The Lyoga root is a root species native to Zambesi.


The Lyoga root species are mainly native to Zambesi. It is known not only for being a powerful hallucinogen, but also for its spiritual healing properties. As even small proportions of the root are lethal for consumption, it is usually made into tea, enough to go on vision quests to a world between worlds.


In the past, the tribes of Zambesi utilized the root to go on vision quests.

When Amaya Jiwe was having trouble using her Anansi Totem, Nate Heywood found out about the Lyoga root, and made it into tea, testing if it was safe for consumption. He informed Amaya of this and helped her go on her vision quest to the world between worlds. Afterwards, Nate experienced a series of hallucinations. After Sara Lance threatened and scared off the Time Bureau, Martin Stein wanted some tea, to which Nate went off to make another serving of Lyoga root tea.[1]

When Amaya's totem was stolen by Nora Darhk, she and Zari Tarazi drank a sip of Lyoga root and went to the world between worlds, hoping to find a clue on where her totem was.[2]

Amaya and Nate drank Lyoga root tea once more to find out how to use the totems of Zambesi properly to defeat Mallus once and for all.[3]


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