Major Lucy Lane is a military officer in the U.S. Army's JAG Corps. She is the younger daughter of Sam Lane and the estranged younger sister of Lois Lane. After J'onn J'onzz's identity was exposed, Lucy was named director of the D.E.O. until the Martian received a presidential pardon and was re-instated to said position.


Early life

Lucy was born in Metropolis to General Sam Lane. She has an older sister, Lois, but for an unspecified reason, the two never really got along. Raised in a family with a long military tradition, Lucy attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a commission in the United States Army as a 2nd lieutenant. She subsequently attended Harvard University, where she completed a JD/MBA.[1] Lucy then went to work for the Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps as a trial counsel (prosecutor),[2] also serving as a legal attaché on her father's staff. In 2015, Lucy held the rank of Major.[3]

At some point, Lucy began a relationship with her sister's coworker, James Olsen. However, they eventually broke up because Lucy constantly felt sidelined by James in favor of Superman.[2][4]

Rekindling with James

James Olsen and Lucy Lane

Lucy asks James to get back together.

A few months after their break-up, Lucy went to National City to visit James, arriving at CatCo Worldwide Media to see him. While in his office, she encountered Kara Danvers for the first time, asking James out to dinner to talk after the latter left, as she didn't like the way she and James had left things in Metropolis.[2] Despite at first James treated her coldly since she was the one who break-up their relationship, after Lucy explained her reasons the two rekindle their relationship[4] and even spent Thanksgiving's week together in Ojai.[5]

After the holidays, Lucy told James that her father, General Sam Lane, was coming to town and wanted to have dinner with them. After he agreed, Lucy left, passing by Kara on her way out and thanking her for the "invite" since, as James later explained he invited Lucy to their regular game night at Kara's apartment. She later accompanied her father as he demand Supergirl to fight their field robot Red Tornado, causing a damage in the robot's system that activated the self emergency protocol fleeing away. That night, at dinner with General Lane, things got tense as Lucy's father think James wasn't good enough for his daughter. Later, they're attacked by Red Tornado, but Supergirl came to rescue them. The following day, though General Lane disapproved, Lucy decides to resigning from the military and staying in National City with James.[3]

When Dirk Armstrong tried to use Cat Grant's hacked emails to force her to leave her position as CEO of CatCo, Lucy helped James, Winn and Kara to expose him and get him arrested.[6] She was subsequently hired by Cat as CatCo Worldwide Media's general counsel.[1]

Lucy breaks up with James

Lucy breaks-up with James and leaves National City.

Meanwhile James feelings for Kara continues to grow, slowly deteriorating his relationship with Lucy, and after he forget about a date with her to help Supergirl against the evil alien supercomputer Indigo, Lucy takes offense as she felt James is sidelining her in favor of Supergirl as he did before with Superman. To prove her wrong, James asks Kara's permission to tell Lucy the truth about her identity but, despite Kara gives him her blessing, as he comes to Lucy she broke-up with him before he can say anything because she found out he had talked about his father with Kara, something that he never did with her, and that means he is in love with Kara, not her.[7]

Director of the D.E.O.

Lucy resigned from CatCo not long after breaking up with James and returned to the Army. Her first billet after her return was as legal adviser to Marine Colonel Jim Harper, who was brought in to get to the bottom of the J'onn J'onzz infiltration of the D.E.O.; Lucy and Harper interrogated J'onn about how he managed to get into the agency. Like Harper, Lucy is skeptical of J'onn's claim that he actually tried to save the life of Jeremiah Danvers, who sacrificed himself in order to save him from the real Hank Henshaw. She also believes that J'onn is a potential threat, his claims to have helped save the country from alien threats notwithstanding. They next question Alex and, even though Alex passes a polygraph test, Lucy suspects Alex is hiding something and orders her arrested and hauled to Project Cadmus along with J'onn.

Lucy learns that Colonel Harper left command the of D.E.O. to her

Lucy learns that Colonel Harper left the command of D.E.O. to her.

Desperate to save her sister's life, Kara has James set a meeting with Lucy at Kara's apartment. Kara reveals that she is Supergirl - something Lucy suspected all along. Lucy doesn't understand why aliens like Kara and J'onn have to lie, but Kara explains that they did it because they're willing to give up everything just to fit in on their new world. She persuades Lucy to help rescue J'onn and Alex and they intercept the truck taking J'onn and Alex to Project Cadmus; Lucy shoots out the truck's tires allowing Alex and J'onn to escape. When Lucy and Kara return to the D.E.O., they are surprised to discover that Harper has resigned leaving Lucy as the Director.[8]

When the Flash appeared in National City, as the head of D.E.O. Lucy help he and Supergirl against Livewire and Silver Banshee. As she noticed James was visibly jealous to the amount of time Kara was spending with the speedster, Lucy told him that he was looking at Kara and Barry with the same eyes she looked at him and Kara.[9]


Lucy along with the rest of National City is later put under the control of Myriad. Under the orders of Non, she and her fellow D.E.O.'s agents released all of the prisoners including Maxima, the powerful queen of Almerac. As Kara arrives and tries to stop her, Lucy uses a Kryptonite bullet to slow her down, however the heroine managed to destroy the computer terminal using the afterburners from her ship to knock out Lucy and the other mind-controlled D.E.O members, preventing the prisoners from escaping.[10]

Lucy and J'onn

Lucy at J'onn's side.

After Kara switched off Myriad, Lucy is snapped out of the mind control and went to visit J'onn and Superman, who was taken into the D.E.O. headquarters during his recovery. She also greeted her father embracing him, and explain the reason why Superman has not yet recovered. As General Lane ordered to return J'onn J'onzz to a cell, Lucy tries to convince her father to release him instead, saying J'onn was wounded and that he helped save the city, but the general replied that it does not matter. Lucy apologizes to J'onn for her father's behavior, but he responded that anyway he has no intention to go anywhere and that her father does what he thinks is right. After Kara's victory over Non, General Lane said that the President granted J'onn a full pardon and re-instated him as the Director of the D.E.O.; then the Martian told Lucy that now they are all on the same team.[11]


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Lucy is kind, caring, selfless, and intelligent, has a sense of justice, honor and good morals, she is one of the few humans who does not have an anti-view on aliens in general, as Lucy knows that not all aliens are are a threat to the human race. Lucy has a very strained relationship with her father, Sam Lane; due to his immoral traits; as Sam has a black and white view/anti-view on aliens in general, for currently unknown reasons, Lucy do not get along at all, with her older sister, Lois Lane.

Despite her good traits, Lucy can sometimes very arrogant to the point of being a "know-it-all", as she initially believed that superheroes like Supergirl, keep their civilian identities secret to protect themselves, only to be put in her place by both Kara Danvers and James Olsen, correct her, reason why superheroes keep their civilian identities a secret, isn't to protect themselves but to protect the people to care about from their enemies.


  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer/Expert tactician/Leader: Lucy displayed a sharp intellect and is a very respected lawyer in the JAG Corps, able to use the legal system to her advantage both inside and outside the court.[6] As a military major, Lucy is also an expert tactician and, as stated by J'onn J'onzz himself, an extremely capable leader, able to direct the D.E.O. with efficiency.[11]
    • Expert driver/Pilot: Lucy is an extremely skilled pilot, as she was able to chase a truck at full speed and shoot out its tires.[8]
    • Expert interrogator: Due to her time in the U.S. Army, Lucy is an effective interrogator, instinctively able to understand if someone is lying.[8]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As an highly trained military officer, Lucy is an expert in unarmed combat.[10]


  • D.E.O.'s tactical suit: After she was named deputy director of the D.E.O., Lucy begins to wear a special protective suit made in an unknown black material with some stealth capabilities.[9]




  • Unlike her DC comic book counterpart, the show's version of Lucy and her sister Lois do not get along at all.

Behind the scenes

  • Lucy Lane first appeared in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #36 (April, 1959), created by Otto Binder and Curt Swan, as the younger sister of Lois Lane. At some point, Lucy assumed the identity of Superwoman using a costume with a containment field that simulated Kryptonian powers.
  • As Superwoman, Lucy murdered Agent Liberty during the New Krypton story arc.