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"Always wanting to help, always fighting for change."
—Lynn Stewart[src]

Dr. Lynn Stewart[1] is a neuroscientist at Bowman College. She is the mother of Anissa and Jennifer Pierce, and the wife of Jefferson Pierce.


Original multiverse

Early life

Lynn grew up hunting with her father.[2]

Lynn met Jefferson Pierce and they eventually married and had two daughters, Anissa and Jennifer. After years of her husband taking injuries from his fight against The 100 as Black Lightning, she eventually found him bleeding in a bathtub and implored him to retire for the sake of his family. While Jefferson did retire as Black Lightning, Lynn divorced him and the pair shared joint custody of their children.[3]

Return of Black Lightning

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In 2018, Lynn attended a fundraiser at Garfield High School, where she talked to Jefferson about their girls and also flirted. The following morning, Lynn went to Jefferson's to calm Jennifer down from her ordeal at Club 100 the previous night. She ran into Jeff, who she told of the events, chalking it up to teenage antics. As she left, she asked him as to whether he'd taken back up the Black Lightning mantle, as the news had been suggesting, but he denied it. The day after, Lynn was brought into the school after Jennifer and Anissa were kidnapped by Will. That night, when Henderson brought them home safely, she ran and hugged them, being joined shortly by Jeff. Later, Lynn grabbed a drink, while Jefferson comforted her.[3]

Shortly following, sleeping with Jennifer, Lynn awoke to find Jefferson in pain. She helped him up and comforted him, Jeff assuring that he was done with Black Lightning, causing them to kiss, much to Lynn's uncertainty. Jefferson proceeded to the couch, giving Lynn his bed. The following day, Lynn sat on her laptop on the porch. Jennifer was promptly approached by Malik, who left a message from Lala, leaving Jennifer shaken. Lynn comforted her while nearby police officers chased the boy. That night, Lynn sipped a wine, before Jefferson entered, leading to the two sharing an intimate moment. Later, however, following the death of Lawanda White, Jefferson decided to officially take up the Black Lightning mantle again, against Lynn's wishes. The day after, Lynn approached Peter Gambi, blaming him for this decision, though Gambi countered, suggesting that she was Jefferson's addiction, rather than his own powers. Following his encounter, Lynn double checked, leaving when Jefferson confirmed his status as the vigilante.[4]

Lynn attended Lawanda's funeral at Freeland United Methodist Church, watching as Reverend Jeremiah Holt encouraged the people to join him in a march against The 100. The following night, Lynn had dinner with Jefferson and Jennifer, the latter of whom told her parents that she was planning on having sex with Khalil on the weekend, leaving both parents at a loss for words. The morning after, Lynn met Jefferson in his office, offering to be the one to speak to Jennifer about her situation. That night, Lynn took Jennifer to meet Anissa, accidentally joining them in Reverend Holt's march. The march was eventually brought to an end when Reverend Holt and Khalil Payne were shot, Lynn attending to the reverend. While Anissa comforted Jennifer at the hospital, Lynn spoke to Jefferson, admitting that danger was all around, regardless of his vigilantism. She soon went to talk to Anissa, who admitted that she'd broken up with Chenoa. She could still sense that something was wrong, and assured Anissa that she still loved her regardless. They were soon joined by Jefferson and Jennifer, the latter of whom explained that Khalil's spine was injured so badly that he mightn't walk again, before the family embraced.[5]

Sometime following, Lynn and Jefferson sat down, stopping Jennifer when she got home. They suggested she stop seeing Khalil, as it was interfering with her school. That night, they sat down for dinner with Bill and Veretta Henderson, Anissa bringing up the topic of Black Lightning. Lynn mentioned that one had to consider the vigilante's family, but Anissa didn't care either way. The following night, Lynn received a call from Jefferson while at work. As she was busy, she hung up, but she later called back to apologize and admit her love for him.[6]

After Jeff passed out mid-sentence, Gambi brought Lynn in. She made him promise not to go out again until they could figure out what was wrong with him. After Jennifer broke a girl, Lana's, wrist, Lana and mother and aunt visited the Pierce residence, furious at the events. Lynn reassured them that they would take full responsibility for Jennifer, before they sat down to talk. In no time the adults made amends, having a friendly conversation. As they left, Lynn scolded Jennifer for her actions.[7]

Shortly following, Gambi called Lynn in once again to tend to an unconscious Jefferson. When he attempted to sweet talk her, she lashed out in anger, claiming that he was roping her back into a dangerous life. The following day at work, Lynn's research assistant Kam Yuen showed her a brain scan of a patient on Green Light, which she compared to a brain scan of Jefferson. The following morning when she returned to work, Lynn was confronted by Gambi, who pleaded with her to help talk to Jefferson, as he was planning to kill a man, but she was altogether hesitant and unwilling. Later in the day, she was visited by Anissa, who asked her to test some chemicals for her, initially refusing to tell her what was going on, but promising to let her mother know when she could.

The following night, Lynn spoke to Anissa over the phone, telling her that she'd made headway with the chemicals. Anissa asked if she could make her way to Bowman College to reveal everything, but Lynn was interrupted by a call from Gambi. He urged her to speak to Jefferson, who he then patched her through to. Lynn spoke to Jefferson, who was about to kill Tobias Whale, reminding him that he had two daughters that depended on him. Suddenly, people broke into her work in search of her research, tying her up. They were intercepted by Anissa, who displayed her powers of strength before Lynn. Before she could untie her, Black Lightning appeared, unknowingly beating up his own daughter. Realizing what he'd done, the two of them got Gambi to help transport her home, where they tended to her wounds, being there for her when she woke up.[8]

The following morning, Lynn was questioned by a sketch artist at Freeland Police Department, before being questioned by Inspector Henderson. She and Jefferson left, discussing the box of research Anissa had given Lynn. They also discussed Anissa's powers, speculating on the possibility of Jennifer manifesting some. Lynn subsequently moved into the basement of Gambi's Custom Tailoring for her own safety, being visited by Anissa, who brought her some things. They talked, Lynn accidentally revealing the reason behind her and Jefferson's initial separation. Later that night, Lynn asked Jefferson to train Anissa, seeing it as a form of protecting her. In order to further this, Lynn asked Gambi to make Anissa vigilante suit, to which he obliged. Showing his plans to Anissa, Lynn only asked that she be as safe as she could.[9]

Lynn and Jefferson discussed their girls, particularly reminiscing about Anissa's childhood and how she'd always been stubborn. She later headed to work, where Jennifer helped her clean up her lab after the previous break-in. She noticed some documents to be missing, allowing Jennifer to go. Because of the missing files, she headed to PlasmaCorp Laboratory, hoping to get the results for the sample she'd submitted. She received them, determining the powder she'd got from Alvin Pierce's research contained the same active ingredients as Green Light. Because of this, she called Jefferson to tell him, before visiting Gambi hoping to talk to some of his contacts to follow up. After he refused, she realized that he had something to do with it, and so told him he needed to talk to Jefferson. When Jefferson returned home, she sent him to Gambi.[1]

The following day, Lynn and Jefferson walked in as Jennifer freaked out over the revelation that her father was Black Lightning. The two of them scolded Anissa for having been disrespectful and outright telling her. Anissa apologized, before leaving the room. Lynn expressed her further qualms for the safety of their girls, but Jefferson tried his best to reassure her. After this, Lynn went to Jennifer's room, assuring her that they could talk when she felt ready. Some days later, having had enough, Lynn sat Jennifer down, apologizing as much as she could. Jennifer admitted that she just wished to live a normal life, unlike her sister, before breaking down in tears, Lynn comforting her.[10]

After having discovered the location of the missing children from the 1980s, Jefferson went to talk to Lynn about it, before she discovered that he had "electric vision", teasing that he could see beneath her clothes. Shortly after, she brought in Jennifer after she had an outburst with her powers. Putting her into an MRI machine, Lynn eventually discovered that her cells were creating pure energy, effectively making her just like a generator. Shortly after this, the A.S.A. discovered Jefferson's identity, causing the family to have to hide out at Jefferson's childhood home.[11]

Sometime following, after Jefferson was falsely arrested for drug possession, Lynn attempted to see him at the police station, but as she wasn't Jefferson's spouse, she couldn't. Henderson, however, intervened, assuring her that he was working to free Jefferson. She left to go interview some defense lawyers for Jeff. Shortly after, Henderson updated Lynn, telling her that the feds would be transferring Jefferson. After most of the interviews, Lynn consoled Jennifer, who believed her father may never return, but Lynn reassured her that he would. That night, Jefferson was finally exonerated, much to the pleased surprise of his family. When they went to eat, Gambi arrived, joining them for dinner.[12]

Lynn called Jefferson over to her apartment where they have sex and discussed about the series of events that happened with Jefferson being Black Lightning again, and the girl developing their powers then talked about getting back together before tell Jennifer and Anissa. Later, Lynn is getting samples from Jennifer and discussing that everything will be fine with powers and coming up with possible solutions on how to control Jennifer's powers. Then, Lynn and Jefferson get into a heat argument over Jeff thinking that Lynn's trying to cure them of their powers because she's trying to fix them. Lynn and Jennifer have a discussion that there's nothing wrong with Jennifer and not trying to fix her but is trying to help give Jennifer options for herself while cutting some cake Lynn made for Jennifer. Lynn traveled with Gambi, Jennifer, Anissa, and an unconscious Jefferson to a deserted Cabin using the medic kit in the cabinet to help Jefferson.

Lynn looks at the vitals of an unconscious Jefferson and continues to worry about him. Lynn consoles Jeff and convey her feelings to him and pleading him to wake up and come back to her. Lynn is alerting that Jeff's nervous system is shutting down and she's panicking. Lynn see's that Jeff is waking up and kisses him then alert to Anissa, Jennifer, and Gambi that Jeff is awake. Then Lynn sees that Jeff's powers aren't working. Lynn confirms to Jeff that his vitals are back to normal and that Gambi tells Lynn and Jeff that the A.S.A. is aware of their position at the cabin. Lynn and the family are by the monitors checking out the perimeter outside the cabin, and trying to think of a plan then Lynn tries to console Jennifer because she's panicing. When Jennifer starting having a power surge and run to Jefferson, Lynn worries about Jennifer exerting her energies to Jefferson while Anissa holds Lynn protecting her and slowly guide Jennifer to the couch then see's Jefferson got his powers back snd Lynn and the family agree to take a stand against the A.S.A. While waiting in the cabin, Lynn asked Gambi to give her a weapon and took the shotgun. Lynn fought with Gambi against the A.S.A in the cabin. Afterwards, Lynn and the family escaped after the police show up as the cabin. Lynn and the family show up at the A.S.A. facility to confront Proctor and witnessed Gambi shooting him. Lynn goes to the monitors for the Pod Kids looking at their vitals and though of a person who can help the pod kids. Finally, Lynn is at the front perch of the Pierce household with her family.

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Lynn as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[13] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[14]

New multiverse

In Earth-Prime, Lynn grew up in a military family with an older brother named John. She did not follow the family path into service as John did, choosing to become a genetic scientist instead.[15]


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War for Freeland

"All I'm asking you to do is protect our family."
—Lynn Stewart to Jefferson Pierce[src]

Lynn smiled as she cooked with Jefferson, but as she walked to the refrigerator, she felt faint, causing Jefferson to catch her. She explained that she was experiencing withdraw from her addiction to the drug that grant her power. She also explained that she now has some understanding as to how addictive having superpowers can be. While in the bathroom sick from withdrawal, Anissa tries to comfort her, but Lynn has mood swings. After her daughter leaves, Lynn finds a hidden stash of Glimmer, but chooses not to use; instead, at the Pierce family dinner where it is decided that all secrets are to be shared, Lynn reveals the drug and allows Jenn to destroy it.

Later, as Gambi reveals the origins of the powers of Tyson Sykes, Lynn reveals that she left the meta booster serum in Markovia.[16]

The next day, Lynn and Jace calculate that Gravedigger has the power to duplicate as many powers as he wants. Testing Sykes' DNA sample further, Lynn learns that Sykes is an ancestor of the Pierce family. After she makes this revelation to Jefferson, Lynn subtly suggests that he might need to kill Gravedigger to protect the family during the upcoming war.

Lynn accompanied most of Black Lightning's team to Anissa's apartment for dinner, where she and Grace Choi announce their engagement. Lynn pulls Anissa to the side and cites that she knows little about Grace, but Anissa assures her that she loves Grace and would find no marrying her regretful; Lynn then approves. However, before the wedding could happen, Gravedigger arrives in Freeland, causing the team to get battle-ready.[17]

Lynn goes to work on creating a meta cure to cancel the powers of Gravedigger. While working, she hears the death of Bill Henderson.

Suddenly, Carson Williams arrives and tells her that he has killed Helga Jace and he has orders to kill her as well. Lynn talks to him until she is close enough to slap him; she does it with such force, it kills him. When Black Lightning enters, she tells him that she does not want to discuss Williams' death.

After making the cure, Lynn loads a shotgun to convey it. As she ran down the hallways of the Pitt, she found Lightning and Brandon after their defeat by Gravedigger; she was told to help Black Lightning in his battle. She shot the cure into Gravedigger, leaving him powerless, while Black Lightning's beating left Gravedigger unconscious.

Gambi alerts the two that the Pitt is on self-destruct; Lynn tells Black Lightning that he cannot save both her and Gravedigger in the amount of time they had left, so Lynn is saved from the explosion.

Leaving court triumphant

Days later, Lynn gave a testimony in Gotham City on the War for Freeland and how Meta-humans need a teacher in their new situations to a tribunal of judges. Though the Pierce family portion of Black Lightning's team feels triumphant that they saved Freeland from conquest, no one notices that Lynn is still using Glimmer for recreational.[18]

One year later

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Lynn has shown to be kind, caring, selfless, compassionate, and Intelligent. Also, Lynn is fiercely protective of her family and will do anything to protect them.

Lynn, at one point, was tired of Jefferson being Black Lightning due to him being hurt all the time and feared that one day, he'll be out on the field and be found to be dead and made him retire.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

  • Meta-human physiology: Lynn received her powers due to ingesting small micro-doses of Green Light. Lynn possesses the power to increase her neurological processes.
    • Increased neurological processing: Lynn is able to Increase her neurological processes to think and solve problems faster. She has used this ability on multiple occasions such as when she was able to create a cure for a meta-virus outbreak that occurred in Freeland. She was also able to create a cure for all the unstable pod kids and Green Light Babies, however, she is required to consistently take Green Light periodically to keep this power.
  • Abilities via meta booster: Lynn developed a serum that allowed her access to specific meta-human powers. She could also use it to steal powers from other meta-humans.
    • Erica Moran's powers: Though this was only a temporary power, through injecting a serum into herself, she was able to use Erica Moran's powers.
      • Kinetic energy absorption: While having Erica's powers Lynn was also able to absorb the kinetic energy created when Tobias punched Lynn in the face.
    • Tyson Sykes's powers: Though this was only a temporary power, through injecting a serum into herself, she was able to use Gravedigger's powers. This is the one she mainly uses when taking the meta booster.
      • Command inducement: While having Gravedigger's powers, she was able to mentally dominate the actions of others. She was able to force the guard to the Markovian lab to shock himself into unconsciousness, as well as stop a kidnapping.
    • Wendy Hernandez's powers: Though this was only a temporary power, through injecting a serum into herself, she was able to use Wendy Hernandez's powers.
      • Aerokinesis: Wendy has the ability to control and manipulation winds. According to Gambi, if Wendy gets powerful enough, she can create hurricanes.
    • Unknown Metahuman's powers: Though this was only a temporary power, through injecting a serum into herself, she was able to use unknown Metahuman's powers.
      • Telekinesis: Lynn can telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them.
    • Jennifer Pierce's powers: Though this was only a temporary power, through injecting a serum into herself, she was able to use an unknown Jennifer Pierce's powers.
      • Accelerated healing factor: Lynn possesses an accelerated healing factor; allowing her to heal from wounds much faster than normal humans.


  • Genius-level intellect/Neuroscientist: Lynn possesses vast knowledge of neuroscience, as she has stated that she knows everything about the brain. According to Jennifer; she also has a PhD and an MD.[1] Lynn is a well-respected neuroscientist, that with her skills she is able to help metahumans and understand their conditions. Lynn's knowledge of metahuman DNA has achieved great success to which she can stabilize the green light babies by using the bone marrow of Tobias Whale who was patient zero from the original Freeland Experiments.
    • Expert medic: Lynn is an expert in medical care, as she has been a doctor for an unknown number of years.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Lynn is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant; she was able to quickly surprise and subdue Helga Jace after a struggle.
    • Expert markswoman: Having grown up hunting with her father, Lynn is able to wield a shotgun and managed to kill an A.S.A. agent that came after them.[2]


  • Green Light addiction: When Lynn started taking green light to help with her work, she thought she removed the addictive part of the drug so that it was then safe for her to use however, she was wrong and has become dangerously addicted to the drug. After returning from Markovia, Lynn with help from her family has given up Green Light.[19] But in Gotham City, she took Green Light again. It was later revealed that Lynn started taking Meta Boosters as a substitute for Green Light however she eventually gave up taking them as well.
    • Withdrawals: After giving up the Green Light; Lynn has started to have drug withdrawals.[19]


  • Shotgun: Lynn used this shotgun to fight gravedigger.
  • Meta Boosters: Lynn used these meta Boosters many times.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Lynn Stewart was originally supposed to be the sister of John Stewart, a Green Lantern.