Lucius Fox invented a pair of A.I. glasses that allow the wearer to read the code he'd used to write his journal in plain English.[1]


Lucius Fox started to keep detailed and encrypted journals on how every piece of Batman's weaponry worked; he also built special glasses to translate his own code, supposedly to make the translation easier for his allies.

After his death, the glasses were put in a box with his belonging at Wayne Enterprises, until Mary Hamilton randomly found out their function, prompting Kate Kane to trade them with Alice in exchange for his son's and Julia Pennyworth's freedom. Using the glasses, Alice discovered that the Batwoman suit was susceptible to Kryptonite.[1] Alice continued to use the glasses to read from the journal on where to find the substance, but was unsuccessful.[2]


  • Translating Lucius Fox's journal: The glasses could decipher the code Lucius used to write his journal.[1]



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