Luke is a student of Davis Middle School and a friend of Ruby Arias.


Luke seizing from lead poisoning

Luke begins seizing from lead poisoning.

At school, Luke met Ruby Arias after she was dropped off and asked if she finished her math homework since he had trouble with it and couldn't. Ruby offered to help Luke before the bell rang and he gratefully accepted. Suddenly, Luke froze up and collapsed, seizing. Ruby waited by his side as her mother, Samantha Arias, called for an ambulance.

Luke was rushed to the Luthor Family Children Hospital, where his parents eventually arrived. He and the many other children brought in showed symptoms of lead poisoning. Luke's condition quickly began deteriorating, causing him to slip into a coma.

After discovering that the children became ill due to swimming in a contaminated public pool, L-Corp synthesized an antidote and administered it to the victims. Luke and the other children were cured and soon recovered.[1]



Season 3


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