Lucious Coolidge, nicknamed Heat Monger, is a criminal and arsonist in Central City and an enemy of the Flash and Kid Flash.


Coolidge became known as Central City's most notorious arsonist ever since Mick Rory "went off the grid". At some point, he was defeated by the Flash and arrested by the Central City Police Department.

At Coolidge's trial, he glared at Cisco Ramon and Julian Albert when they made fun of his nickname, "Heat Monger". District Attorney Cecile Horton was prosecuting him, with Judge Hankerson overseeing his trial. CSI Barry Allen went up to testify, but unknown to the judge and Coolidge, Barry had lost all of his memories. As such, he botched the testimony, forcing the judge to allow Coolidge to walk.

Upon his release, Coolidge was back to his criminal antics, setting fire to a large office building. However, he was defeated by Barry, who had recently regained his memories, and Kid Flash, and arrested again.[1]


  • Flamethrower: Coolidge used a flamethrower to commit his acts of arson. The gun was attached to a large backpack, which also held tanks of fuel to power the gun.


The Flash

Season 3


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Heatmonger was a female super-villain and an enemy of the Justice League, who had robotic arms that could project thermal blasts of energy. She also fought Wally West on multiple occasions.


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