Luskavic Labs was a remote, top-secret research facility in the Soviet Union where Vandal Savage held some of his research into Operation Svarog.


After encountering Firestorm during his battle with Rip Hunter's team in 1975, Vandal Savage sought to level the playing field between him and Rip. By 1986, he enlisted the aid of Soviet scientist Valentina Vostok to head the project. Leonard Snart managed to steal Vostok's keycard, which led the team to Luskavic Labs. Martin Stein used the keycard to infiltrate the facility, with Snart, Ray Palmer, and Mick Rory as backup. After seeing various bodies of failed Firestorm experiments, Stein discovered an active thermo-core and tasked Ray with powering it down. While Stein was trying to absorb the core's energy, Leonard was captured by Vostok and Ray was knocked out by Soviet guards. Mick freed Leonard but was dragged away by soldiers, while Stein was cornered. Instead of going after the rest of the group, Rip ordered Snart to retreat with the thermo-core while Rory, Palmer, and Stein were taken away from Luskavic to the Koshmar prison.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1


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