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Luke is a close friend of the late Bruce Wayne.


Luke answered the door to Kate Kane and Kara Danvers. When the former claimed to be Bruce Wayne's cousin, having knowledge of her death five years earlier, he closed the door on them. However, they broke through. Bruce recognized Kate. As they talked, Luke talked to Kara, asking how she knew Kate.[1] Luke was presumably killed along with the rest of his universe when the Anti-Monitor successfully destroyed the multiverse.[2]


  • Pistol: A handgun that Luke draws on Kate and Kara in self-defense when they enter the mansion by force.



Season 1




  • The way Luke reacts and draws a gun on Kate and Kara when they enter the mansion mirrors how his Earth-1 counterpart reacted when he first met Kate Kane.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • This version of Luke plays a similar role to the character of Terry McGinnis from the animated series Batman Beyond in which Conroy played the role of an older Bruce Wayne that now required a younger Batman to help in his crime fighting crusade. While Luke never suited up as Batman, he did take on the caretaker role seen by Terry as his day job.