Nate asks a hidden Zari to keep him in the loop regarding the data that was cloned off Hank's phone.

Mick tells Mona that the characters from his novel that she mentioned earlier do not live happily ever after, as the two of them were from different worlds, worlds which needed them. Mick gives Mona a Time Courier and tells her not to do anything stupid, before leaving them alone. Mona opens a portal to ancient Hawaii but tells Konane that she can't go with him. Although his world is beautiful, she does not belong there and going with him would be her just running away from her world. As the two are about to kiss, a Time Bureau agent shoots and kills Konane. Overwhelmed with grief, Mona transforms into a Kope herself and crushes the agent's gun before killing him. Mick returns to find Mona kneeling over the agent's corpse, as she tells him he was right: there is no such thing as a happily ever after.


Preparation ran from September 27 until October 5, 2018. Shooting ran from October 9 until October 19, 2018, with a break on October 8 for Thanksgiving.[1]


  • The episode's title refers to a practice in professional Mexican wrestling in which a wrestler will offer up a wager, usually their mask, or hair in the case of unmasked wrestlers, to settle a feud.
    • El Cura challenges Konane to one, as the latter had been winning every single fight, the former believing this to be against the spirit of the sport.
  • This episode aired nearly 4 months after the previous episode, "Legends of To-Meow-Meow"​​, marking the longest hiatus in Arrowverse history (outside of between-season hiatuses).
  • Mona gives several references to the cult classic The X Files, like the truth is out there.
    • Ray responds saying "Okay, Fox, okay Fox" using the name Fox Mulder from that series.
  • The Wilhelm scream is used when a Time Bureau agent flies past Constantine.
  • For the petition Ray made to became interim Captain, Charlie signed "ROCK ON" while Mick signed " Go **** ******* Haircut", with Sara noting Ray crossed out part of Mick's signature.
  • Ray attempted to teach Constantine and Charlie about the rules of time travel with a card game called "Cards to Save the Timeline", referencing the real world card game "Cards Against Humanity".