"The suit is literal perfection."
—Luke Fox to Kate Kane[src]

Luke Fox is the head of Wayne Security and the son of the late Lucius Fox.


Early life

Luke was born in Gotham City to Lucius Fox, at some point, he was hired to work for Wayne Security and subsequently, for Wayne Enterprises, at some point, Luke learned of Bruce Wayne's secret identity as Batman. Bruce once fired Luke, but eventually reinstated him.

During Luke's high school graduation, his father Lucius went out to buy some ice for Luke's graduation party, only to be killed by a serial killer known as the Executioner. Luke was approached by police officers to identify his father's body.

Meeting Kate

Luke detaining Kate

Luke detaining Kate

In 2018, Luke was inside the Wayne Enterprises building, when he was alerted to an uninvited guest in Bruce's office. He held the stranger at gunpoint and cuffed her, who introduced herself as Bruce's cousin Kate Kane, but he refused to believe her. He asked her specific personal information on Bruce like his birthday, which is February 19. He then asks her what Bruce's middle name is, but Kate says that was a trick question, as Bruce doesn't have a middle name. He subsequently brought her into into his surveillance room and called the police, when she broke free and cuffed Luke to a system unit, taking his keys. Kate logged into the system, asking if the password to the Wayne Enterprises system is still Alfred, and thus copying surveillance of the gang and leaving Luke's keys for him just out of his reach, leaving him to see the resemblance between the two cousins.

Kate and Luke in Batman's cave

Luke with Kate in Batman's cave

The following day, Luke was working on a device when Kate wrist-locked him and asked for Bruce's whereabouts. Before he could do so, she noticed an out of place heirloom previously worn by her Aunt Martha on the bookshelf. She moved it back into place, revealing a secret elevator. Riding it down, despite Luke's objections, Kate discovered Batman's cave, realizing her cousin to be the vigilante. Seeing newspaper clippings regarding the accident in which she lost her mother and sister, Luke explained Bruce had thought he'd had the calculations perfect, only to make one slight miscalculation. Luke reveals that Bruce never stopped looking for Beth's body which was never found. Having Luke re-purpose Bruce's old Batman suit, Kate took it to ambush Alice's gang.

Later, Luke was reading a headline of Batman's apparent return as he smiled, thinking of the returning hope in Gotham.[1]

Working with Batwoman

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Hunting his Father's killer

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Reunited with an old friend

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A mad tea-party

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  • High-level intellect: Luke was admitted to MIT, and can successfully operate many of the instruments in the Batcave.
    • Skilled engineer: Luke has vast knowledge in tech specifically in almost all of Batman's arsenal.
    • Skilled tailor: Luke is proven to be a highly skilled tailor, having to be able to modify Bruce's suit so that Kate can wear it.
  • Security specialist: Luke had managed to earn the title of the head of Wayne Security during his time working for Wayne Enterprises.
  • Skilled marksman: Luke is skilled in the use of firearms, particularly pistols and Tasers. He fired a bullet into the Batwoman suit's chest from a medium distance.


"This is a Desert Eagle Mark IX .50 AE, one of the most powerful handguns in the world. It can literally blast a hole through anything."
—Luke Fox to Kate Kane[src]
  • Desert Eagle: Luke used this powerful pistol to demonstrate just how durable the Batsuit is by shooting it.
  • Taser gun: Luke wielded this taser gun when meeting Kate for the first time.



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  • Luke shares similarities to his father, Lucius, who both make the equipment for the Bat vigilante.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Luke Fox was one of two individuals to take up the mantle of Batwing.


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