An unnamed man is the husband of an unnamed woman and the father of Luke.


After his son, Luke, became comatose from lead poisoning, the man stormed into CatCo Worldwide Media, demanding to see Lena Luthor, the supposed perpetrator due to her lead bomb. Revealing his son's condition, the man accused Lena of believing the children she hurt didn't matter. Lena tried to apologize, but the man angrily vowed she would answer for what she did. A security guard then escorted him out.

The man later attended Lena's press conference, where she announced her intentions to step down from L-Corp and CatCo in the wake of the situation. Suddenly, event was interrupted by another angry parent trying to shoot Lena.[1]

The man would realize he accused the wrong person when Morgan Edge was revealed to have poisoned the children.



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • He was credited as "Angry Father".


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