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"There is no Batwoman without Luke Fox."
Kate Kane to Luke Fox[src]

Lucas "Luke" Fox[1] (born c. 1993/1994)[2] is a former employee of Wayne Enterprises, the son of the late Lucius Fox and an unnamed woman, and a former associate of Bruce Wayne. Luke assisted Batman and both Batwomen in their vigilante activities, offering tech support.

During the blackout caused by Roman Sionis, Luke found the suit that Lucius built for him years ago and decided to use it to become a vigilante. Initially considering the name Black Batman, Ryan Wilder instead proposed the Dork Knight and Batwing, the latter of which he decided to adopt fully.[3] He was later nicknamed Batboy by Alice, due to him being younger than Batman.[4]


Original multiverse

Early life

Luke as a baby.

Luke Fox was born in Gotham City to Lucius Fox and his unnamed wife.

During his childhood, Luke drew pictures of what a black Batman might look like, to which his father began building a suit for him based on the drawings.[5] Growing up, he was very close to his father's goddaughter, Julia Pennyworth.[1] From a young age, Luke a deep admiration for Lucius, trying his best to make his father proud of him.[6][7]

In 2015, Luke graduated high school and was to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[7]

Batwing suit drawings.

His family held a party to celebrate Luke's graduation and Lucius went out to buy some ice from Sip&Dash. Luke and everyone else were waiting for him to cut the cake. However, Lucius never came back as he was murdered at the store and his alleged killer, Reggie Harris, was immediately arrested by Crows Security.[8] Luke was approached by police officers that same night in order to identify his father's body at the morgue.[7]

Out of sorrow over his father's murder, Luke chose to never attend MIT despite his admission.[7] As a way to relieve the stress from this tragedy, he also began to intensively practice boxing.[9]

At some point in his life, Luke was hired by Bruce Wayne to work for Wayne Enterprises and subsequently appointed the head of Wayne Security. Sometime later, he learned of Bruce's secret identity as Batman and started to operate as his ally. However, presumably; due to a violation of his trust, Bruce once fired Luke, but eventually reinstating him.[10]

Meeting Kate Kane

Luke detaining Kate

In 2018, Luke was inside the Wayne Enterprises building, when he was alerted to an uninvited guest in Bruce's office. He held the stranger at gunpoint and cuffed her, who introduced herself as Bruce's cousin, Kate Kane, but he refused to believe her. He asked her specific personal information on Bruce like his birthday, which is February 19. He then asks her what Bruce's middle name is, but Kate says that was a trick question, as Bruce doesn't have a middle name.

Luke handcuffed into his surveillance room.

He subsequently brought her into his surveillance room and called the police, when she broke free and cuffed Luke to a system unit, taking his keys. Kate logged into the system, asking if the password to the Wayne Enterprises system is still Alfred, and thus copying surveillance of the gang and leaving Luke's keys for him just out of his reach, leaving him to see the resemblance between the two cousins.

Luke with Kate in Batman's cave

The following day, Luke was working on a device when Kate wrist-locked him and asked for Bruce's whereabouts. Before he could do so, she noticed an out of place heirloom previously worn by her aunt, Martha, on the bookshelf. She moved it back into place, revealing a secret elevator. Riding it down, despite Luke's objections, Kate discovered Batman's cave, realizing her cousin to be the vigilante.

Luke reading an article on Batman's supposed return.

Seeing newspaper clippings regarding the accident in which she lost her mother and sister, Luke explained Bruce had thought he'd had the calculations perfect, only to make one slight miscalculation. Luke reveals that Bruce never stopped looking for Beth's body which was never found. Having Luke re-purpose Bruce's old Batman suit, Kate took it to ambush Alice's gang. Later, Luke was reading a headline of Batman's apparent return as he smiled, thinking of the returning hope in Gotham.[10]

Working with Batwoman

After Kate started going out every night wearing the Batsuit, after one of said patrols Luke confronted her saying that she couldn't continue pretending to be Batman, prompting her to answer that she only wanted to find her sister.

Luke explain to Kate how Batman's weapons works.

Later, as Kate brought him Alice's butterfly knife to analyze it, Luke informed her that while Wayne Enterprises does have a device that can analyze DNA against another sample, he was hired to simply watch over the building and keep the lights on. However, he talk to her about Batman's suit, pointing out how the city wanted a hero that wasn't really there. He then showed her several gadgets that Batman had at his disposal, warning her that they're all very dangerous tools and that quite honestly, he doesn't know how half of them work because they were all meant for Batman. Kate taunted Luke by saying that he sounded eerily similar to his father, except Lucius was at least useful.

Luke accidentally activates the Batcomputer.

Later, after Kate took the equipment and ventured through the city to have a meeting with Alice at Burnside Park, Luke tried to stop it but end up turning on the Batcomputer instead, thus calling her via com link when she drive to the Loeb Bridge when the truck who was transporting Alice to Arkham was bombed, in a last attempt to stop her from doing it as it would be too risky.

Luke saves Kate.

Then, after she saved Alice but an underwater explosion caused by the GCPD and the Crows sent Kate unconscious on the shore, Luke called her several times and, as the police officers approached her, remotely activated the defibrillator built into the suit, allowing her to escape.

Kate thanks Luke for having saved her.

The following morning, Kate thanked Luke for saving her but as he looked to be tearing up, she told him that they shouldn't get so emotional, and they drop it. Then, Kate revealed how she knew it wasn't Alice and her gang that took the knife but someone else out there who doesn't want her to make that DNA test.[6]

Luke and Kate at Wayne R&D.

Few days later, Luke called Kate and told her that something of value has been stolen from Wayne Enterprises Research & Development and, once they visited it, he informed her that the security cameras were jammed, but he thought it could have been Alice's gang.

Luke shows to Kate how the rail gun works.

Later at the Batcave, Luke explained to Kate how the Batsuit was bulletproof and that the thieves took a prototype rail gun from Wayne R&D, the most lethal weapon that Bruce ever built and, using a mere prototype, he shown him that it was the only gun strong enough to penetrate the Batsuit. Bruce had it built in case the suit ever fell into the wrong hands, thus, whoever is in possession of the gun, has the only weapon that could kill Batman. However, the disruptor in the gauntlet Kate has, could neutralize it.

Kate shows Luke her invitation at Tommy Elliot party.

When trying to pinpoint who could have taken it, Luke suggested Alice, despite Kate suspecting Tommy Elliot might be behind it instead, showing him the invitation and noting that it was for Bruce rather than her. Kate figured out Tommy knew Bruce was Batman and that's why he stole the gun. Luke suggested that she put the Batsuit back on to show Tommy that Batman wasn't afraid of him to which Kate warn him that if she doesn't, then she would let down the entire city.

Luke finally admits that he didn't really believes Batman will come back.

After Tommy bombed the elevators of Elliot Tower, Kate went back to the Batcave and told him it was all her fault for having given the city hope for a hero who wasn't there, asking Luke if he really thought Bruce was coming back. Luke admitted that he doesn't and Kate replied that she might be better than Batman because she was there. Luke fixed the suit by painting the bat symbol red for Kate's Batwoman suit.

Later, while Kate faced Tommy, Luke informed her that she needed to wait 30 seconds for the neutralizer in her glove to be charged, which she managed to do.[11]

Luke, Kate, and Roxanna.

A few days later, Roxanna, the curator of the Museum of Antiquities, entered Bruce's office at the Wayne Tower and has some photographers taking pictures of Martha Wayne's necklace on a display to represent strong women. Luke called Kate to ask what was happening, to which she replied she authorized it, then, after the museum's entourage left, he asked her why she had been unavailable for the past nights prompting her to answer that she has been seeing someone.

Luke and Kate watch over Dodgson.

Luke explained that the past night while Batwoman was nowhere to be seen, Magpie struck again and almost killed a security guard. Then he brought Kate to the Batcave informing her that the imprisoned Dodgson developed an infection after she tortured him, managing to convince Kate to brought him to Mary Hamilton's secret clinic.

Kate and Luke discuss the Batarang malfunction.

That night, Luke and Kate managed to locate Magpie via Eagle cams and, when the villainess escape due to Batwoman missing her with a Batarang, she suggests that it's broken and Luke replied that the trinkets Magpie used were grenades and they locate her with them. Kate left to have lunch with Reagan.

Luke and Kate discuss the theft of Martha Wayne's necklace.

Later, the alarm go off, Luke grab a gun and go investigating the break-in at Bruce's office, then Magpie drop in kicking him unconscious. After Kate returned, she felt guilty for not being there to protect it, then Luke talk about how Bruce spent years looking for the necklace before eventually finding it in an auction and spent $1 million buying it back. Luke said that Magpie 3D-printed the bombs using explosive ink, and suggested Kate to ask Sophie since the Crows track magnate shipment.

Luke and Kate discuss Bruce Wayne's double life.

After Luke check a list of ink purchasers while Kate stated that Sophie believe she was Batwoman and wondered how Bruce made living a double-life so easily, prompting Luke to reply she didn't as the playboy thing was just a façade. Eventually, Luke's search came up with a PO Box for one of the buyers at the old Gotham Hotel. Batwoman went there finding Magpie's jewelry, computer, and 3D printer. Luke noted that Batwoman's body temperature mustn't rise the room's temperature or it would set off a bomb, also he managed to discovered that she had difficulties launching the Batarang because they were calibrated for Bruce, but he has since been recalibrated them to match her.

Luke returns the necklace to its case.

Later, after Batwoman managed to get away retrieving Martha Wayne's necklace, Luke placed it back in Bruce's office. Then he found schematics on Magpie's computer and started to print it since he couldn't decrypt them and discovered that it was a bomb necklace that Magpie swapped with the original one at the museum to take advantage of the moment in order to steal some more jewelry, allowing Batwoman to thwart it.

Luke accept to be Kate's business partner.

Later that night, Luke complimented Kate for gaining the city's trust and she informed him of her intention to start buy run-down buildings to gave them to the rundown since she wanted the city to trust Kate Kane as well, thus she asked Luke to be her business partner in the real estate development firm subsidiary she wanted to start for Wayne Enterprises.[12]

Luke oversees the morgues with Wayne Tech's cameras.

Few weeks later, Luke told Kate about “The Skin Pirate” who's being reported as a citizen of Gotham that has hit three morgues to take skin from the corpses. And Wayne Tech cameras helped them find out that it was Alice. Kate decided to put an end to whatever Alice has planned for Gotham locating her through the tracker she put on Dodgson.

Luke meets Mary Hamilton.

Later that night Mary Hamilton, distressed and completely drunk stormed into the Wayne Tower demanding to speak with her step-sister, but the building concierge escorted him to Luke who introduced to her as Kate's assistant explaining she was not there and that he can deliver a message to her if needed, to which Mary began a confusing explanation of which Luke understood only that her mother may or may not have killed a deer, prompting the girl to explain everything regarding what Catherine has done.

Mary listen to Mary's lament.

Mary spent the whole day at Wayne Tower complaining to Luke about being the daughter of the "Wicked Witch of Gotham". Upon realized that Alice was actually Beth as Kate had always believed, she asked Luke if Kate was with her, which he confirmed it. Mary bitterly lashed out at Luke how Kate still favored a serial killer to the former despite all her best effort to be a good sister.

Mary watches Luke's researches.

After a while, still drunken due to the alcoholic beverages kept in Bruce's office, Mary watched the researches Luke was doing about Arkham Asylum outbreak, he informed her that the authorities have covered up everything about it, then the girl noticed the footage about Alice being the Skin Pirate and get hungry of pizza. That evening, after ordering and eating a pizza box, Mary apologized to Luke for disturbing him all day and left the building, asking him to simply tell Kate that she was sorry.[13]

Reopening his father's murder case

Luke open up to Kate about his father's murder.

After ADA Angus Stanton was murdered by the Executioner the GCPD put up the signal for Batwoman and Luke was enthusiast about it. Whereas, Kate felt a lot of pressure on her because of it, Luke told her that it was a good news for her since Commissioner Forbes must have trust her since it seemed like the Gotham City Police Department has her on speed dial. He also confessed her that the victim was the one who put in jail the guy that killed his dad in armed robbery the night of his graduation. He also showed to Kate some footages of the primary suspect, Chris "The Fist" Medlock who got 30 years at Blackgate Penitentiary rather than execution, waived in court to kill Stanton and, due to overcrowding, was paroled a few weeks earlier.

Luke locate the only warehouse in Gotham that stores the hydrogen cyanide gas.

After the Executioner killed Detective Stu Donnelly too in a death trap, Kate informed Luke that Sophie Moore has suspects on her identity, but she would deal with it. They figured out that the Executioner was using methods of capital punishment to kill his victims, thus, determining the third method Gotham has used to kill criminals was a gas chamber, Luke sent Batwoman to the only one warehouse in the city that stores the hydrogen cyanide gas, there she has another encounter with the Executioner who managed to flee despite the Crows having meanwhile captured Medlock, convincing them he was the wrong guy.

Luke and Kate tracks Bertrand Eldon.

Luke managed to identify the license plate of the truck used by the Executioner, discovering it belongs to a man named Bertrand Eldon, who worked at Blackgate for 20 years as their executioner, after breaking into his house Batwoman find a flash drive in which he revealed that Stanton, Donnelly and Judge Raymond Calverick convicted innocent people to raise their reputation for over 20 years and, after Kate and Luke saw it in the Batcave, the latter stated that he knew racial profiling was a thing in Gotham, but also that Stanton spent countless hours with his family trying to find justice for Lucius.

Kate and Luke discuss the implications of Calverick, Stanton and Donnelly being corrupt.

He warned her that his father's killer could use the information to get a new trial, and Kate ask him if it's still justice when there's a possibility that innocent people are behind bars, convincing Luke to deliver said video to the authorities.

Luke analyzes the files of his father's murder.

After Jacob Kane killed the Executioner and Luke helped Batwoman to escape his last death trap, Medlock was exonerated and the DA is reopening all cases tainted by the cabal's actions, including Lucius Fox's murder, which Luke started to study as well.[7]

Reunited with an old friend

Luke asks Kate how she was dealing with Jacob divorcing Catherine.

The following day, Luke approached Kate as she was shadow-sparring in the Batcave, informing her that he learned Jacob filed for divorce asking her if she was okay. Kate replied that she wasn't losing sleep over it. Luke revealed that he didn’t leap either since he was checking everyone who was at Alessandro's the previous night and found out that the last two victims of the sniper who attacked it both worked for Catherine’s companies and one of Alessandro’s dinner guests, Derek Holcomb, worked for Pyra Electrics the company that make all of Hamilton Dynamics’ conductors. Then, they discussed the problem of having Sophie suspecting her identity.

Luke is reunited with his old friend Julia.

That night, while protecting Holcomb for the sniper, Rifle, Batwoman run in Julia Pennyworth, who was there for the same mission. After the two women went back at the Batcave Julia greeted her old friend Luke and both he and Kate found that they both knew Julia. The spy called Luke a chip off the old block after he said he was holding down the fort. She suggested the three of them should team up to take down Rifle, despite Kate didn't trust her because of her past together.

Luke, Kate and Julia at the Wayne Tower.

Later, while Luke and Julia were at Bruce's office discussing how she met Kate, the latter came in informing they found Holcomb's body and that she had a plan that would make Crows Security believe that Kate is not Batwoman, however while they were about to enter the Batcave the three were interrupted by Mary, who believed the Batcave's entrance to be a panic room. After dealing with the girl, they had Julia pose as Batwoman during a Crows operation to retrieve a coil gun.[14]

A Mad Tea-Party

Few nights after that, Kate gave to Luke the phone of a Wonderland gang's member to use the GPS in order to track Alice, locating her in the Bowery, however Kate was unable to talk her sister out ot her mysterious plot.

Luke watches Kate call the fake Jacob.

The following morning, while drinking with Luke at the Wayne Tower out of frustration due to her father choosing to be with Catherine at the Gotham's annual Humanitarian Ball despite all the pain she has caused them. Reasoning on it she figured that the Jacob she met at the Crows Headquarters wasn't him, so she called him and told him it doesn't mind if he wanted to get back with Catherine, mentioning a snowstorm at the day of their wedding, to which "Jacob" agreed and, once Kate hang up, she revealed to Luke that Jacob and Catherine were married during the hottest day of the summer, prompting them to deduce the "Jacob" she just finished talking to was in fact Mouse.

Luke pick up the photo that Kate broke.

That night, Alice tricked Kate by sending her out of the city while she infiltrated the ball and killed Catherine, which Jacob was framed for. As Kate destroyed the Batcave in a rage, she smashed a picture of herself and Beth, which Luke later found. He sadly looked upon the picture, realizing along with Kate that Beth was truly dead.[15]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Luke as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[16] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[17]

New multiverse

After the creation of Earth-Prime, Kate informed Luke of the destruction and rebirth of the multiverse and he was likely given back the memories of his life on Earth-1.[18] Luke managed to completely take in and accept the situation, despite his surprise.

Another Beth

Luke talk with Kate about Batwoman's new bike.

Luke built a new motorcycle saying to Kate that it would be "suspicious" if Batwoman kept running around Gotham with the same bike as Kate, to which she thanked him since her birthday was getting closer. Then, after a train derailed and Batwoman saved it at the last minute getting saved in return from her rogue grappling hook by Officer Slam Bradley, prompting the media to start "shipping" them.

Luke and Kate discuss the rumors about Batwoman and Slam Bradley.

The following morning, Luke told her it was a good thing since as long as Batwoman gave off "major straight vibes" it would create misinformation thus hiding her identity. After Kate left the office, Luke then noticed that Kate was reading an article from The Gotham Gazette regarding her dad being in prison.

Luke and Kate investigates the train accident.

Later that day, while investigating the train's accident, Luke mentioned that ever since the "Scarecrow Incident", Gotham trains were modified to run on an "independent analog system". Then Kate found a device that, according to Luke, could be used to hack into the system that helps the train operate.

Luke and Kate watches Mayor Akins's press conference.

Then, after everyone in Gotham received a blackmailing message of $5 million from a cyber-criminal nicknamed the "Terrier", Kate and Luke assisted Mayor Akins's press conference, prompting Luke to decide to temporarily shut down the Batcave's systems fearing they could be hacked too, albeit Kate later turned them back on locating the hacker at Gotham Prep.

Luke makes a cupcake to celebrate Kate's birthday.

That following night, after the criminal was caught and Batwoman publicly came out as lesbian in an interview on the cover of CatCo Magazine, Luke brought Kate a cupcake to celebrate her birthday. Kate asked her is he was mad at her for being reckless in doing the interview, to which he replied that thank to it a lot more people would felt less alone and if it causes trouble in the future, they would figure out a solution. Smiling, Kate admitted that it wasn't the same being on the field without his voice in the comm link.[19]

Luke investigates the second Beth with Kate and Mary.

After a woman who looked identical to Beth entered Kate's office and had a brief skirmish with the latter and, hearing of that, Mary came to Wayne Enterprises to help Luke and Kate check the belongings that the mysterious woman left behind; he discovered the intruder's DNA perfectly matched that of Alice - who was still locked under Crows custody - thus Kate's step-sister decide to go ask Gotham University if someone knew this "Beth" while Kate and Luke realized she was actually from another universe in which she didn't became a sociopath and was trapped there after "that galactic dude put all the Earths in a blender".

Luke discuss a plan to save Kate with Earth-TUD14's Beth.

Later Kate reconcile with her sister's doppelgänger, however she was kidnapped by Mouse shile trying to save Bryan Akins and Steven Forbes. Beth showed up at Wayne Tower and greeted Luke, realizing he didn't know her. Luke revealed what happened to Kate and, after suggesting to call the police or her father if he was in the special force in that Earth too, discovering the situation, she decided to pretend to be Alice in order to save Kate, which they managed to did also using Mary's help to prepare her.

Luke at Mary's birthday party.

Later that night, after Kate, the boys and Beth were all saved, Mary organized a surprise birthday party for her step-sister at the Hold Up together with Luke and Beth, however after blowing their cake's candles together with Kate, Beth started to get a splitting headache.[18]

Mary and Luke tries to sneak Beth through a Crows' checkpoint.

Luke and Mary immediately tried to transport Beth at the Gotham General Hospital but they were stopped at a checkpoint of the Crows, who were looking for Alice with the order to kill. They managed to avoid arrest thank to Batwoman's intervention however they are eventually forced to come back at the Wayne Tower, where Mary discovered that Beth's blood cells were rapidly deteriorating, prompting Luke and Kate to realize the more they co-exist the more they were sucking up life force from each other to stay alive; however their degeneration would eventually kill them both in seven hours.

Luke has a brainstorming with Beth.

Shocked, Kate ask Luke, Mary and Beth herself to find a solution as Gotham's most intelligent people, while she tried to stop Sophie's hunt for Alice through all the city. Later, Mary went to her clinic to consult some of her books, while Beth and Luke continued to brainstorm on a way to save her until Beth told him that they need to stop being polite and the harsh reality was that in order for one to live, the other has to die. Later, Alice broke into the Wayne Tower and tried to kill her doppelgänger but was stopped by Kate and forced to flee.

Beth dies in Luke's arms.

That night, after Kate choose to save Beth instead of Alice, Luke was charged to take her away from the Wayne Tower due to Crows Security trying to find her storming the building believing Beth and Alice to be one and the same. Luke and Beth arrive at Twin Pines Inn, where the woman was shot from distance by Dr. Ethan Campbell and died in Luke's arms.[20]

Burden of guilt

Kate, Luke and Mary discusses the aftermath of Beth's murder.

The following morning, Kate, Luke and Mary discussed the aftermath of Beth's murder; Luke stated that they did everything right and yet she died, prompting Mary to try to comfort him about not having been able to protect her. He replied that they need to figure out who the shooter was, prompting Mary to point out they also need to prepare themselves for Alice's wrath.

Luke tells Kate about Nocturna's rampage.

Later, Luke informed Kate of a series of murders in which the victims have been drained of their blood completely by a vampire-like killer dubbed "Nocturna". Since the victims are all party goers, Kate suggested to watch over a nightclub named Curse; however, after the villainess managed to defeat Batwoman, nearly drain her and escape, Kate and Luke planned to use The Hold Up's official opening in order to lure her out and capture her. There Kate saw a potential suspect, Elle Scantlin, flirt with Sophie and interfere between them, eventually ruling her out from the suspects list.

Mary is rescued from Andi Ostergaard by Luke.

Meanwhile, Andi Ostergaard a woman who followed Mary on Instagram and had a crush on her, tried to hit on her assuming she was a lesbian too, prompting Luke to "rescue" her; when Andi asked if he was her boyfriend, Mary quickly lied saying it was her boyfriend's brother, prompting Andi to leave. Luke remarked that she was very firm into stating that he wasn't her boyfriend, to which she blushed a little and simply complimented his phosphorescent tie. Then Luke departed to "assist" Kate in continuing their investigation as they managed to identify Nocturna as Natalie Knight and locate her at Gotham Cathedral Church saving Mary after she was kidnapped.[21]

Luke warn Kate of the danger of Batwoman having a girlfriend.

Sometime after this, Luke started to work on the Batsuit's cowl and, when Kate asked him if he was going to upgrade it with x-ray vision or echolocation, he replied the latter was a good idea but unfortunately not the correct one. Later, knowing that Kate has rekindled her relationship with Sophie as Batwoman, Luke told her that Batwoman can't have a girlfriend because the moment anyone knew she cared about Sophie, it puts a target on her.

Luke informs Kate about the Serial Slasher.

The next day, after the Serial Slasher started her rampage, Luke informed Kate that Kimberly Wright described her attacker as a woman in her 20's who wore a hoodie and a surgical mask and that neither of the victims had any stab wounds on their bodies, she went after their faces because that was their brand and their business. Thus; Kate surmised that it was something personal.

Luke investigates on Duela Dent.

After discovering the Serial Slasher's identity as Duela Dent and broking into her house, Luke reveled to Kate that the upgrade he did at the cowl were an image scan in the lenses, with whom they managed to take a picture of the girl's next victim, Myrtis Dinker, who is later identified by Mary as the influencer known as "Veronica May", thus saving her and managing to arrest Duela.[8]

Luke is skeptical about Mad Dog.

After Mary spread some flyers that announced a $1,000 reward for anyone with information about a car spotted by some camera near Twin Pines Inn the night of Beth's murder, an individual called Mad Dog claimed he have saw said car in a junkyard in the Green, thus the girl called Luke in her clinic and, despite Mad Dog's thuggish appearance and rough attitude lead him not to trust the latter, Mary believed Mad Dog and gave him his reward.

Mary and Luke in the junkyard.

Then, the two went to the junkyard indicated by the man, finding the car and ultimately proving Mad Dog to be trustworthy; Luke apologized for having doubt Mary's instinct and immediately opened the trunk, finding the rifle that killed Beth. Right in that moment, Mary received a call from Batwoman seeking her help to save a "bad guy" who just stabbed his own throat. After Mary managed to help her, as for a sort of spite towards Luke, who insisted on not using "gadgets" during their investigations in order not to be discovered as an assistant of Batwoman, when he asked her what she wanted at the phone, Mary replied that it was a "doctor-vigilante secret".

Luke discovers the identity of Beth's killer.

Later that evening, back at the Wayne Tower, while Luke tried to track the car's license plate, Mary tried to find the Batcave's entrance by randomly moving books in the library, only to lie that she was interest in said books after Luke asked her what she was doing. Then, when he managed to find out who the car was registered to, they both were surprised to find out that it was Mabel Cartwright, who died at the same time her son went into hiding. Luke then informed Kate via phone that Beth's killer was August Cartwright.[22]

Mary at Luke's side at Gotham's Temple of Justice.

After Reggie Harris' post-conviction hearing was anticipated, Luke was called by his mother to inform him and Kate asked if he wanted her to accompany him, to which he replied he had to do it himself. The following morning Luke went to Gotham's Temple of Justice, while his mother didn't as she was unable to face her husband's supposed killer. There, Mary reached for him, grabbed his hand and told him that, having lost a parent herself, she knew how he could feel about facing his father's killer. Luke thanked her and she stayed at his side for all the process as well as after Judge Wellington accepted Reggie's appeal for a new trial setting him free until that date, Mary tried to calm Luke telling him it wasn't over.

Luke confronts Reggie Harris.

That night, while Reggie went shopping for dinner with his grandmother, Luke approached him outside his home. After sending the old woman inside, Luke asked him why he killed his father, to which he explained that he didn't, stating he was used as a scapegoat for someone who was probably rich enough to cover-up everything. While saying this, Reggie was shot by a sniper an killed in front of Luke's eyes.

Luke enter to Mary's clinic covered in Reggie Harris' blood.

Later Luke went to Mary's clinic covered in blood and the girl panicked asking what happened to him, Luke reassured her explaining the blood wasn't his and that Reggie was murdered and died in his arms. Mary comforted Luke and then they both reflect that if Reggie wasn't Lucius killer the real murderer was still at large.[1]

Confronting his father's true killer

Luke assisted Kate when, after defeating an apartment thief, she had a panic attack due to her trauma with Cartwright's death and was almost caught by the GCPD, thus deciding to take a hiatus from being Batwoman.

Luke and Kate in the Batcave

One week later, Kate returned to the Batcave, finding Luke training with a sandbag, he told her that the reason behind the Detonator's return was likely Batwoman's absence since "when the bat’s away, the crazies will play". Luke brought Kate a bunch of files with possible suspects since Bruce was obsessed with catching The Detonator before the trail went cold seven years earlier and, looking at those files Kate began suspecting a private black ops contractor named George Adler, Sr. and visited his son discovering he was dead in 2013.

Luke informs Kate of the Detonator's new victim.

Right after discovering that and checking George Jr.'s alibi to be sure he didn’t pick up where his old man left off, Luke informed Kate through her comms that the Detonator had another victim since GCPD and Crows were clearing buildings close to Bennett Ave. which is where Mary clinic was located, prompting Kate to went there to ensure her step-sister was alright.

Luke is informed of the results of Sophie and Julia's investigation.

Later Julia and Sophie went to Wayne Enterprises informing Luke that they figured out the identity of the sniper who killed Reggie Harris but he lived at 2420 Maple Street, the same place that was blew up by The Detonator copycat. Luke told them about the real Detonator dying in 2013, and a rookie cop named Miguel Robles investigate on the case, however Sophie identified Robles as the Head of the Crows Homicide Division, thus making him the real mastermind behind the conspiracy.

Luke confronts his father's killer.

That evening, after Batwoman caught Robles and drag him underneath the Wayne Tower, where he planted a bomb, Luke appeared in front of them holding a gun and, after activating the building's lockdown thus locking them in the room with the bomb, he asked Robles why did he killed his father, prompting the latter to confess that he was payed by Tommy Elliot to rough up Lucius Fox for a journal he wrote, but the man got enraged after he threatened his son as well causing Robles to shot him.

Kate talks Luke out of killing Robles.

Seeing Luke ready to kill his father’s murderer, Kate confessed of having killed Cartwright, telling him that the world was short on heroes, so he should not let his anger turn him into someone he was not, convincing him to spare Robles life and, after detonating the bomb in safety, handing him over to the authorities.

Kate tells Luke and Mary to work together as they both know her secret now.

The following morning Luke thanked Kate for talking him off the ledge and confronted her about what happened with Cartwright explaining that the same thing happened between Bruce and the Joker, stating that she was a true hero to his eyes. Right at that moment, Mary entered the room and Luke was informed that now she knew the truth, prompting Luke to stubbornly keep denying that Batwoman and Kate are one and the same; thus Kate left, telling Mary and Luke to resolve it themselves.[9]

Looking for his father's journal

Luke tells Kate that Mary simply want to be part of her life.

A week later, after the Bat Team successfully thwarted the plans of a human traffic ring, Mary held a party to them at Wayne Enterprises in order to celebrate the victory with champagne, and suggested some upgrades for the Batsuit, then after Kate and Luke started to discuss their plans for permanently shutting down the criminals' operations, Mary meekly exited pointing out she wouldn't bother them as she wasn't a team member. Hearing this, Luke noted that everything she wanted was to be a part of her step-sister's life, prompting Kate to quickly dismissing it as too dangerous for her.

Luke oversees Kate and Julia's infiltration at the Lookout.

Later, after finding out that Tommy hid his father journal in a nightclub he owned named the Lookout, which was managed by notorious mobster Johnny Sabatino, Luke monitored Julia and Kate via comms while they infiltrated it, even reminding the latter to stay focused on her mission after she met her old flame, Reagan, and started to flirt with her.

Luke listen Mary as she asks him to let her go rescue Kate and Julia.

Then, after both Kate and Julia were captured, Luke informed Mary and asked her to be his tech support while he would go to the club to rescue them, however she stated that it would have been better if she was the one who would have gone there, since Sabatino's cousin, Aria, owed her a favor for saving her life and because she trusted him to back her up better than she could for him.

Luke oversees Mary's rescue mission.

Convinced, he backed her up when she successfully infiltrated the mobsters auction and caused a shortcut to give her the occasion to free Batwoman, who subsequently managed to defeat them all, retrieve the book and brought Mary to safety alongside Julia.

Luke brings Mary to the Batcave for the first time.

Afterwards, Luke brought Mary in the Batcave for the first time and prevented her from taking a picture of it stating that that place must remain a secret, despite in doing so he accidentally revealed her that Bruce Wayne is Batman, leaving her speechless. The following morning, when Kate told him that Reagan tricked her and stole her the journal, Luke was very upset, stating that because of this they were once again where they have started and Kate's life was still in danger.[23]

Luke and Kate argues.

After Kate discovered that Julia interrogated Reagan about the journal's location without informing her, she began to question her loyalty and argued with Luke, who stood in her friend's defense. When Kate told him that she couldn't trust his judgement he left the room stating that he didn't want to be around her.

Julia reveals to Luke why SRR disavowed her.

Later, Luke does some researches and discovered that Julia was disavowed by the SRR so she visited at the Crows headquarters and asked her why she wanted his father's journal, the two talked on a bench in Wilson Plaza and Julia confessed that she has taken a mission for someone outside the agency, resulting in said consequence, however she omitted the reasons for which she did it and the identity of the person to whom she accepted to work, telling that it was imperative for his safety not to know it.

Julia and Luke are kidnapped by Hush.

While they were conversing, Hush sneaked behind them both pointing his handguns at their heads and capturing them. After they were taken to Arkham, Julia was used as leverage to get Luke to comply with Alice's wishes, thus she was tortured by electrocution to inspire Luke to decode his father's journal.

Luke is forced to watch as Julia is tortured by Hush.

Seeing his friend being tortured Luke accepted to try translate his father journal and also convinced the villains to allow him some space so he could concentrate on the work, while alone with him, Julia acted as his sounding board to get him to solve the code, however after he managed to did it, Luke revealed to her that the book contained dangerous secrets they couldn't let a psychotic criminal know.

Luke tells Batwoman that his father's journal contains the secret to kill her.

When Alice and Hush returned demanding the translated journal, both Julia and Luke decided that they would not yield the code, even with their lives threatened. Right at that moment, Batwoman entered the room and offered Alice a pair of eyeglasses that could translate the journal in exchange of Luke and Julia's life, despite Luke telling the vigilante not to doing it since the journal actually contains the secret to kill her.

Julia and Luke are released from Alice's captivity and escape Arkham.

The trade was accepted, causing Julia and Luke to be released and to escape Arkham before Alice started its mass prison break.

Kate and Luke hug each other.

Later, back at Wayne Enterprises, Luke scolded Kate for what she did, stating that he wasn't worth giving Alice the secret to kill Batwoman and thus robbing Gotham of her only hope, to which Kate hugged him tight and replied that "there was no Batwoman without Luke Fox" apologizing with him for what she said in the morning and telling him how much she missed him that day.[24]

Luke hands Bruce's shard of Kryptonite to Kate.

The following day, Luke handed Kate a shard of Kryptonite that Bruce was keeping for a "friend", and was surprised after she correctly guessed the friend in question was Superman. Later he took the Kryptonite back and exited the room stating that he would find the way to destroy it.

Mary oversees Luke's attempts to destroy Kryptonite.

During the following hours Luke tried to dissolve the alien rock using sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and vinegar but to no avail. Then Mary, worried due to Kate being out interrogating the brother of dangerous Arkham escapee Tim "The Titan" Teslow, tried to distract herself by following Luke's attempt to destroy the mineral, eventually suggesting him to use an hammer, only to tell him to ignore her after realizing how stupid it sounded, stating she was stressed and didn't control what she said.

The Bat Team investigates the Titan.

After Kate's second confrontation with The Titan, Mary reseted her shoulder while Luke found a connection in the people that The Titan is targeting due them having all had a role into covering his medical condition, which Mary confirmed just by looking briefly at The Titan's CTs.

Mary and Luke watches the Titan's ambush at Gotham City Arena from the Batcave.

That night, after Mary managed to set a meeting between Jacob Kane and Batwoman to agree on a truce and work together and prepare an ambush for The Titan at Gotham City Arena, Luke followed the operation with Mary at the Batcave and was informed by Julia to be careful since she and Sophie didn't believe in Jacob's change of heart, a suspicious which turned out to be true since Jacob ordered his men to gun down both The Titan and Batwoman, who luckily managed to escape.

Kate tells Luke and Mary about the last shred of Kryptonite she received from Kara.

Later at Wayne Tower, Luke revealed to Kate and Mary that the Kryptonite has been turned to dust thank to the latter's "hammer" idea - actually a special press owned by Wayne Enterprises - prompting Mary to blow the dust off the table. Kate told the two of them that from now on, there wouldn't be any more secrets between them, thus revealing to the two about the second shard of Kryptonite that Supergirl gave her during the Crisis, asking Luke and Mary to trust her with it until she can talk to Kara about what to do.[25]

Kate's disappearance

Searching for Kate and Meeting Ryan

One day after Kate Kane left the city on her way to visit Kara at National City, Luke and Mary investigated a plane crash near the city. After numerous fruitless attempts at contacting Kate, whom they believed had returned to Gotham that morning, Luke discovered that Kate's plane was delayed due to weather and that the plane crash they were investigating was the same aircraft Kate was on. On their way to Wayne Tower, Luke adamantly believed that Kate must have survived somehow due to the technology in her suit and that they should wait until Kate resurfaces for them to get ahold of the suit's GPS, though Mary was skeptical.

Walking into Kate's office, they found none other than Bruce Wayne, who stated that he returned to Gotham the moment he heard of Kate's disappearance. After questioning Bruce on his recent whereabouts, Luke offered to show Bruce around the updated Batcave. Noticing Bruce strangely hesitate and relinquish the honor of opening the entrance, Luke showed him around the Batcave and spoke about how Kate found the cave and became Batwoman.

Bruce then let slip that he knew Kate's sister, Beth, was Alice, to which Luke questioned him once again on why he didn't contact them. Bruce reminded Luke on the enemies he had made and began looking through the Batcave's arsenal of weapons, remarking that he wished the suit had stayed impenetrable. Concurring with him, Luke then revealed the same piece of Kryptonite Kara had given to Kate, informing him that it was why Kate had visited National City in the first place. Bruce took interest on the Kryptonite and decided to hold onto it as Luke apologetically explained their attempts at wanting it destroyed; Bruce then consoles Luke and assures him that they'll find Kate. Just then, Bruce notices the suit missing.

Luke and Mary meet Ryan in the Gotham tunnels.

Later on, Luke discovers the suit GPS online and believes it to be Kate. Taking Mary with him, Luke tracked down the suit to a series of tunnels under the city and found someone wearing the suit, initially mistaking them to be Kate herself. The stranger, revealing herself as Ryan Wilder, told them how she found the suit in the plane wreckage. Mary demanded that she hand over the suit to them and Luke told her that she didn't understand the nature of the symbol she was wearing, to which Ryan explained her situation and stated that they'll get the suit back when she exacts revenge on the person who killed her adoptive mother.

Back at Wayne Tower, Luke looked solemnly at the city while Mary researched Ryan Wilder, telling him of her parents' death, adoption and eventual death of her adoptive mother at the hands of squatters who were members of Alice's Wonderland Gang. They learned that the person Ryan wants revenge on is Alice herself. Mary assured Luke that they'll find Kate and Luke, breaking down, expresses his guilt and assumes responsibility at pushing Kate to destroying the Kryptonite she was given, something which led to her disappearance. Mary then hugs Luke and reminds him of what Kate would say: "there is no Batwoman without Luke Fox".

Julia tells Luke and Mary the truth.

Luke then receives a text from Julia, who asks him to meet her. Along with Mary, they're told by Julia that "Bruce Wayne" isn't who he says he is, having failed to recognise the codename given to her father Alfred and going along with the false narrative of Alfred being in Glasgow instead of London. Julia then went on to explain that she ran his prints from a glass, revealing that "Bruce Wayne" is really Tommy Elliot, whom they believed to have died at Arkham previously. Putting the pieces together, Luke and Mary believe Tommy is after the suit and therefore Ryan Wilder. Luke once again blames himself for being unable to see through Tommy's charade as Bruce and, knowing that Tommy was responsible for his father's death, lashes out in anger. The duo later rush to the Batcave and notice that Tommy has gotten ahold of the Batmobile. Luke established contact with Ryan through the suit to warn her of Tommy's pursuit, engaging a car chase. Luke clarifies to her the situation of Tommy posing as Bruce/Batman and his wish to take the suit.

Narrowly avoiding a missile launched by the Batmobile, a panicking Ryan decides that he can have the suit, something which Luke vehemently opposes as Tommy will become the most dangerous man in Gotham. Instead, Luke urges Ryan to outrun Tommy. Mary asks Luke if he could hack the Batmobile, to which Luke, despite having not known of its presence in the Batcave until recently, successfully does so. Disabling the Batmobile, Luke and Mary watch on as he hunts Ryan on foot where, after a failed attempt at catching him off-guard, Ryan gets hit by Kryptonite. Luke notices the damage in the suit and frantically tries to gauge whether or not she's okay through comms.

Afterwards, Luke is present at Wayne Tower where he informs an arriving Mary that Sophie called to update him on the search for Kate, reiterating that the Crows have still found nothing so far. Mary reminds him of the good news regarding Tommy Elliot's transfer back to Arkham after being defeated by Ryan Wilder. This in mind, Mary tells him that they may have judged her too harshly, though Luke doubles down on the fact that Kate is Batwoman, not Ryan. Almost as if on cue, Ryan walks in to hand over the suit. Luke notices the damage from the Kryptonite and Ryan also tosses it to him, leading to Luke wondering how she didn't die from it. Mary offers to take a look at her wound but is refused. Ryan goes on to admit that the Batwoman mantle is bigger than her, and that she isn't a hero like Kate, before leaving the two with the suit. Luke then puts the suit back on its display case and reflects on recent events.[26]

A new Batwoman

In January 31, 2021,[27] the Crows interrogated Luke about his connection to Kate and how long he knew she was Batwoman, but he lies about not knowing Kate's secret identity. When Luke arrived at Mary's secret clinic, he found Ryan, and Mary reveals that Mouse had been killed earlier by being poisoned by Alice. Suddenly a bat came out of Mouse's body. Luke walks in with his smartphone in hand and informs them of just receiving a call from Julia Pennyworth. Alice admitted to Pennyworth of having a massacre planned out and already in the works, before stabbing her in the back, but Luke told Ryan and Mary that Julia was fine.

When Luke and Mary tried to find out where Alice would carry out her plan, Ryan saw a protest being broadcast on TV and realized it would be there.

Luke and Mary talk to Ryan.

The Bat Team briefly discussed what they were going to do at the clinic and decided to let Ryan wear the Batsuit and stop Alice. Luke and Mary communicate with Ryan when she wears the suit and goes to a building to get the attention of Gotham citizens.

When Alice appears; Ryan decides to kill her and Luke asks her to control herself, so she turns off the communicators so he doesn't bother her. Mary questions Luke why everyone pretends that Alice did not kill Catherine. Alice calls for a swarm of bats to attack the city, so Luke asks Ryan to stop the bats and leave Alice for now. Luke assists Ryan as she looks for a device to stop the bats and after she succeeds, they head to the Batcave and Ryan asks if she can join the Bat Team as "Batwoman" because Gotham City needs "Batwoman". Luke reluctantly agrees, because Batwoman will be needed against whatever Alice's master plan is.[28]

Taking leads on Kate

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Luke reprimanded Ryan because each projectile is rather expensive and is at a limited supply. When Batwoman faced Victor Zsasz, Luke had not replenished the supply, but later, apologetically for how he was treating her, Luke presented Ryan, who promised to practice, with a new batarang.[29]

Saving Ryan

Luke and Mary take care of Ryan at the Batcave while she was in pain and experiencing hallucinations. As they debates solutions to help Ryan, she dons the Batsuit and takes the Batmobile to the apartment of Angelique Martin. When Ryan is thrown from the balcony of the building, the police arrive via helicopter to capture the vigilant unconscious, but Mary and Luke arrive to remove her and the Batmobile. Since the clinic is gone, Mary sends Luke to get medical supplies as she gives Ryan a shot to slow her deterioration. Ryan escapes and goes after Alice for revenge. When she returns and tells they what happened, Luke berates her for allowing Alice to escape. Ryan reveals that she planted a tracker on her enemy during the fight; they can now follow Alice, learn the location of Coryana, and they can get what they seek, the Desert Rose for her and the return of Kate.[30]

Luke provides Sophie with Alice's location information, which helps her realize he's working with the new Batwoman. The two then discover that Alice faked Ocean's death to bring Kate back, and Sophie agrees to travel to Coryana and get the Desert Rose for Batwoman. At Batcave, the Bat Team watches Sophie and Jacob being kidnapped by the Many Arms of Death, which makes Ryan decide to inject herself with adrenaline and go to Coryana to save them. Luke gives her the technology to temporarily knock out the power on Coryana and arranges for Ryan to fly to the island in a mail carrier. Later, Luke and Mary are attacked by Dire-Flail, and during the fight; the killer's blood mixes with Ryan's plant. As they escape, Julia suddenly returns and kills the killer. Julia told them that body parts were found in Bludhaven, and the DNA matched Kate's. Luke and Mary call Sophie on Ryan's communicator and say she can be saved as her plant has turned into a Desert Rose.[31] When she arrived in Gotham, she was healed by the Desert Rose.[32]

Dealing with Kate's death

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The next morning, Luke went to Kate's funeral with the Kane family.[32]

Arrested, shot and cleared

Ryan and Luke are illegally arrested.

At the Hold Up, Luke shows Ryan another separate case of cannibalism in Gotham, but Ryan is afraid to investigate it. Officers Medina and Smith entered the bar with the excuse that they received a noise complaint, but in truth, there was no noise complaint, as they were harassing the citizens at the Hold Up; due to them being of african-american descent, after Ryan called both officers out on there racist nature, they illegally assaulted, and arrested Ryan and Luke for disrespecting them. In prison, Luke and Ryan argue about how either of them should have responded to the situation, so Sophie was thrown into her cell as well. Ryan initially calls out Luke for not speaking during the ordeal and Sophie for benefiting from the settlement as a crow, but they all reconcile and acknowledge each other's experiences. In prison, they meet a man named Eli who (apparently) supported their cause. They are later released by Imani.

Luke, Ryan, and Sophie meet up at Hold Up, and Sophie tells them that she's decided to leave the Crows after seeing their corruption firsthand. So they toast. Luke walks to his car and finds a car being carjacked by Eli. The Crows show up, and Eli blames Luke for the carjacking. Russell Tavaroff mistakes the cell phone in Luke's hand for a gun and shoots him, and he collapses to the ground.[33]

Luke in coma.

Luke goes into a coma and is rushed to Gotham General Hospital. Luke found himself in a dream-like world where he envisioned his father looking over the city from Wayne Tower. Bruce suddenly appeared to Luke and explained his situation, that in the real world, Luke's body was in hospital after being shot.

Luke sees Bruce in his dream.

In the real world, Luke is accused as the car thief, but is acquitted with Ryan's help. Bruce offered Luke a chance to see his father again, implying it meant giving up living or decline and return to the real world. As Luke found himself struggling to come to terms with the choices at hand and eventually conceded that he wanted to see his father again. However, as Luke approached him, Bruce disappeared alongside the dreamworld, as Luke had woken up after being administered with the Desert Rose by Wolf Spider. Ryan and Mary then welcome Luke back to the world of the living, as they see on TV that Jacob Kane has decided to disband the Crows.[34]

Meeting John Diggle

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Becoming Batwing

Luke as a vigilante for the first time.

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Luke eventually uncovered a suit when Gotham City underwent a blackout; due to Black Mask. He used the suit to confront a Venom-enhanced Russell Tavaroff, saving Mary Hamilton in the process. Eventually, after defeating Black Mask and saving Kate Kane, Luke decided to continue using the suit as a vigilante.[5]

The missing Batman trophies

Luke and Ryan search for the Poison Ivy herb.

To find the weapons of Batman's most dangerous villains, Luke and Ryan went looking for a supposed Poison Ivy herb. During the fight with the traffickers, Luke's suit was deactivated on its own, but Ryan saved him and the duo managed to get hold of the boil. Luke and Ryan promised Mary to attend her graduation. Luke investigated the new Mad Hatter and his fanaticism for Alice.

At graduation, Luke, Ryan, and Sophie saw that the Mad Hatter was going to force Mary to murder her teacher, so Luke used his suit to confront the villain's manipulated henchmen until his suit was turned off again. After Liam Crandle's arrest, Luke partied with the team and accepted his new hero name, Batwing. Luke started trying to repair the suit until he was surprised to hear the A.I., who had his father's voice.[3]

Luke and Mary informed Ryan about the attack by the new Killer Croc, and he explained the story of the original croc, Waylon Jones. With Mary's help, Luke investigated his father's AI and began to examine himself to see if something was wrong with his body. After some awkward experimentation, Mary told Luke that there is nothing wrong with him because the suit believed he was hurt inside. When Alice escaped, Batwing went to confront her and managed to inject her with a tracker to prevent her from escaping. Upon returning to the cave, Luke thanked Mary for her help. Luke realized that now that he wasn't hurt his father's A.I. was gone.[35]

Batwing creates an ice bridge.

Luke and the team learned that some kids found Mr. Freeze's liquid nitrogen. When Ryan was locked in a cryo-chamber, Luke again used the Batwing suit to save his friend, managing to knock out the mercenaries. Batwing and Batwoman used the Batmobile to rescue Nora Fries' sister, Dee Smithy. During the chase, Luke noticed that Ryan and Sophie were flirting. Batwing used some of Freeze's liquid nitrogen to make an ice bridge for Ryan to save Dee. Luke and Ryan celebrated the victory, but were interrupted by Mary, who revealed that the suit might not work; due to Luke's post-traumatic problems, but he got mad at Mary for lying to him.[36]

Date with Stephanie Brown

Luke met Stephanie Brown again for a romantic date and talked about his life, however, he had to operate to help Ryan in his missions, and he returned to the restaurant again and again until he finally ruined their date, eating just because Stephanie was gone.[37]

Poison Mary and crazy Marquis

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Potential future

Battle with Magog

Batwing and the other heroes against Magog.

In a present future in 2049, Luke was summoned by Oliver Queen to the aid of Nora West-Allen and Bart West-Allen to battle Magog. With his suit, Batwing was joined by Nora, Bart, Ryan, Wally West, Kara Danvers, Ryan Choi, Mia Queen, J'onn J'onzz, Ray Palmer, Scythian Torvil, Kendra Saunders, Jefferson Jackson, Ray Terrill, and other heroes, facing the forces of evil, ending with Bart and Nora defeating Magog. After the battle, Batwing and the heroes left the villains to their respective times.[38]


Luke in his civilian persona.

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Luke is an intelligent young man with a good sense of humor, he is a gifted genius and can sometimes be very talkative, much to Kate Kane's annoyance.[10][6] Despite his sarcastic tendency to tease Kate,[20][21] Luke does have a good-heart and actually care for her, often giving her advices and helping her with protecting Gotham.[12][8] Luke is also very quite open-minded, as he was very accepting of Kate being a lesbian,[19] as well as a good listener.[13] A humble and level headed individual, Luke is patient and a very quick on recognizing and apologizing for his mistakes,[22] despite he can also be somewhat self-deprecating stating that he wasn't even close to be intelligent as his father was or even that his life wasn't worth to be saved if it means the risk Batwoman may be killed, despite he actually demonstrated he was as the Lady Crusader's most valuable asset more than once.[24]

Having worked with Bruce Wayne, Luke is a staunch Dark Knight loyalist who considers himself the guardian of all things Batman - specifically his symbol - he also recognizes the city’s need for a new hero.[39][11] In order to protect the secret identity of the Bat vigilante, when Batwoman was shipped with Slam Bradley, Luke thought it would be a good idea as it would protect her true identity. However, after Kate met Parker Torres, a young cyberterrorist who was a rejected lesbian, Luke supported Kate's decision to have Batwoman come out as a lesbian to the public since it would make a lot of people happy.[19]

When meeting Earth-TUD14's doppelgänger of Kate's sister, Luke became good friends with her and did everything possible to keep her alive when it was discovered that two doppelgänger could not exist at the same time in the new multiverse. When Beth was killed by August Cartwright and died in Luke's arms,[20] he was overcome with grief and guilt, giving her necklace back to Kate and blaming himself for not being able to save her.[21]

Luke is proven to be a very sympathetic individual. When he found out that Kate killed August Cartwright, the man responsible for destroying her family, Luke consoled her by revealing to her that her cousin, Bruce also broke his code to not kill by murdering the Joker.[9]

Luke is proven to have a strong admiration and love for his father, Lucius Fox as he worked hard to make his father proud. Luke was very saddened by the death of his father and sought to avenge his father's death and bring his killer to justice. When confronting his father's alleged killer, Reggie Harris, Luke was immediately convinced of his innocence when Harris told Luke how proud his father was of him, bringing Luke to tears.[1] Once Luke confronted his father's real murderer Miguel Robles, he angrily attacked him and decided to kill him to avenge his father and Reggie, only to be talked out of it by Kate.[9]

Due to the fact that Luke's father, Lucius was killed by Miguel, a corrupt agent of Crows Security in cold blood, as well as the fact that several other corrupt crows agents him helped to frame Reggie for Lucius' murder; he severely despises that organization and will never forgive them for their role in father's murder. Luke's already negative opinion towards the crows became much lower than before; after Jacob Kane and his crows agents tried to kill his close friend, Kate (under the persona of Batwoman) in cold blood for no clear reason.

Luke (initially) avoided confrontations; as evidenced by the fact that he tried to diffuse the situation when Medina and Smith (police officers of the Gotham City Police Department who are racists) entered the Hold Up with the excuse that have received a noise compliant and that the music was too loud, but in truth, it was none of the above, as they were harassing the citizens at the Hold Up for no clear reason; due to them being of african-american descent, but Ryan Wilder who (rightfully) refused to be bullied, called both officers out on there racist nature.

After Luke and Ryan were both illegally arrested by Medina and Smith; just for simply disrespecting them, he tried to justify his reasons for avoiding confrontations by stated that; "growing up with rich white kids taught me how to keep my head down, as i don't just run into fights i can't win", but Ryan (correctly) saw this as nothing more than cowardness.

Luke as Batwing.

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After Luke was shot in cold blood by Russell Tavaroff, a corrupt agent of Crows Security, he no longer avoids confrontations; as evidenced by the fact that he humiliated and embarrassed Russell before everyone present at the poker-tournament; after the latter attempted to win the tournament by cheating.

After Luke won the poker game, Russell attacked him, as the latter cannot tolerate when someone (rightfully) disrespects him, Luke did not he did not hesitate to fight back against the ex-crows agent; despite the fact that his combat skills (at the time) were interfere to Russell's.

Luke realises that avoiding confrontations does not actually solve situations in general, he also realises that no matter how much good he does, there will always be racists out there who believe that he deserve to be killed; due to him being of african-american descent.

Luke realises that he has been using the whole "keep my head down and not run into fights that i can't win" as an excuse for years to avoid facing the fact that he is nothing more than a coward. But after Luke was shot in cold blood by Russell; he has completely lost this cowardly trait of his.

As a vigilante, Luke is quite prideful; to the point of being headstrong; for example, when his close friend, Mary Hamilton (who serves as the Bat Team's medic) informed him that he isn't ready to wear the Batwing suit, as Luke is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder; that he had received after he was shot in cold blood by Russell, but completely ignored Mary's warnings.

Powers and abilities


  • Abilities via Batwing suit: While using the Batwing suit; Luke has some special abilities.[5]
    • Enhanced strength: While wearing the Batwing suit, Luke's strength is increased; to the point of able to take down another person with enhanced strength as seen in his fight with Russell Tavaroff when he punched him several feet away, even when the latter was enhanced by Venom.[5]
    • Enhanced durability: Luke's suit can resist falls from medium heights and hits from even enhanced individuals such as Russell Tavaroff.[5]
    • Flight: The suit is capable of flight; as Luke used it briefly to catch Mary Hamilton.[5]


"Well, you're keeping fit."
Mary Hamilton[src]

Luke training in the Batcave

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a trained boxer and security expert, Luke is in top physical condition. He engages regularly in intense exercises and work the sandbag in the Batcave during his spare time. Due to his build and training he received as a boxer and at Wayne Security, Luke is remarkably strong.[9][40] Mary's professional medical opinion is that Luke is in healthy shape. He later impersonated a former Olympic athlete at Marquis Jet's party.
"Luke, you are just as smart as your father."
Julia Pennyworth[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Security specialist: Luke is an extremely intelligent individual, enough to be admitted to the prestigious MIT[7] and successfully operate many of the instruments in the Batcave. He is regarded by Kate as one of the three most intelligent individuals she knew in Gotham, alongside Mary Hamilton and Beth Kane.[20] Having earned the title of the head of Wayne Security during his time working for Wayne Enterprises, Luke is also a capable and efficient security expert.[10] Moreover, he demonstrated to be intelligent enough to decipher his father, renowned genius Lucius Fox's, encrypted journal on his own in a matter of few minutes.[24] He impressed Stephanie Brown with his codebreaking skills.
    • Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Luke is a highly skilled computer specialist and hacker, managing to use even the highly complex Batcomputer.[6]
    • Skilled engineer: Luke has vast knowledge in technology, specifically in almost all of Batman's arsenal. He is able to operate and understand how most of them work even though they were meant only for Batman.[6]
    • Expert investigator: Luke is an excellent investigator, as he managed to discover that Julia Pennyworth was disavowed by the SRR, something not even Crows Security found out.[24]
    • Expert tailor: Luke is proven to be a highly skilled tailor; as he was able to modify Bruce's batsuit so that Kate can wear it[10] and later created the Batwoman suit.[11]
    • Baking: Luke is quite talented at baking; as he made a cupcake for Kate's birthday.[19]
"That was a good shot. You're quick."
Marquis Jet to Luke Fox[src]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Luke is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having trained in boxing for years. He knocked out Miguel Robles with a single punch.[9] While he struggled in a fight against Russell Tavaroff and required assistance from John Diggle, but his combat skills later improved; to the point that he was able to overpower Russell in second confrontation with his new suit, even when Russell's physicality was enhanced by Venom. He was later able to put up a good fight against Alice. He was also able to fight Marquis Jet with an injured arm, receiving praise from the latter; although he overpowered Luke.
  • Expert marksman: Luke is highly skilled in the use of firearms. He fired a bullet into the Batwoman suit's chest from a medium distance with minimal effort.[11] He also used Kilovolt's electrical blaster to incapacitate Ellis O'Brien and his henchmen.[41] After he became Batwing, he began to use his own version of Batarangs to disarm Alice of the Joker's joy buzzer from a rooftop.[42]


  • Batwing suit: Luke wears a black high-tech protective suit of armor when operating as Batwing.[5]

Former equipment

"This is a Desert Eagle Mark IX .50 AE, one of the most powerful handguns in the world. It can literally blast a hole through anything."
—Luke Fox to Kate Kane[src]
  • Desert Eagle: Luke used a desert eagle; deemed as one of the most powerful in the world; to demonstrate to Kate Kane just how durable the Batsuit is by shooting it.[11]
  • Taser gun: Luke wielded this taser gun when meeting Kate for the first time.[10]
  • Kilovolt gun: Luke briefly used Kilovolt's electrical gun to incapacitate Ellis O'Brien and his henchmen.



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  • Luke shares similarities with his father, Lucius Fox; as both make the equipment for a bat vigilante.
  • Luke has had one love interest Stephanie Brown, with Evan Blake, Mary Hamilton, Beth Kane (Earth-TUD14) and Kara Danvers having shown to have a crush on him, but Kara was attracted to his Luke (Earth-99) doppelgänger.
  • Luke shares some similarities with Felicity Smoak;
    • Both are computer and engineering gurus.
    • Both wear glasses.
    • Both have talkative personalities.
    • Both work closely to their city's vigilantes as tech support.
  • Luke is the first known individual to figure out how to destroy Kryptonite. Though this seemingly defies the "law of conservation of mass", Luke actually reduced Kryptonite into dust instead of "destroying" it.[25]
  • He has similarities with Curtis Holt: the two were originally just technical support and later became field agents as well.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Luke Fox is the son of Wayne Enterprises' president and CEO Lucius Fox, as well as one of the two individuals to take up the mantle of Batwing.
    • Luke revealing to practicing boxing in "A Narrow Escape" is a reference to the character being an accomplished mixed martial artist and cage fighter in the comics.


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