"My father was willing to die for this secret, and we're willing to do the same."
Luke Fox standing up to protect his father's secret.[src]

A journal written by the late Lucius Fox is an encoded book containing the secrets of all the weapons developed by Wayne Tech, including a way to activate a fail-safe in the Batsuit that would kill the wearer.


While working at Wayne Enterprises and on Batman's tech, Lucius Fox kept a detailed journal on all of his research. In 2015, Tommy Elliot found out about this; he hired Miguel Robles to acquire one of those journals. However, Lucius refused to give it up and was accidentally killed because of it.[1] The journal was then kept for three years by Elliot but he didn't manage to decode it and, in late 2018, after he was arrested, he entrusted it to his money launder Johnny Sabatino.[2]

Mouse discovers Lucius Fox's journal is entirely written in code

Encoded pages

Over a year later, Batwoman tried to retrieve it from the nightclub Sabatino managed, the Lookout, after the mobster realized its true value and betrayed Tommy planning to sell it. Meanwhile, seeking to retrieve it as well, Alice sent Magpie to take it; however it was Batwoman who eventually managed to get the book, thus forcing the thief to ask her sister, Reagan, to seduce Kate and take it back, eventually allowing Magpie to give it to Alice and Mouse. They were shocked to discover it was entirely written in code.[2]

Mouse and Tommy decided that a linguist could translate the book; Alice felt that Luke Fox could do it. Tommy acquired a professor and an NSA analyst to do the job, but both died before they could figure out the key. Tommy kidnapped Parker Torres under Alice's recommendation; Batwoman intervened though. Following Alice's plan, Luke was acquired; his social security number was the basis of the translation. Batwoman acquired a set of eyeglasses that made the journal readable. She traded the spectacles for Alice's hostages' freedom. The journal contained the history of the Batsuit and how to kill Batman, including a passage on Kryptonite.[3] Annoying Mouse, Alice continually read the journal, seeking a location for Kryptonite, but one was not written.[4]

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