"My son Lucas is gonna change the world. You heard it here first."
—Lucius Fox[src]

Lucius Fox (died 2015) was a tech genius, a member of Mensa, a manager of Wayne Enterprises, the husband of an unnamed woman, the father of Luke Fox and the godfather of Julia Pennyworth as well as a close friend and confidante of Bruce Wayne. Lucius' actions are responsible for many of the resources that go towards developing Batman's equipment.


Early life

Lucius Fox was born and raised in Gotham City. An extremely brilliant man with an IQ of 163, Lucius became a member of Mensa[1] and worked as a manager for Wayne Enterprises, specifically the company's R&D subsidiary.[2]

At some point in his life, Lucius married a woman and had a son, Luke.[3] He was a good friend of Alfred Pennyworth, who made him a godfather to his daughter, Julia.[4] He was a close friend of Bruce Wayne and one of the only two known individuals with whom he was completely open, the other being Alfred;[5] when Bruce started his crusade as Batman, Lucius was made aware of this and was the one responsible for designing the Batsuit using military-grade kevlar braided in enriched carbon nanotubes.[6]

Sometime after developing the Batsuit, Lucius discovered that it could possibly be pierced by Green Kryptonite, implying Lucius Fox had knowledge about it and possibly also encountered Superman.[2] Lucius gave a shard of the mineral to Gotham University's geology expert Professor M. Darby to conduct some study on it for a few months, then the Kryptonite was returned to Wayne Enterprises.[7]

At some point, Kate Kane either met or heard of Lucius; he became notable to her for his usefulness.[3] Due to his work and deeds, he has the reputation of being a hero for Gotham City.[8]


In 2015, while celebrating his son's graduation and admission to MIT, Lucius went to grab some ice at Sip&Dash, during which he started to chat with the other customers, included Reggie Harris, about how proud he was about his son.[4] Before he could exit the store, he was confronted by Miguel Robles who was hired by Tommy Elliot to acquire a special journal Lucius wrote about Wayne Enterprises' tech. Lucius refused to give up the journal despite being at gunpoint so Robles threatened to go after his son Luke, to which an enraged Lucius tried to attack him, only for Robles to accidentally shoot him in chest and kill him instantly.[9]

Robles covered up his murder by knocking out Reggie Harris and drenching him in Lucius' blood.[8]


"Lucius Fox did a lot of good for this city."
Kate Kane to Luke Fox[src]

After Lucius' death, his killer was apparently brought to justice by Stu Donnelly.[10] However, in 2019, Angus Stanton, Stu and Raymond Calverick's past crimes were subsequently exposed to the public by Batwoman. As a result, the District Attorney and Judge Davis Wellington re-opened all cases that were tainted by the criminal cabal's actions.[8]

In 2020, a recently released Reggie Harris was killed by a sniper and Sophie Moore was also targeted, but she was saved by Lucius' goddaughter, Julia Pennyworth. In addition, Jacob Kane was also targeted but he managed to kill his attempted killer. Julia and Sophie realize that someone is trying to stop them from investigating into Lucius' murder.[4]

Lucius's real killer was finally revealed to be Miguel Robles, a corrupt Crows Security agent, through the investigations of Sophie, Jacob, Julia, Kate and Lucius' son, Luke after Robles started going under the alias of "The Detonator". When Luke confronted Robles underneath Wayne Tower, he angrily held him at gunpoint and decided to kill him to avenge his father's death. However, he was talked out of it by Kate, who had been traumatized by killing August Cartwright and the two saved him from the explosion underneath the tower. After that, Robles was arrested and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary for Lucius' murder.[9]


"You know who you sound like?"
"I'm sure you'll tell me."
"Lucius Fox."
"Trust me, I am far cry from my father."
"Oh, I know. He was actually useful.
Kate Kane and Luke Fox on the latter's father, Lucius Fox[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Scientist: Lucius was an extremely intelligent individual; being a member of Mensa with an IQ of 163,[1] as well as excelling in several fields of science and having turned Wayne Enterprises into one of the most technologically advanced company in the world forging it into a multinational corporate giant. He was also unparalleled in the world of business and finance.[2]
    • Master engineer: Lucius was a brilliant inventor and a renowned mechanical engineer, having designed his own enriched carbon nanotubes in the Batsuit[6], a design that has yet to be replicated by anyone else rendering the suit one-of-a-kind, as well as most of Wayne Enterprises' technology.[9]
    • Multilingualism: Lucius was capable of fluently speaking English, Aramaic, Mayan and Babylonian.[1]


  • Glasses: Lucius wore special glasses of his own design, equipped with HUD digitally-ingrained lens linked to an A.I. that could easily decipher the code he used to write his journal.[1]



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