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"My son Lucas is gonna change the world. You heard it here first."
—Lucius Fox[src]

Lucius Fox (1965[1]-2015) was a tech genius, a member of Mensa and a manager of Wayne Enterprises. He was the husband of an unnamed woman and the father of Luke Fox, a good friend of Alfred Pennyworth, the godfather of Julia Pennyworth, and the close friend and confidante of Bruce Wayne.

Lucius was responsible for obtaining many of the resources needed to develop Batman's equipment. Eventually, Lucius was killed by Miguel Robles at the behest of Tommy Elliot for him to get Lucius' journals from Wayne Enterprises.

Years later, Luke discovered an A.I. of his father in the Batwing suit, who helped him during his time as Batwing. When Marquis Jet threatened to attack Gotham with the Joker's acid bombs, Luke used the A.I. to control the Bat-Blimp to pilot it to a desolate part of the city so that the acid wouldn't hit anyone. Before Luke leaves the vehicle, the A.I. sacrifices itself and states that he is proud of him.


Early life

Lucius Fox was born in 1965[1] and raised in Gotham City. An extremely brilliant man, he became a member of Mensa in his youth.[2] In adulthood, Lucius worked as a manager for Wayne Enterprises, specifically the company's R&D subsidiary.[3]

Raising a family and helping Batman

At some point in his life, Lucius married a woman and had a son, Luke.[4] He was a good friend of Alfred Pennyworth, who made him the godfather of his daughter, Julia.[5] Lucius was also a close friend of Bruce Wayne and one of the only two known individuals with whom he was completely open, the other being Alfred;[6] Lucius was made aware of when Bruce started his crusade as Batman and was the one responsible for designing the Batsuit, using military-grade kevlar braided in enriched carbon nanotubes.[7]

Lucius saw his son Luke drawing Batman when he was a child, so he decided to make a suit based on his son's drawings and left it hidden in the Batcave.[8] At some point, Lucius had Jada Jet fund a computer lab in which a quantum computer was built.[9]

Sometime after developing the Batsuit, Lucius discovered that it could possibly be pierced by Green Kryptonite, implying he had knowledge about the substance and possibly also encountered Superman.[3] Lucius gave a shard of the mineral to Gotham University's geology expert, Professor M. Darby, to conduct some research on it for a few months before the Kryptonite was returned to Wayne Enterprises.[10]

At some point, Kate Kane either met or heard of Lucius, as he became notable to her for his usefulness.[4] Due to his work and deeds, Lucius gained the reputation of being a hero for Gotham City.[11]


In 2015, while celebrating Luke's graduation and admission into MIT, Lucius went to grab some ice at Sip&Dash, during which he started to chat with the other customers, including Reggie Harris, about how proud he was of his son.[5] Before he could exit Sip&Dash, Lucius was confronted by Miguel Robles, who was hired by Tommy Elliot to acquire a special journal the former wrote about Wayne Enterprises' tech. Lucius refused to give up the journal despite being held at gunpoint so Robles threatened to go after his son, Luke. An enraged Lucius tried to attack Robles, only for Robles to accidentally shoot Lucius in the chest, killing him instantly.[12]

Robles covered up the murder by knocking out Reggie and drenching him in Lucius' blood.[11]


"Because I'm your dad, and I always know when you need me."
—Lucius Fox (A.I.) to Luke Fox

Lucius Fox A.I.

Before his death, the original Lucius Fox programmed an A.I. with his knowledge, personality, and voice into the Batwing suit to aid his son Luke Fox in his future vigilante endeavors in Gotham City.

When Luke was later examining the suit to find out why it would inexplicably shut down, he somehow triggered the A.I. to activate in the suit's helmet. Luke was shocked to realize that the A.I. had Lucius' voice, and he even referred to him as "Dad", to which Lucius responded in a similarly warm manner.

Luke later introduced Mary Hamilton to Lucius, and Mary asked him to pull up photos of Luke as a child - an order which Luke immediately instructed him to belay.

After shutting off the suit's failsafe against Mary's suggestion, Luke could no longer communicate with Lucius.[13]

Later, when trying to activate Lucius again, Luke was finally successful by turning the suit's failsafe back on. Lucius informed Luke that he was designed so that the only way he could exist is if the failsafe is online. This is due to the fact that Lucius' role as a father is to keep his son safe.[14]

When facing off against a Poison Ivy infected Mary Hamilton, Luke was injured. During this time of vulnerability, Mary removed Lucius' "brain" from Luke's Batsuit. She claimed that he could help her to "open a lot of doors" in Gotham.[15]

The next day, when normal-Mary and Alice were recounting what had happened the previous night, Mary looks in her pocket to find Lucius' processor; a discovery that caused her to feel sick and regretful. Due to Mary's choice not to take the Poison Ivy cure, she remained infected with Lucius in her possession.[16]

After Sophie and Luke broke into Wayne Enterprises and reclaimed the Lucius Fox A.I. from Marquis Jet's office, Mary got to meet the A.I.[17]

Lucius Fox's A.I. minutes before exploding along with the Bat-Blimp.

In order to get the Bat-Blimp containing the Joker acid to a desolate part of Gotham City, Batwing hooked up the Lucius Fox A.I. to the blimp. Before Batwing exited the doomed Batblimp, the Lucius Fox A.I. stated that he is proud of Luke and encourages him to save Gotham City.[9]


Original multiverse

"Lucius Fox did a lot of good for this city."
Kate Kane to Luke Fox[src]

After Lucius' death, his killer was apparently brought to justice by Stu Donnelly.[18] However, four years later, in 2019; Stu, Angus Stanton and Raymond Calverick's crimes of framing innocent individuals were exposed to the public by Batwoman; following the Executioner's rampage. As a result; the district attorney and judge Davis Wellington re-opened all the cases that were tainted by the criminal cabal's actions; such as Lucius' murder.[11]

New multiverse

In 2020, a recently-released Reggie Harris was killed by a sniper and Sophie Moore was also targeted, but she was saved by Lucius' goddaughter, Julia Pennyworth. In addition, Jacob Kane was also targeted, but he managed to kill his attempted killer. Julia and Sophie realized that someone was trying to stop them from investigating Lucius' murder.[5]

Lucius's real killer was finally revealed to be corrupt Crows Security agent Miguel Robles through the investigations of Sophie, Jacob, Julia, Kate and Lucius' son, Luke after Robles started using the alias of the "Detonator". When Luke confronted Robles underneath Wayne Tower, he angrily held him at gunpoint and planned to kill him to avenge his father's death. However, Kate talked Luke out of this and the two saved Robles from the explosion underneath the tower. Robles was then arrested and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary, getting true justice for Lucius' murder.[12]

Lucius Fox's journal.

Lucius' journal that was stolen by Miguel Robles ended up with Tommy Elliot, who gave it to Johnny Sabatino to hide in his club. In 2020, Tommy and Alice hired Magpie to steal it as they were trapped in Arkham.[3]

Despite Ryan Wilder's protests about working with the Crows because she did not trust them, Luke used the death of his father to prove that he has more of a reason than she to distrust them but he was willing to forgo that for the sake of finding Kate Kane. Later, after two Crows left Evan Blake for dead, Ryan berated Luke for choosing the Crows over Lucius.[19]

Lucius Fox in a dream-like world.

Luke had a near-death experience when he was shot by Russell Tavaroff; Luke's subconscious created a crossroads where if he chose death, he would be reunited with Lucius. Luke chose death; however, the Desert Rose cured him of his injury, reviving him.[20] As Luke hated that he was not reunited with his father, he eventually met John Diggle and told him about his desire. Diggle advised Luke that, when Luke's demise does come, Luke should want to have a life that would have made Lucius proud.[21]

Lucius Fox grave.

Sophie Moore found it ironic that a Crow killed Lucius while another Crow had shot Luke.[20] During the blackout caused by the Black Mask, Luke found the suit Lucius built and decided to use it to become a vigilante known as Batwing.[8][13]

Luke sometimes visits Lucius's grave to talk to him.[1]


As hinted through mentions of him, Lucius Fox was considered to be a good man by many. Alfred Pennyworth respected Lucius so much he decided to make him the godfather of his daughter, Julia Pennyworth. Before Bruce Wayne left Gotham City, he trusted Lucius to manage Wayne Enterprises. Lucius even provided Bruce with all the equipment needed for Batman, hinting that he shared Bruce's passion to protect others.

Lucius was also regarded to be a cautious and secretive individual, as he wrote his journal in code so no one else could read it. He proved to be meticulous and organized, detailing in his journal every piece of technology that Batman used, as well as the many adventures the vigilante had. Lucius was fiercely loyal to his family and Bruce, for whom he would do anything to protect. When Miguel Robles demanded Lucius's journal from Wayne Enterprises, he adamantly refused out of loyalty to Bruce. When Robles considered harming Lucious' son, Luke, as leverage, this enraged Lucius so much that he was willing to attack Robles unarmed.

Lucius deeply loved Luke and his family as according to Reggie Harris, he frequently expressed pride in his son's potential, even boasting about how Luke was going to change the world. Lucius always repeated himself when he got mad.[9]

Lucius died a brave and honorable man, refusing to compromise his morals even at the cost of his life.


"You know who you sound like?"
"I'm sure you'll tell me."
"Lucius Fox."
"Trust me, I am far cry from my father."
"Oh, I know. He was actually useful.
Kate Kane and Luke Fox on Lucius Fox[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert scientist: Lucius was an extremely intelligent individual, being a member of Mensa and having an IQ of 163.[2] He excelled in several fields of science and turned Wayne Enterprises into one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world, forging it into a multinational corporate giant. Lucius was also unparalleled in the world of business and finance.[3]
    • Master engineer: Lucius was a brilliant inventor and renowned mechanical engineer, having designed his own enriched carbon nanotubes in the Batsuit,[7] a design that has yet to be replicated by anyone else and making the suit one-of-a-kind. He was also responsible for spearheading most of Wayne Enterprises' technology.[12]
    • Master Programmer: Lucius was able to craft an A.I. program installed into the Batwing suit for his son, Luke, to interact with. Although definitely not Lucius himself, the A.I. exhibits mannerisms, demeanor and even the genius of is maker, not unlike holographic person constructs used by Kryptonians and Daxamites.
    • Multilingualism: Lucius was capable of fluently speaking English, Aramaic, Mayan and Babylonian.[2]


Former equipment

  • Glasses: Lucius wore special glasses of his own design, equipped with HUD digitally-ingrained lens linked to an A.I. that could easily decipher the code he used to write his journal.[2]
  • Journal: An encoded book containing the secrets of all the weapons developed by Wayne Tech,[12][3] including a way to activate a fail-safe in the Batsuit that would kill the wearer.[2]



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  • While presumably not Lucius Fox's consciousness, the A.I. is indeed Lucius, as he holds all of the original Lucius Fox's knowledge and memories, as well as his compassion and love for his son, Luke Fox.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Lucius Fox served as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and also provided Bruce Wayne with the latest gadgets in his crusade against crime.
  • Luke Fox having Lucius' A.I. in his suit is very similar to Marvel's Tony Stark having J.A.R.V.I.S.
    • Interestingly, the capabilities of Luke's suit are also very similar to Iron Man, from the holographic screen displaying information under his cowl to his ability to fly around his city.