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"Talk as if your life depended upon it, because it does."
—Lydia Cassamento to Ricardo Diaz[src]

Lydia Cassamento was a member of the Quadrant. She worked alongside Ricardo Diaz during her time in the Quadrant until she met her death by Diaz.


Lydia attended a meeting of the Quadrant at Villa Centanni. She watched on as Ricardo Diaz killed Remy Cartier for a spot amongst them, before he gave a business proposal.[1]

Later, Lydia helped Ricardo Diaz against Green Arrow and his team, but Diaz lost much of money when his stock of weapons are destroyed. He understood that there was a traitor in his army. Anatoly oriented Diaz's suspicions on Lydia. She tried to justify herself, but Diaz, persuaded that she was the traitor, killed her.


  • Quadrant ring: Each of the Quadrant's leaders wear a squared ring with four dots at the corners in order to identify themselves.



Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Cassamento is one of the Five Families of Gotham City, and its leader, Santo Cassamento, is the biological father of Helena Bertinelli.