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"Aren't you curious how I know so much about you, Kal-El? Like me, your home was destroyed. You were sent here as an infant, to a world where you'd spend your whole life trying to prove your worth. Convince yourself you are one of them, but you're not! You're still that scared, lost child, desperate for the love of people that will never accept you! And the only remnants of your real home, Kryptonite, make you sick. Dust to dust, Superman."
—Captain Luthor to Superman[src]

Captain Luthor, nicknamed the Stranger by Lois Lane[1], is the husband of the late Lois Lane and a soldier inhabitant of Earth-TUD22, who has a vendetta against Superman; due to the latter's evil doppelgänger's actions. In his civilian identity on Earth-Prime, he uses the alias of freelancing reporter Marcus Bridgewater.[2]


Early life

Luthor was a soldier in his home world and a friend of Sam Lane.[1] At some point, he married Lois Lane.[2] One day, when Luthor left for a military mission, his wife Lois asked him to come back to her before kissing him.[2]

An army including Luthor and Sam were fighting against Superman, to no avail. Sm died during the battle. So, Luthor became an enemy of this version of Superman up until his home world was destroyed.[1]

Another Earth

Aware of his Kryptonian name, Kal-El and his weaknesses, Luthor traveled to another Earth that also had a Superman and began attacking nuclear power plants across America to test Superman's capabilities. After taunting him, Luthor and Superman engaged in a confrontation that led to the planet's atmosphere, where Superman was stabbed in the chest with a Kryptonite blade. Luthor later returned to his hideout, where he began planning his next moves and regathering of materials.[3]

Captain Luthor takes his ship to find more Kryptonite in Moldova, where he easily defeats the guards of the place but there was none to be found. Later, he goes back to his ship and tells his A.I. that he will not allow what happened on his world to be repeated here. He goes to Mongolia, but there he is faced by Superman. During the fight, Superman gains the advantage and then Luthor sends his ship to explode in a city, allowing him to escape while Superman saves the city. Later, Luthor sent an automaton to this Earth's version of Sam Lane to warn him about trusting Superman, after Luthor reminisces about his past with the other Sam. But Superman destroys the armor.[1]

Captain Luthor began his next plot by tailing Lois Lane. He appears to her under the alias of freelancing reporter Marcus Bridgewater where they talk about a story involving Morgan Edge. When Superman engaged Derek Powell who was resurrected by X-Kryptonite, Luthor pursued them while preparing his weaponry. Catching up to them, Luthor fired a bazooka at them. He then arrives at the scene of the crash and finds neither Derek or Superman. Following the dedication to a bench that was in memory of Martha Kent, Luthor speaks to his A.I. that this Lois Lane is not like the one he married and shuts his A.I. up.[2]


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Luthor is hellbent to rid the world of Superman.

Hailing from an alternate world where Superman was evil, Luthor only sees the Superman of Earth-Prime the same way. While admitting that this Superman is not like the one of his world, he is convinced that Superman will ultimately become evil. To which, he insists that Superman is not a hero; as such, constantly sets up twisted tests to push Superman's morality with the option to capture him or save lives. Regardless of how many times, Superman chooses the individuals' safety, Luthor doesn't accept him as a hero and wants him dead out of paranoia that he will turn evil; proving just how short-sighted and narrow-minded he truly is.

Luthor still cares greatly about his old life. Seeking to reason with Sam Lane and getting his assistance in his crusade. Even using his final words to remember the man's doppelgänger.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

Luthor stops Superman.

  • Exosuit application: Luthor is masterful in using his exosuit, a battle armor he uses to suit his needs, enhance his physical strength and durability to protect himself against Kryptonian-level threats. The exosuit can also fly at high speeds and manifest blue and green energy.[3] Luthor then lost these powers when his suit was destroyed by Superman.[1]
    • Superhuman strength: The suit enables Luthor to be able to lift Superman with one arm.[3]
    • Superhuman durability: Luthor's exosuit allows him to go toe to toe with Superman and can even withstand a blast from his heat vision.[3]
    • Superhuman speed: Luthor can travel at super fast speeds in the suit. Even being able to travel around the globe.[3]
    • Superhuman reflexes: Luthor is able to keep up with Superman's fast attacks and dodge his strikes while wearing the exosuit.[3]
    • Flight: Luthor's exosuit can fly up into space and can stay even in a dog fight with Clark.[3]
    • Sonic propulsions: Luthor's exosuit can release a blast excess force from his gauntlets that is capable of forcefully pushing his opponents away.[1]
    • Remote operation: Luthor can operate his suit as The Stranger remotely. Able to speak through it and use all it's functions without struggle.[1]


  • Multilingualism: Luthor is capable of fluently speaking English and Kryptonese.[3]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Luthor is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant; as he was able to match Superman in battle.[3]
  • Expert tactician: Luthor is an excellent tactician.[3]


Former equipment

  • Exosuit: Luthor uses a high-tech battle suit which gives him enhanced strength, durability and flight. The suit is able to withstand Superman's heat vision and freeze breath without taking damage.[3] Luthor then lost his suit when it was destroyed by Superman.[1]
  • Kryptonite blade: Luthor used a retractable blade made of Kryptonite to stab Superman, but lost it once Superman broke it off.[3]


Superman & Lois

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  • Luthor acts very similar to Winn Schott of Earth-TUD19; like Winn, he is taking out his vendetta towards someone on his world on the doppelgänger of Earth-Prime. However, while Winn was malicious, Luthor appears to be merely misguided and paranoid.

Behind the scenes

  • Before Luthor had his name revealed on the "Pilot", he was named as "The Stranger" in the series synopsis.[4]
    • In the DC comics, Lex Luthor is a supervillain, a brilliant scientist, a billionaire industrialist and Superman's greatest enemy. His first appearance in the comics was Action Comics #23 (April, 1940).
      • It's possible that this version of Lex Luthor is based on Alexander Luthor Jr. from Earth-Three, who survived the antimatter wave consuming his Earth during the Crisis and re-emerged on Earth-Prime.
  • Luthor seems to come from a world similar to Injustice and the vision of the future Bruce Wayne had in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • Luthor currently serves as the main antagonist of Season 1 of Superman & Lois.


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