The Luthor Family Children Hospital is a children's hospital that was built and is funded by the Luthor family. It is located in National City.


Shortly after taking over and establishing L-Corp, Lena Luthor arranged for the company to throw a fundraising gala for the Luthor Family Children Hospital.[1]

During the Daxamite invasion of National City, Queen Rhea threatened to destroy the Luthor Family Children Hospital if Lena did not agree to marry her son, Mon-El.[2]

When a series of children fell ill with what appeared to be lead poisoning, they were taken to the Luthor Family Children Hospital. Among these children included Ruby Arias' friend Luke, whom Samantha Arias accompanied to the hospital, where his mother arrived. Lena and Kara Danvers also confronted Morgan Edge here when he tried to blame the lead poisoning on Lena's lead bomb.[3]



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